Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 26 2008

I’ve started dating these posts since I had an email asking for a specific link’s location and it took me an hour to find it.  Not good.  So now I provide you with skeptical linkery, dates for the linkery posts, and the weekly global hottie.  I spoil you.

Please note that after this there will be no posting at all until July 2nd  – The Daily Bayonet is taking a road trip in celebration of Canada’s birthday and his wedding anniversary, but if the Bayonette is reading this, mostly for the anniversary.

To business:

The big news of the week in Canada was the launch of the Liberal party ‘Green Shift’ policy.  I fisked the ‘green’ part of that document here.  Now the Liberals are in some legal trouble with the name, and acting badly over it.

In the US, global warming muppet James Hansen decided that he’d call the CEO’s of coal and oil companies out for crimes against humanity.  Which sounds a lot like David Suzuki wanting to jail politicians.  How intolerant can you get?

In case Hansen’s got you worried, relax already.  You can read all about this agenda driven activist agitator here – if you still take his warnings seriously, maybe a quick boo at this chart might help get over his alarmist verbiage (Image reproduced from Climate Skeptic):


[The black line is Hansen’s own temperature prediction from 1988, the red line is Climate Skeptic’s overlay of actual recorded satellite temperatures for the same period.  Spot the difference?]

Still not convinced?  Try this chart:

While some take Hansen all too seriously and would even mimic his intolerance of non-aligned views, the coal companies are fighting back.

For a level headed look at science, and the facts, you could do well to spend a few minutes reading James Spann’s anti-warming essay.  An excerpt:

“…here are some simple facts that make those left on the global warming train very uncomfortable:
*The earth is no warmer now than it was in 1998.
*Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but a gas indispensable to plant
life. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which sustains animal and human
*The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, not carbon dioxide.
*The lack of solar activity in recent months suggests global cooling
might be our biggest potential climate change problem in coming years.
*The planet has had weather disasters, extremes, and anomalies since it
has been here. We just didn’t have 24 hour news channels and the
Internet in prior decades to spread the news.”

Other scientists continue to gather data and give it an honest working over.  Some Finnish scientists have studied Scots Pine tree ring data for a 7641 year period and their conclusions do not support the global warming fear mongering predictions.  Read all about it at World Climate Report, but here’s a quick chart, just for you:

7,500 year 100-yr smoothed reconstruction of Finnish summer temperatures (from Timonen et al., 2008).

Another person joining the ever-growing ranks of people with a public profile willing to risk denying in public is Lawrence Solomon, who says we have nothing to worry about with regards to the climate scare.  I agree with him.

Remember all those stories that global warming was responsible for the melting arctic ice? Well, perhaps it was the massive underground volcanoes that did it.   Do visit the link at Antony Watt’s site, and read the comments too, he has a lot of well informed readers.

In the world of real science, finding things like underground volcanoes is called ‘useful information’, and it would be studied to be seen how it affected current models and predictions.  Except the people running the AGW hoax aren’t interested in science and will only ignore or debunk this finding because it does not promote the ‘consensus’ that man is killing the polar bear habitat.  On which topic the much maligned Bjorn Lomborg has figured out that the massively expensive Kyoto Accord would save…. one polar bear per year.

Also in the world of ‘real’ science, it is necessary to abide by your own rules of retaining information.  If you don’t then people may decide you have something to hide, which is exactly what Steve McIntyre is investigating here, here, here and here.  The organizations concerned are supporters of warming theory – so why not provide the requested data?  It’s a question that needs an answer, the lack of transparency does not look good.

Here is your weekly ‘Al Gore is a hypocrite’ link.  His laziness in providing his opponents with such easy fodder with which to attack him speaks to his huge arrogance that his profiteering prophet status is untouchable.

Most people in the UK doubt the causes of global warming, but fear a future where the carbon cops come calling.

Scientist Professor David J C MacKay of the Cambridge University Department of Physics is writing a book that will bring hard numbers to the debate on global warming.  Even though he’s a self-declared greeny, his work showing the unrealistic solutions proposed by the econuts thus far might not make him so popular once he’s done, see this for example:

“…the windmills required … are fifty times the entire wind hardware of
Denmark; seven times all the windfarms of Germany; and double the
entire fleet of all wind turbines in the world. This conclusion – that
the greatest that onshore wind could add up to, albeit ‘huge’, is much
less than our consumption – is important…”

This week’s addition to the claim that global warming causes everything is… terrorism.

