Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Peter Principle

Nancy Pelosi, knowing that a close vote is about to be called in which her Democrats desperately need some Republic votes for political cover, takes the lectern and says this:

The Peter Principle states that:

"In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence."

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are outstanding examples of what happens when the Peter Principle is not respected.

Here's Harry Reid pleading for John McCain to come to Washington to 'tell us what to do':

And here's Harry when McCain said he was going to travel to Washington:

Confused, you betcha he is. 

America is paying a high price for weak leadership and cronyism.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sept. 26th 2008

Here I am a day early again, tomorrow is uncertain so I have to do the post today.  It gives you an extra few hours to read it before the weekend anyway, and provides an excellent antidote to actual work on Friday.

Thanks are in order to a few of you that sent links, you’ll see them here today.  Also, welcome to JunkScience.com readers; Steven Milloy was generous enough to point in this direction and lots of you came to have a peek at last week’s round-up.  I hope you return each week and join with me in pointing out the silliness of the warmists; or the weekly global hottie, whichever you prefer.

So grab your beverage of choice and belly up to this weeks sumptuous buffet of denier linkage, served with the merest hint of snark for your entertainment and edification.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al posted on his ‘journal’ again this week, defending the Mann hockey stick graph. Al says that the graph ‘is proving to be completely true‘.  Which is correct, if by completely true he means totally debunked.  Also, is it just me that finds it odd that Al needs to write on a lined page?  I mean, it’s not pen and paper he’s writing on, it’s the Internet; and he invented that, didn’t he?

Al had a very busy week this week.  He managed to outsource the next carbon-spewing Live Earth gig to India, he flew to the UK to raise cash for Barack Obama, he encouraged civil disobedience and made Esquire’s list of the top 75 people of the 21st Century. Which seems a bit presumptuous to list in ’08 if you ask me.  But they didn’t ask me, clearly.

yeshereallydidsaysplatNot Johnny Cash

Al also tried to conflate the ‘climate crisis’ with the subprime meltdown (pun intended, thank you).  Al focused his laser-beam intelligence on the comparison thus:

“That assumption just went splat,” he said. “Now is the time to prevent
a much worse catastrophe because the world has several trillion dollars
in ‘subprime’ carbon efforts based on the assumption that it’s all
right to put (tons) of carbon into the atmosphere.”

Wow, it went splat?  Color me convinced.

Canada’s David Suzuki (Gore-lite) also enjoyed a busy week telling people what to do.  First he popped up in my old home province of Alberta where he cast aside any knowledge of irony and accused the federal government of not wanting to debate the environment.

Suzuki, who is an aging hippy for those of you who don’t know him, then decided to criticize skeptics that criticized carbon taxes for criticizing carbon taxes.  He misses the meaning of that whole debate thing apparently.  To cap off his week of being super-bossy he decided to tell Canada how they must vote in the upcoming election.  Thanks for the tip Dave, I needed the help.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and

To start this section, I have to bow low to Tom Nelson, who uncovered something rarely seen on the Internet: Alarmists quoting climate realism.

We all know that enviromentalists love solar power.  Except when they don’tNIMBY, much?

What happens when scientists find a source of data that fails to fit the warming models?  Why, ignore it, of course – it must be wrong.

Green-minded people are saving the planet.  Not so much.

Actress Emma Thompson, whom British readers will recognize as a ‘luvvie‘, has apparently learned all about global warming while rehearsing her Shakespeare and is kindly telling the Girl Guides how to reduce their carbon footprints.

greenlikeme“wherefore art thou, leaf?”

Reach for the Kleenex before clicking the next link, which features animals performing all manner of unnatural hari-kari because the climate’s screwed up.  Oddly, no lemming’s were featured.

Global warming muppet James Hansen and those we do not speak of.

mcintyreSteve McIntyre, before coffee, presumably.

Two years after being accused of wrongdoing in the last Canadian election, a skeptics group has been cleared.

Recycling bras?  Scaring kids? Attacking big oil? All in a week’s work for the alarmists.

Taking on Maurice Strong, the grand-daddy of the global warming hoax.

Having decided that people aren’t scared enough, now we have Abrupt Climate Change.

Alarmists with double-standards? Say it ain’t so!

You know man is blamed for global warming?  Because they can’t think of anything else it might be.

This week’s scary substance is Methane.  CH4 has been seen lurking under the arctic ice and may jump out and destroy the planet at any moment.  Not to be confused with Nitrogen, last week’s rogue element.  There was a thread going at Macleans.ca about the methane story in which I got a little shirty with some warmers.  Silly me.

