Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, October 31st 2008

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the weekly round-up, wherein I will scare you with the awfulness of my puns as well as your usual doses of global warming alarmists, scaremongers and bogeymen.

I have a lot of linky goodness and a super-hot hottie, so let’s get to it.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Is Al Gore an extortionist? Only if by extortion you mean the attempt to gain money by the vague but disturbing issuance of threats.  So yeah, he is.

Al Gore compares himself to Ghandi.  Really.  I had never heard of ‘supersize-me-Ghandi’, but I can’t know everything.  Maybe he’s bizarro world Ghandi.

Another week, another ‘toon: Gored but not Forgotten

The profit speaks, about geothermal energy, and makes it sound boring.

Sing along now: M.I.C.K.E.Y. A.P.O.C.A.L.Y.P.S.E.

The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis is honoring Al with an award.  I bet he’d prefer the headline to read ‘Civil Rights Museum to honor King Gore’.

Al has an inconvenient diet.  I could argue that ‘diet’ is the wrong word in any context regarding ‘Big Al’, see above.

Canadian activist and totalitarian hippy, David Suzuki says he tries to do his bit by picking up one piece of garbage every day.  I issue a challenge to readers to see if you can offset that effort.

Global warming muppet Jim Hansen is a fanatic, and his efforts just resulted in even more activism.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

Tom Nelson wonders why the oceans aren’t a foot higher.

I’m embarrassing, it says so right here.

Don’t ever call greenies intolerant totalitarian bullies.  Even if they are.

Alicia Silverstone is pretty.  She’s a sandwich or two short of a full picnic, but pretty.

acacsilSilverstone.  Not this week’s hottie.

Cate Blanchette, decent Elizabeth I but not a rocket scientist.

Climate smart (whatever that is) is just so, like, yesterday.

Global activists and erstwhile wrestling outfit the WWF in no way uses alarmist language:

The Earth’s natural resources are being depleted so quickly that “two
planets” would be required to sustain current lifestyles within a
generation, the conservation group WWF said

Henry David Thoreau, climate scientist?

Why should we worry about global warming when the scaremongers can’t even keep the hoax timeline straight.

This may be the best ever thing that causes global warming: Helmet hair.  Please, add it to the list.

Andrew Bolt is a menace, and greens act more like brownshirts every week.

Holland is a strange and mystical place that was once saved from doom when a small boy poked a lesbian with his finger, or something.  Now it is overwhelmed by scaremongers.  In clogs.  OK, so sue me, I made that clogs bit up.

Green is a new religion.  Remember the days when it was just a color you should never wear with blue?

Did I mention that greens can be thugs and totalitarians?  Did I?

Read this, but try not to let your head explode:


A Time journo thinks that if MIT students cannot understand the science of global warming, no one can.  Of course, we could ask another MIT guy.

Green bullies at work, say it ain’t so.  If you have one of these in your workplace, park your Hummer on top of their Prius, that’ll show ’em.

Green deceit? You betcha!

Eco terrorists profit from the Canadian government.  Sink it.

The New Scientist prints a completely non-alarmist article: How Our Economy is Killing the Earth.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Icecaps melt in winter, not happening.

The Methane time bomb, also not happening.

Global warming causes bridges to collapse?  Nope.

Global warming kills frogs.  Wrong.

ex-frogNot a victim of global warming, not that he feels better about it

Hybrid buses are great, right up to the point when they’re not great and need to be replaced.

If methane isn’t scary enough, try Nitrogen Trifluoride

Solar panels are a favorite of the green alternate energy brigade.  Too bad the manufacturing of solar panels kills the planet then.

When its too cold to protest global warming.

Carbon offsets, you know they (don’t) make sense.

Global warming may desalinate the oceans.  Wrong.

Dr. Tim Ball on politicized science, this week’s must-read.

Scientists are 400% wrong about the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, oops.

Part Four: AGW in the News

China demands that the wealthy west pay for climate change measures.  Or they’ll put melamine in our milk and eggs.  Oh, wait.