A couple of myth-busting articles for you now; first Lorrie Goldstein discovers that politicians don’t know Kyoto from their elbow.  Second is a handy guide to all the lazy journalistic rubbish printed about global warming – a Guide to the International Symbols for Recycling Media Rubbish about ‘Global Warming’.

Townhall notices that the fact that the US Senate dismissed the climate change bill so fast is a sure sign of global warming bubble-deflation.

In the funny but true news, vacuum-making emperor James Dyson has decided he’ll make electric cars.  Another famous British entrepreneur once tried the same idea, with dire results.  I think Dyson is smarter than Sugar, so I predict that the vacuum guy’s electric cars will suck, properly.

And, finally here is this weeks Global Warming Hottie.  Star of the completely global warming agenda-free movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, Emmy Rossum may be responsible for some localized warming, no CO2 required.


That’s all for this week, as usual have a happy and safe weekend.  I’m going driving now.

Did You Hear the One About the Lesbians and the Comedian?

Heather MacNaughton of the BC HRT is doing all free speechers a big favour by accepting this complaint

Even Warren Kinsella, 'an inexperienced political staffer' has noticed that perhaps the BC Human Rights Tribunal is out of control.  If only there had been a warning sign.  Why is it that a (presumably) well educated person cannot rise to defend the basic rights of a man he disagrees with, but can see there might be a problem when a comedian is threatened?  Chalk it up to blind partisanship and a lack of ability to see beyond his own hate.

The good news/bad news of this decision is that if the BCHRT is so obtuse that it cannot see that it will become a laughing stock by accepting this complaint, it is also unlikely to understand the negative outcomes for it of finding Maclean's magazine guilty.  Bad news in the short term for Maclean's and Mark Steyn, good news if it gets appealed and overturned in a proper court. 

A Hostile Environment

I see that some excitable lefty blogs are making much of Stephane Dion's challenge to Stephen Harper to debate the environmental policies of their respective parties.  It's being claimed by the more exuberant Dionistas that it's a sign of his 'courage' and 'leadership' that he would so bravely enter a debate on the topic.

Except there is no courage required on the part of Dion at all, far from it.

The great prophets of the AGW hoax have poisoned the environment for debate by declaring it over.  For years we have been subjected to David Suzuki and Al Gore rejecting opposing data and theories out of hand, as if suddenly the basic rules of science suddenly ceased to matter.

So now, after the global warming hoaxers-in-chief have declared the fight to be over, Mr. Dion wants a chance to kick sand in Stephen Harper's face?  He's like the cowardly little kid in a fight that runs in with a quick kick when the enemy is down before running to hide again behind his big bullying friends.

Debating climate policies with a true 'believer' like Dion is pointless.  The man has invested much of his life and all of his future political career on a flakey theory that the climate is warming because of man's actions.  Is there a fact in the world that would lead Dion to change his mind?  No.  He is totally invested in selling Canadians on the 'facts' of climate change because his personal future is on the line.

Equally, there is no win for Stephen Harper to debate Dion, he'd lose in the court of public opinion before he showed up, because the media have been complicit in selling the hoax.  Repeat a lie often enough, and even reasonable people will eventually assume there is some truth to it. 

Stephane Dion knows that he'll never debate Harper, and that's why he offered to do so.  Dion is still a coward, he could have proved some courage by standing up for his beloved Kyoto Accord, but instead he cowered and passed the Throne Speech that essentially gave up trying to meet Kyoto targets.  If Dion has any convictions, he certainly lacks the courage of them.

Understanding Lefties

This feature may become a regular one if I can find stuff as funny as this often enough.

An excerpt:
"In order for white people to streamline the process of knowing
everything, all human beings can be neatly filed into one of two
categories: People I Agree With, and People Who are Just Like Adolf

It's like a little peek into Richard Warman's head.  Enjoy.

Legal Problems for the Green Shift?

Stephane Dion's shiny new Permanent Tax on Everything is in some PR trouble, and maybe some legal trouble too.

The Liberal Party cannot understand trade mark laws, yet claims to understand the planet's climate.

Does that sound credible to you?  It ranks right up there with some guy in the US that can't make his own house more eco-friendly but that still believes he can fix the planet. 

Like I said, Snake Oil.  Don't buy it.