The final link in this section tells us that polar bears are eating each other.  And why not?  They are very tasty.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Blogger Tall Cotton has an interesting post on the Drake equation and Michael Crichton that’s well worth a read.  Short version, climate science is based on too many unknowns to be valid.

Anthony Watt’s clearly explains how climate scientists take perfectly accurate temperature data and screw it up.

Arctic temperatures are rising?  Not so much that we can tell from only 29 years of data points.

The must-read link of the week: Richard Lindzen’s study of the corrupt science behind the global warming hoax.  Direct link to the report here.

Steven Milloy details the wrong-headed attacks on, and defense of bisphenol A.

He we do not speak of looks at the arctic ice shrinkage that wasn’t.

Gore Lied has a video of Anthony Watt’s surfacestations.org on Fox.  Go watch it, but come back, we’re not done yet.

Remember the claims of massive flooding drowning London?  Not gonna happen.

How about the claims that an uncovered and melting permafrost contributes to global warming?  Nope.

Recall the headlines about the 50 million year cooling trend?  Thought not.

Wind power is safe, clean and reliable, and German engineering is infallible:

achtung“ze weendmill iz kaput, ya?”

Part Four:
AGW in the News

Global warming causes more rain.  Add it to the list.

America’s Democrats decide to finally drill for oil.  As long as there isn’t any where they drill.

Lord Monkton brings the pain.

Canada’s Liberals try to wish away their big carbon tax idea.

Deniers face down Michael Mann.  The hockey stick guy, not the Hollywood director, although Miami Vice was bad enough to warrant some sort of protest.

The Daily Telegraph points out the catastrophe behind climate change:

“Then in 1999 an obscure young US physicist, Michael Mann, came up with
a new graph like nothing seen before. Instead of the familiar rises and
falls in temperature over the past 1,000 years, the line ran virtually
flat, only curving up dramatically at the end in a hockey-stick shape
to show recent decades as easily the hottest on record.”

Tip-toeing toward nuclear power when we should be embracing it quickly.

Barbara Boxer, not the sharpest knife in the Senate, doubles down on Kyoto.

Tax diesel, or not?  Even greens can’t agree.

US Democrats will allow useful offshore drilling again.  But typically they will do so by actually doing nothing at all.

Carbon taxes?  We’d rather not, thanks.

An American lefty gets Canadian politics wrong at the Puffington Host.

The upside of the collapse in the financial system?  Less room for global warming stories.

Where is global warming? Good question.

New York’s Mayor is no fan of carbon tariffs.

Britain tries to water down EU carbon targets.  What a pity they can’t decide their own Country’s policies any longer.

A report of a meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Part Five: Real

Remember the hole in the ozone and the hysteria over CFC’s?  Perhaps it was cosmic rays.

rayromanoA comic Ray, not a cosmic ray

Ahem.  It’s the Sun, stupid.

NASA goes hi-tech in the fight against global warming, recruits rubber ducks.

Arctic ice, tough SOB.

How the warmists wish that hurricanes were caused by global warming… good post from my buddy at Skeptics Global Warming.

Did I mention it’s the Sun, stupid?

NASA’s reports on…. the SunMore.

Permafrost. Really tough SOB.

The economy is killing us.  But it’s killing the global warming hoax, too.  Yay crappy economy!

Part Six: Global

Did I mention Michael Mann above?  I’m sure I did, which gives me license to flip through his catalog of movies with in search of this week’s global hottie.  I also mentioned Emma Thompson though, but I couldn’t do that to ya.  We’ll go with the Mann connection.  Did you know he was a producer on The Aviator?  Well, he was.  You know who was in The Aviator.  This week’s global hottie, that’s who.  Smokin’ hot, in fact.   Deniers of the world, your global hottie is Miss Kate Beckinsale.

Thanks for reading and happy weekending, as always.

McCain Leads, Obama Campaigns

Interesting days in the US Presidential race as John McCain suspended his campaign for the top job yesterday and returned to Washington to help configure a solution to the financial crisis.

Here’s what Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid had to say Tuesday:

Note Reid’s words:
“We need the Republican nominee for President to let us know where he stands, and what we should do.”

He did not say the same of the Democratic nominee for President.  Why?

The answer is simple, Barack Obama has nothing to offer his Senate colleagues.  Obama has never faced a crisis before, let alone managed or led through one.  When challenged after the Sarah Palin VP nomination that she had more executive experience than he did, Obama’s retort was that he was running a large and successful campaign.