Ford provides eco-friendly consumers with an ivy league dashboard.

The Syndey Morning Herald loses it. So does the Economist.

Say hello, wave goodbye.

Another Oregon story, what’s going on out West?

Offset your NY commute.  Because everyone has more money than sense.

Will Barack Obama outlaw tree food?

Oregon governor will catch flak from skeptics.  That’s a headline I could stand to see more of.

Carbon taxes for people who hate carbon taxes?

Residents of WASP-12b regret that they didn’t listen to their profit prophet Alg-ore.

toastyWASP-12b, seriously screwed

Green tariffs are not what they seem, surprise.

At last, the source of silly global warming scientists is revealed.

Magnetic death star fragments found.  No real AGW angle, but I couldn’t resist an entry with ‘magnetic death star’ in it.  You understand, right?

Pave paradise, save the planet.Don’t it always seem to go…

Part Five: Real Science

Nuclear Power, a reality check

Helmer on Gore, Al loses.

Deniers of the World Unite!

What could scare a green more than a nuclear reactor?  A flying nuclear reactor, that’s what.

Bjorn Lomborg, currently enjoying success with the highest grossing UK movie in history, talks climate sense.  Is there anything he can’t do?

Record sea ice in October 2008.

Remember twenty years ago when CFC’s were the bad voodoo of modern life and 80’s teens all over the world panicked about how to make their hair stand up without aerosols?  Yeah, cosmic rays cause ozone layer holes, not spray cans.

Part Six: Global Hottie

It’s Halloween, and nothing says horror like a vampy-vampire. So this week’s hottie is the vampiest-vampire of them all, and now a two-time global hottie, Kate Beckinsale.

yummyHave a safe and happy Halloween, and a great weekend.

Obama Campaign Offers API $3million to Suppress Michelle Tape

The link is here, but I've removed the rest of the post because something's fishy about this deal, and the claim that Fox will air the tape has no corresponding presence on the Fox site.

So the original post is gone for now while I dig around a bit more.  I read the comments at the API post I linked and it's like a tin foil hat parade, which makes me think that my rule of not blogging before the 2nd cup of coffee is generally a wise one.

I've saved the original post text, if it checks out I'll repost it here, if not, there's no point in promoting nonsense.

UPDATE: It stinks, don't expect to see anything on Fox from the API.  In real news about Obama and tapes, US bloggers are raising cash to try and secure the release of the Obama/Khalidi tape that the Los Angeles Times has locked away.  This is a real story.

More Anti-Ezra Lawfare

Ezra Levant, fresh from helping humiliate greentard Stephane Dion in the election, has returned to find a new lawsuit against him.  This one has been filed by none other than 'Dick' Warman's BFF, Warren Kinsella.

You can read all the gory details here, and a good opinion post on the matter from Jay Currie here.  After reading the complaint, my personal non-legal opinion is that Ezra didn't say anything that wasn't true and defensible, even if he did dress it in Ez-prose.  While you're at Levant's site, consider a donation for his defense fund. 

I wish, just once, that someone like Kinsella got sued for once, only for the satisfaction of watching all those fair-weather lefty friends disappear like rats from a sinking ship when he asked for donations to help defend himself.  It just wouldn't happen.

Gore’s Global Warming Hoax FAIL

Abraham Lincoln is credited for saying:

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Abe was a mighty politician, even when compared to Al Gore, and it turns out the old bearded dude was right.  In a new poll conducted by green activists EcoAmerica shows that only 18% of respondents strongly believe that climate change is real, human-caused and harmful.

Since the release of An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, Al Gore has tried and failed to scare the population of America into believing his great hoax, aided and abetted by the UN IPCC, James Hansen of NASA and countless drones willing to believe anything that they are told.

It isn’t working, and it’s news like this that will keep me writing weekly round-ups to highlight the nonsense and absurdity of the global warming hoaxers.

Offset that, WE campaign.

Prince Chuckles on Global Warming, Redux

Prince Charles, the vacuous heir to the throne and self-appointed village idiot of Buckingham Palace is off around the world again talking about global warming.