Challenging the Green Assertions in the ‘Green Shift’

The Canadian Liberal party has announced its major policy platform, called the ‘Green Shift’.  You can see the accompanying document at their website here.

This post challenges some of the assertions made in the ‘Climate Change Crisis’ chapter of the policy document.  It is full of the usual green propaganda and I think that many Canadians may like to know that there is another view, and that the science is not settled – no matter how much Mr Dion might wish it so.

So, here you have my challenge to the assertions made in the Green Shift document.

Assertion One: Settled Science, Real Crisis


Challenges: Science is far from settled; There are more important crises to deal with today
The science is actually far from clear and is certainly not settled.  To say that the ‘debate is over‘ before it has even begun is not good scientific practice, and major public policy change needs to be based on solid science.  In fact, no warming at all has happened since 1998, and many scientists now fear that we are heading to a mini-ice age, which if true will be far more calamitous than any warming.

There are real crises facing humanity today, starvation, disease and poverty.  The Green Shift addresses none of these, and in fact could damage Canada’s economy to an extent that our ability to help the rest of the world will be diminished.  The act first, think later actions of the pro-warming crowd have already started to kill people.

Assertion Two: The IPCC Predictions


The Challenge:  The IPCC Predictions are Politically Motivated, and the ‘Consensus’ is Collapsing
The UN International Panel on Climate Change is considered by many to be the gold standard of all things to do with warming.  The IPCC is politically motivated and dominated by bureaucrats, and there are significant problems with the data used and the predictions made from that data.  NASA, the source of much raw data has made many changes to account for various ‘anomalies’ – ALL of which increase the trend to show more warming.  Since most of the predictions of the IPCC are included in their fellow Nobel Prize winner Al Gore’s movie, the debunking of the errors can be found here.

Recently, Dr. Kiminori Itoh of the IPCC wrote an essay and called the current alarmism over global warming ‘the worst scientific scandal in history’.  So much for that ‘consensus’ that we are told confirms warming.

Assertion Three:  A Canadian Report Predicts Doom


Challenge:  The Report Recycles IPCC Predictions, and is Not All Bad News
The Liberals did not give a reference to the report, so I will provide it for you.  The report is an analysis of what the IPCC predictions would mean for Canada.  They do not challenge the predictions, nor do they fully accept them as fact.  One of the things never discussed by the warming supporters is the benefits of global warming, but the report does, see this balanced chart as an example:

figure1_potential_impacts_e(click for larger image)

Assertion Four: Think of the Polar Bears!

Challenge:  A False Argument
Polar Bears are used so frequently by the warmers that it’s become accepted wisdom that they are threatened.  In fact, the polar bear population has doubled to over 25,000 in the past 20 years.  The US Government’s recent decision to list the species as threatened was a political decision to avoid a court battle, and has no foundation.

An excerpt from the link above:
“Because of extreme limitations in data, it is
essentially impossible to decide whether polar bears are endangered and
whether their habitat is threatened by man-made global warming or other
natural climate cycles. This is acknowledged by the experts
themselves–the actual IUCN/SSC report is more broad in naming causes
and more conservative about estimating their effects.

In reality journalists pose more of a threat to polar bears than the climate.

Assertion Five:  Fluffy Language is a Sound Basis for Wealth Redistribution


Challenge: Millions of People Need Help for Real Problems that The Green Shift Does Not Address
Call it Opportunity Cost if you will.  Every dollar spent on the faux problem of global warming is a dollar that does not help rid Africa of malaria, or AIDS.  It does not drill a well for fresh water and does not give a child essential nutrients.  These problems are real and could be addressed today.  Instead, we have what is a socialist wealth redistribution scheme to address a potential problem in the future.

This is frankly immoral and we should reject this feel good fakery and get on with saving real people, right now.  Stephane Dion’s green shift will divert resources from children dying today so that you can feel good about being ‘greener’.  If you can live with that on your conscience, you are harder hearted than me.

Assertion Six:  Kyoto Targets Missed, Must Try Harder


Challenge:  Who Was Environment Minister in 2004-6?  Oh, Wait.
The Liberals signed the Kyoto treaty in 1998, and did nothing about pursuing the required goals.  Now, ex-Environment Minister and owner of a dog called Kyoto Stephane Dion wants to play catch-up.  I see no credibility on this portfolio from a man that only talks green, and did nothing when he had the portfolio under his management.