So now we see him doing today the only thing he has experience in, campaigning; while John McCain demonstrates that his ‘Country First’ campaign slogan is far more than empty rhetoric.

Barack Obama is claiming that a President must be able to do more than one thing at a time.  Yet, he’s continuing to do only the thing he feels comfortable doing and hiding behind excuses.  If McCain gets a deal in Washington and engages Obama in the debate tomorrow, Obama will look weak and foolish and McCain will look strong and Presidential.

Obama is not ready to lead, the next days might reveal him to be the empty suit many in America suspect him to be.


It's easy to throw around big numbers; the proposed US government bail out is a very big number, take a look:

The bail out amount:


Comparison with the 2007 American median family income**:

$                50,233

Warren Buffet says yes to the plan.

JK Galbraith mostly agrees.

It's possible that the next few days will define and decide the US election results.  McCain is playing a high stakes game by suspending his campaign; Obama is risking looking too nonchalant by continuing his. 

We live in interesting times.

**US Census Bureau

A Fox News summary of how the crisis might have been averted, but for Barney Frank and the Dems:

Coming Soon: Internet Censorship in the UK

Freedom of the Internet is under threat in the UK, hidden away in a new bill that aims to clarify the role that online sites might play in the illegal activity of assisting suicide.

The topic is controversial, but then the themes that bring change are always controversial.  In this case the topic is the sensitive one of suicide.  I don't want more people to kill themselves, especially young teens, but will a government actively blocking access to Internet sites be effective?  Probably not. 

Who decides which sites to block?  Obvious ones would be any that gave detailed instructions about how to do it.  But what happens if, like in the USA, a teenager kills themselves after being bullied on MySpace. Would a government restrict access to a social networking site in the name of the 'public good'?  Is that even a conversation we want to have?

Giving the power of censorship to any government agency just fuels their addiction for power, just as taxes fuel their addiction to money.  As we've seen in Canada recently, when petty bureaucrats are given the power to censor, they can't help but abuse it.

Assisting suicide might be illegal, but advocating that a bad Bill be killed is not.  Free speech advocates in the UK need to fight to have the government rethink it's position on censorship.

England Gets Olympic Gold for Dhimmitude

Olympic organizers in London announced that public toilets won't face East, so Muslims on the crapper won't face Mecca.

This what life in the UK has come to, Muslims have become so sensitive they can't take a dump if they face East and Brits fall over themselves to accommodate their special 'needs'. 

Strict obeisance to political-correctness is complete.  How much more of this will the average Englishman take?  They are bullied by cash-grabbing Scots to the North and have been hollowed out by a usurious government that takes and takes and taxes most of what's left. 

Their traditions have been assaulted and stripped away by Eurocrats, they face darkness because of the eco-nuts, sharia law has arrived and now their proud sporting moment is being mocked by the world for the placement of its toilets.

The English never did have a successful revolution, the civil war only got 10 years of 'commonwealth' government before Charles II restored the status quo.  Perhaps now is a good time.

David Suzuki: Totalitarian Hypocrite

Aged hippy and professional agitator David Suzuki was in Alberta yesterday.  He only goes to Alberta to shout at them for being successful; the province doggedly refuses to drink the AGW kool-aid and continues to enjoy booming economic times.

Suzuki would far rather Alberta decimate its economy by closing up the tar sands and clubbing its citizens into green submission with carbon taxes.

The worst part of Suzuki’s latest rant was his rank hypocrisy over the green shift.  He said this of PM Harper’s dismissal of the Liberal policy:

“You don’t dismiss a major proposal like the carbon tax and just say,
‘That’s crazy.’ What kind of discussion is that? At least it should be
on the table so the public can begin to understand what it is.”

Dave only wants a discussion when the topic suits him.  Remember this:

“The debate is over about whether or not climate change is real.”

Let me ask David Suzuki a question, using his own words:

“You don’t promote a major proposal like global warming and just say “the debate is over”.  What kind of discussion is that? At least it should be
on the table so the public can begin to understand what it is”

dimbulbone of these things is not too bright

Hippy Dave wasn’t done talking his way into trouble yet, he went on to say:

“The carbon tax has been so demonized for years,” he said. “The minute
you say carbon tax, it’s like saying National Energy Program. In Alberta, you say NEP, people go berserk. What kind of a
modern country do we have when we don’t have a national energy plan for
the country?”

Let me answer that one, Dave.  We have the modern kind of country that we like to call ‘free’.  Or as free as we can make it these days.  Sorry if that rains on your marxist totalitarian parade, but there it is.