This time he’s not suggesting a direction that would starve millions, he is in Japan and bemoaning the fact that a real crisis (the economic meltdown) has trumped the fake crisis (global warming).

The clueless Prince has never had to worry about where the next guinea is coming from, so it’s little wonder he does not understand why the economic problem is of overwhelming concern to ordinary folks.  He spoke out earlier this month saying that the world was not acting fast enough to fight global warming, and he’ stuck on the same tune now.  But what do we expect from man that divorced a model and married his horse?

roboprinceA mindless robot meets a clever piece of technology

Free Health Care? Be careful what you wish for.

A friend living in the USA tells me that one of the great attractions for voters leaning toward Barack Obama is his plan to deliver universal health care.  Canada is often mentioned as a paragon of the socialized health care model in the pitch for the Utopian dream; what is seldom mentioned is that the dream is often more like a nightmare.

Perhaps it would be useful for American readers to learn a little about the dirty little secrets that the proponents of free health care don’t tell you.  Allow me:

Canadian hospitals are filthy bacteria-infested places where perhaps hundreds of people die painful and needless deaths because doctors can’t be bothered to wash their hands.

No one can tell you how many people die of C. Difficile each year because tallying the numbers may be politically embarassing.  A lawsuit is under way against one hospital where 91 patients died in less than 2 years from C. Difficile.

Unfortunately, getting sick in a hospital is not the worst that free health care can offer.  In the UK, where free health care is also the norm, there is a suggestion not every life can be treated and saved.  Hospitals and doctors may have to determine who they try to save, based on some macabre version of a cost benefit analysis.  In other words, if you are a poor risk, you get no care so that the cash is saved for a more deserving case.

Americans should get used to the idea that under a socialized medical scheme, costs become king, not patient needs.  That’s why simple supplies get re-used illegally, threatening the health of the same people that the system is supposed to help.

The other new term that Americans can look forward to is ‘wait times’; the time it will take for you to get that pain-relieving or life-saving surgery.  Here is a table from Ontario, Canada’s most populace province:

Look at the highlights: 81 days for cancer surgery, almost exactly a year for a new hip or 15 months for a new knee.  If you think it must be different for urgent procedures (cancer isn’t urgent, apparently) then take a look at the numbers for bypass surgery, 49 days.  You’ll wait 4 months for an MRI scan to determine if that pain is gas or cancer, and have fun telling your child that it’s 9 months before the pain stops.

Many Canadians, including myself, have taken themselves to the US to get health care in clean and efficient hospitals within days.  My trip was to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where I was shocked to learn that blood test results can be delivered to your doctor and reviewed with the patient in a matter of a couple of hours.  It takes 4 days here in Ontario, for the same bloodwork.

Free health care might be a tempting proposition to many Americans, but remember that you get what you pay for.  Health insurance might be expensive, but how many days will you wait for one of the procedures in the table above before you think it was a bargain?

Vote with caution.

The Obama Discount

If you are an American reader and want your 401(k) to be worth anything November 5th, I recommend you vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

The NY Post calls it the Obama bear market and in a special report for Newsmax, the Wall Street Journal's John Fund says:

"Obama says he is absolutely committed to almost doubling the capital
gains rate — something he will easily accomplish with a Democrat
In the coming months — when investors realize that Obama will raise the
cap gains rate — there could be a stampede of asset sales as investors
rush to take their profits now to avoid Obama's doubling of the tax
rates next year."

With only 8 days to go until the election, Wall Street types have probably discounted some of the inevitable fallout from an Obama win.  If you feel brave enough to predict a McCain win, buy stocks this week and watch them soar next Wednesday.  If you're a pessimistic gambler of insane proportions, short a bunch of stocks this week and wait for an Obama win to line your pockets.  The markets this week will likely see the destruction of a lot of America's wealth
that Obama would like to redistribute; which might not be a bad thing
if he wins.