Assertion Seven: The Green Shift Will Be Good for the Economy


Challenge:  No, It Won’t
Stephane Dion suggests a part of the Green Shift will be tariffs on imports where the producing countries do not ‘price’ carbon.  Not only will this wreck out ability to buy affordable goods available to the rest of the world, it may also be in breach of the World Trade Organization rules.

The new taxes will kill the Alberta boom and with it most of the GDP growth in Canada.  The ability of a Liberal government to fully refund the taxes raised is in serious doubt considering their record and therefore people will have less disposable income.  House prices may fall, stock markets will suffer and the economy of Canada will enter a self-imposed recession from which it will be hard to recover without undoing all the Green Shift changes.

This is Snake Oil, don’t buy it.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up

After delaying last week’s round-up, I’m getting this one out a little early, just in case.

Here is your weekly round-up.  I’d ask regular readers to please pay some attention to the links and not just rush to the new feature at the end.  Or am I asking too much?

I’ll start with a link to a post that will prove to be a useful tool for all skeptics when faced with useless tools that demand ‘peer-reviewed’ proof of our skepticism.  The Heartland Institute has a handy list of peer-reviewed articles and studies that contradict the kool-aid perspective.  Enjoy, and don’t say I never do anything for you.

Another can’t miss story from the week came in the form of Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an IPCC scientist that declares that the climate alarmism is ‘the worst scientific scandal in history’ in a guest post at Climate Science.

Another expert, meteorologist James Spann has an article that claims that the ‘money behind warming alarmism can corrupt anybody’.  Which explains a lot, if you think about it.

Wesley Pruden uses space in the Washington Times to point out that we’re not all dead yet.  Which most of us will really appreciate. He also mentions that the planet is cooling:
“We’re not supposed to call global warming “global warming” any more. That’s so very 20th century. Now it’s “climate change,” just in time
for the political high season, and convenient when the climate leaves the natural warming cycle and enters the cooling cycle, as it has done
for millions of years.”

CO2sceptics has an interesting read ‘Absurd claims of alarm’ from a New Zealander.  But don’t let that put you off, read it anyway and save a sheep.

That last line was a bad segway to link to fellow antipodean Jennifer Marohasy’s blog.  She has a great post about a new paper with details of 2000 years of North Icelandic Sea Temperatures.

Big news for the USA this week, as it has been demoted from top carbon emitter spot by China.  Have no fear however, the climate change zealots will remain focused on America’s bad habits because:
1)  they know the Chinese don’t believe in Al Gore or Santa, and
2)  The Chinese are already communists and don’t need socialist wealth redistribution like America does.

One person who cannot be blamed for America’s slip into second place is Senator James Inhofe.  When the alarmism is over and  the last hoaxer has been jailed, the man to thank will be the Senator from Oklahoma.  Here he notes the changes he’s seen in the past years, and then rips the Democrats a new one for their energy policy.  Or lack of it.

A few links to clueless greens, for the fun of it:
Some greens just want those uppity folks in India and China to walk and ride bikes all the time and not get cars.  I think that if they are so concerned the greens should give up their own cars to offset the new Nano’s on the roads of India.

Tom Nelson outs a dumb kid that is saving the planet by flying around it.  A lot.

Green activists that spent $710,000 on advertising in a failed bid to have the US Senate pass the green bill forgot to file their paperwork.  They claim they ‘didn’t know’.  Considering their ignorance on climate, I’d buy that excuse.

Many people are very tired of the high gas prices, and this is having some unintended consequences for greens.  After decades of successfully defeating offshore and domestic drilling, the tide of public opinion and demand is rapidly undoing their meddling.

I have to include a story about the environmentalist’s favourite cuddly animal, the polar bear.  A group of journalists went to Iceland to meet a bear arriving from Greenland (a long swim), because that would ‘prove’ that the bear’s could no longer live in Greenland.   Unfortunately for the bear, the journalists lacked the courage of their convictions and shot her when she tried to eat them.  Now this is a shame, after all journalists are not endangered, so where’s the harm?


A polar bear licking her lips at the thought of those tasty reporters.

In other unintended consequence news, eco-rockers Radiohead offered free concert seats to anyone that collected them by bicycle.  Of 50 passes offered, 35 went uncollected.  Proving that either Radiohead fans are too poor to own bicycles and that the band really do have their heads up their bottoms.