If you're an ordinary Joe, plumber or not, a vote for McCain will do a lot more for your pocketbook than any amount of tax finessing that Obama can dream up. 

Deep (Specious) Thoughts

Visit my friend and fellow skeptic at Climate Change Fraud for an interesting read.


CO2 is not a pollutant. Without it, plant life on Earth would
perish. There was, at last count, 390 parts per million of CO2 in the
atmosphere (even this figure is disputed by leading scientists). This
would equal .039% of the atmosphere. CO2 is just not that powerful a
greenhouse gas, especially compared to methane.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Oct. 24th 2008

Welcome all, to the weekly skeptical smorgasbord of links that debunk, mock and otherwise upset  global warming profiteers and hoaxers and dirty hippies that would prefer to have you live in fear of pious Prius drivers and Al Gore.  Well, perhaps you should be afraid of Al, if he fell on you it would leave a mark.

Here in Canada the leaves are pretty much all fallen and some parts of the country have already been brushed with the first snows of winter.  So, let me just throw another polar bear on the fire and let’s get to business.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al is still on the campaign trail, lending his weight (heh!) to the hopes of Democratic candidates that desperately hope not to repeat Al’s own electoral performance.  I mention this because while Al’s campaigning  he is not the usual rich (heh!) vein of comedy we’ve come to know and love.

Al is appearing at Harvard to talk about the ‘climate crisis’, and true to form the weather turned mighty cold, making him even more buffoonish.  It’s the Gore Effect, apparently.

Have you ever asked yourself this question:

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Meanwhile, in the long lost land of Hoxa Hoxa, a witchdoctor is found.

goredocAl Gore, Nobel savage.

Have you seen the latest Gored But Not Forgotten yet?  Go look at it now, I’ll wait.

David Suzuki, despite being named after a noisy carbon spewing Japanese scootercycle, still takes the environment seriously.  Very seriously.  He’s quite miffed at Canadians for having the collective gall to reject the Gaul that liked the Green Shift at the recent election.

Bizarro world Suzuki, however, has decided that a after lifetime of dire warnings about the climate crisis being right here, right now that he will not see the effects of it at all.  Thanks to Tom Nelson for spotting that Suzuki made time machines as well as bad bikes.

Green on green fighting, it’s a Suzuki v Green Party cagematch.  No doubt the contenders are bulking up on tofu and mint tea for the riotous slapfest.  Usually I would hesistate before typing ‘hippy on hippy’, but in this context it all good.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

The Gore effect strikes cyclists in Utica.  It sounds worse than it is.

Alarmists can often be cartoonlike in their dire warnings. Oh, wait.

Environmentalists should have changed their ‘no nukes’ chant to ‘no nudes’ if they wanted to sell calendars in a museum.  An aside, who buys a calendar at a museum?  Not even my mother could find a gift that boring.

Will AGC replace AGW?

Hold on to your hats, I’m linking a sustainable development site next, because they ask the question about AGW and advise readers to get informed.  Unfortunately they choose to do this in the world’s hardest ro read font ever, but give it a look.

Nothing says totalitarian like dragging kids along as political props.

An eco-nut finds out that actions have consequences, and whines like a little girl about it.  Who knew that blocking access to a vital facility would get labeled ‘suspected terrorists’.  Not him, clearly.

We’re all going to die of horrible water-borne diseases.  Luckily, we can avoid this fate by drinking clean bottled water.  Oh, wait.

I wish I had thought of this label for the extreme alarmists: Carborexics.

“Dark green activities in the
US include running cars on waste vegetable oil and using one’s lawn as a
bathroom to save water. Others sleep en masse to reduce heating bills.”

They still sound like dirty hippies to me.

Helena Christensen is pretty.  Dumb as a bag of hammers, but pretty.  No, she’s not this week’s hottie.

Tom Nelson finds a smoking eco-idiot.  Being born and raised in England, I can let readers into the little know secret that any girl sporting a name like ‘Tamsin’ is likely to be a 4th generation in-bred, uppercrust halfwit.

The common seal, isn’t.  According to the Telegraph.

blown-sealemo-seal is sad, he’ll be dead soon

The WWF wrestles with science and announces that even the IPCC’s predictions of global doom are not alarmist enough.  UPDATE: The reason for the acceleration in global warming is found, WWF to blame.

An alarmist with fond memories of cold Andes on her girlish figure, or something, is miffed that the economic crisis trumps her eco-crisis.  Winsome, lose some.

Alarmists report the good news.  But it’s bad.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Walking the talk is important for environmentalists.  Not so much.

Green groups overwhelmingly support Democrats.  Remember that, soon to be voting US readers.

If global warming is a myth, can I get away with calling it Myth World?

Dr. Tim Ball, this weeks red font of death must-read article.

While the developed world tolerates eco-nuts that wish to dismantle economies wholesale, China revs up.

A look at how little the green movement makes a difference.

AGW alarmists tell us that Arctic ice is melting because of global warming.  So what happened 6,000 years ago, exactly?

When a big business like GE bails on alternative energy, it’s game over.  Sorry greens, you lose.

Food for fuel, yeah that was a great idea.

foodfuelSkeptics are growing like weeds, popping up all over to spoil Al Gore’s global warming driveway.

Environmentalists hate nuclear energy.  Oopsy.

Here are three stories of green ideas that failed:

All that Arctic land no longer under ice, the poor bears.  Oh, Wait.

Do ordinary people believe in global warming?  Not so much.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Global warming causes crime.  Add it to the list.

And now for a segway.  Inventor.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!  Aznar strikes back.

UK generates more wind that Denmark.  Insert schoolboy joke here: ______________________

windywindmills and ships learn to cohabit

What do you do when you’ve got a shaky theory about global warming?  Mess with the planet, of course.

Italian rapscallion Berlusconi bucks the trend.

Canadian judge throws out eco-nuts case.

Governor Sarah Palin has been on the campaign trail, and Alaskan glaciers are making the most of the absence of her hotness.

30 years of warming go poof.  Hey, he said it, not me.

Bill Clinton heard that British Columbia has a carbon tax, he’s man that knows a thing or two about getting screwed.

Kool-aid drunk.

Busted: UK paper cherry picks pics.

Carbon offsets?  Just step ’round the back, sir…

Dying language cult attempts to save dying planet thats not really dying. (don’t tell ’em, they still believe in Napoleon)

The EU pledges to lead the climate change fight, doesn’t say where they will lead it.  Meanwhile, across the Channel target are both bold and courageous.

Part Five: Real Science

Sea ice is back again.  Greenland copies itself.

Monkton of Brenchley part one, a letter to Senator McCain

Monkton of Brenchley part two, opening a can of Lordly whoop-ass on a warmer.

The sun has a protective bubble, and its shrinking.  Not in a good way.

sun-sun-sunA Vengeful Sun?

Science is hard, it says so here.

Roy Spencer has his head in the clouds but his feet in the PDO.  It’ll wash off.

More from Doc Roy.

The sun is weak, just don’t tell it I said so.

Part Six: Global Hottie

Vefore we get to the hottie, an apology to my friend at Skeptics Global Warming who suggested I choose Keeley Hazell.  I was going to run with his idea but after hours and hours of searching I couldn’t find a safe-for-work image.  So this week’s hottie is brought to you because I mentioned Spain.  That’s it.  deniers, say a big Hola to Miss Penelope Cruz.


That’s all folks.

Ontario’s Deficit

Ontario's ruling Liberals will run a $500 million deficit next year, despite promising not to do so in the last election.  McGuinty is a buffoon that cannot break his addiction to runaway social programs and corporate welfare for the crippled auto industry.

The sad fact is that McGuinty will not pay a price for his incompetence at the next election.  John Tory, the fool that handed the 2007 election to McGuinty's Liberals refuses to step down and hand the reins to a better qualified and electable leader. 

Unless Dalton is found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, the sheeple of Ontario won't punish him for his incompetence.  The real deficit in this province in the choice we have of leaders.