Another item to add to the Global Warming Causes Everything list: Pine Beetles.  Evil little farts.  Ugly too.

In a rush to believe everything warming, CBS got caught using a spoof story as fact.  The spoof?  ‘Global warming makes for more energetic earthquakes’.  If only there had been a way for CBS to catch that…

Finally, and a really, really tenuous link to your weekly hottie, eBay thinks that carbon offsets are BS.  Now you may not know this, but our featured global warming hottie this week was once offered on eBay herself.  For charity.  Here she is, enjoy your reading and as always have a great weekend.


UPDATE:  Not to harsh your mellow after admiring ScarJo, but I had to point out that the Celsias blog has fallen hook line and sinker for the ‘global warming causes massive earthquakes spoof’.  These guys are so credulous – how can we believe anything they believe?  In case you didn’t know, Celsias is ‘ the world’s leading action-based climate change website’.  Not so much into fact checking though.

Stephane Dion Just Lost the Next Election

The great Liberal 'Green Shift' plan was announced earlier today.  Or, as it is becoming known on the Internet: 'Stéphane Dion’s Permanent Tax on Everything™'.

When the Liberals look around their depleted ranks after the rout of the next election, they will recall a grey day in June 2008 when their fearful French leader unveiled a monumental new tax that dishonestly pretended to be 'revenue neutral' and announced proudly that on this ground he would fight.

Some of the press will do their pro-Liberal spin suggesting the plan is a '$15 billion tax cut', but the 'revenue neutral' theme does rather make it clear that there is a corresponding $15 billion tax increase.

It won't take long for the sleight of hand about the 10% reduction in personal income taxes to be exposed either.  While it is correct to say that reducing the 15% income tax rate to 13.5% is a 10% drop – knowing it's still only a penny and a half is much less impressive.  Dion's plan will fail on this fact alone – people will read about the extra 7 cents on a litre of gas in BC's carbon tax plan and figure that they are only getting a penny and a bit back.  It hardly seems revenue neutral does it?

It doesn't matter that the thinking is flawed, or that the BC tax isn't the Liberal tax.  People will hear the words 'carbon tax', and read about the pain at the pumps and presto!, Dion is toast.  You can't sell people their own economic destruction. 

There are lots of other problems with the Permanent Tax on Everything, as you can read here and here.  These will be made in the media in the coming months, especially the part about potentially breaching WTO rules.  In the end though, the Liberals will be fighting an election on the largest tax increase in history at a time when many Canadians fear for their jobs and see their food and fuel costs spiraling.  To cap it all – the global warming myth that all this is in aid of is falling apart too.

The only question remaining now is who will be the next leader of the Liberals?

UPDATE:  Jason Cherniak, President of Central Region for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) no less, has already found it necessary to try to 'clarify' what 'revenue' is.  This need to start with clarifications after making the plan seem so simple in the pre-announcements will remind people of the deep mistrust they have of the Liberals after the Adscam and Gun registry debacles of the Chretien years.  They've already lost control of the conversation, and it's only been a few hours since the official announcement.

Is Obama Too Stupid to be President?

The evidence suggests that yes, he is.

The left in America have called President Bush an idiot for his various and repeated mangling of the English language.  They claim that his inability to speak clearly means he is unworthy of the high office. 

So what are we to make of the fact that while Barack Obama is an articulate speaker, he knows nothing about the subject at hand?  Take this quote, from the linked story [emphasis mine]:

"An advisor…
to Barack Obama says that Obama didn’t realize what he was saying to
AIPAC when he used the term”undivided” in reference to Jerusalem.
According to Kurtzer, Obama had “a picture in his mind of Jerusalem
before 1967 with barbed wires and minefields and demilitarized zones.”
Kurtzer says that only after the speech did Obama realize it was a
“code word” to use the phrase, “but it does not indicate any kind of
naivete about foreign affairs

The admission that Obama had no understanding of Jerusalem's geography past a '1967 picture in his mind' is astounding.  How many President's have tried and failed to bring a peace to the middle east?  Obama would join their ranks yet cannot be bothered to be briefed on the subject before inadvertently using code words he doesn't understand to make promises he cannot keep. 

He may get away with that in a New York speech as a Democrat candidate, but what if he had said that as President?  How many dead would his ignorance have caused?  He's dangerous, I hope that the Republicans can hold their noses and vote McCain to stop the potential train wreck Obama Presidency.