Polygamy Creep

Ontario's gutless leader Dalton McGuinty looks like he'll duck a hot issue, again.  I refer to him in the post title.
McGuinty's ignoring the issue means he is valuing the lives and rights of Muslim women (the usual victims of this sordid practice) as less important than his ability to get votes and avoid splodey threats.  He's a coward and has no right leading a parade, let alone a province.

For the record, here's bobble-head Jack Layton, in 2005, denying that allowing gay marriage leads to polygamy:
"Eighty-seven per cent of Canadians live in a province or territory in
which equal marriages are conducted today. Husbands still love their
wives. No faith has been forced to perform a ceremony it didn`t want
to. Polygamy has not sprouted

Enough is enough, surely Canadians need to stop the insidious creep of a practice that belongs in the stone age?  Of course, for any meaningful action it would require Dalton McGuinty to show spine and leadership, and the Maple Leafs might win the Stanley Cup before that happens.

Al Qaeda Beaten?

According to the CIA, Al Qaeda is near defeat and on the defensive.

"Near strategic defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Near strategic defeat for
al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. Significant setbacks for al-Qaeda globally…"

Good news.

The only two people not happy about this news are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who may need to find someone else to surrender to should either win in November.

Fired ‘Worker’ Stays Fired

Here's a story to warm your cold conservative hearts, and from my old stompin' ground in Alberta no less.

Background – dopey guy smokes dope, dopey guy takes a drug test for a new job work and fails it.  Dopey guy does gets fired.  Dopey guy complains to ze mighty Ezra-crushing Alberta HRC that we was discrimintaed against for being a dopey guy pothead loser and, wait for it… they reject his complaint!  (I know, I had to read that twice too).

But, dopey guy appeals, in a real court – and they find in favour of dopey guy!  The world is upside down at this point.

Fortunately, on another appeal, the Supremes ruled yesterday that the firing was legal, and dopey guy gets zip.  Yay!

Maybe there is some hope for Canada.  Or perhaps I've just been away for a bit, did a quick hop into the US and some of that rampant hopey changey stuff they have going on down there rubbed off.

Channel 4 Wins, Police Lose, Imam’s Ignored

When the Police dropped an investigation into radical Muslim Imam’s in the UK, they turned on the television program makers instead.  They ignored the actual hate the Imam’s spewed to their congregations and looked to charge Channel 4 instead for inciting hatred by exposing the Imams. 

Yesterday Channel 4 won a court case and received six-figure damages from the Police.

The outcome however is less than satisfactory since the Imam’s that preached hate were never dealth with.  Either the Police were intimidated or incompetent, how else to explain the decision to charge the whistle blowers?

Some of the words that Channel 4 exposed in the Imam’s preaching:
"the killer of a British Muslim soldier in
  Afghanistan was a "hero of Islam”.

"Allah created the woman

"homosexuals should be thrown off mountains and that
  young girls should be hit if they do not wear hijab."

How to Lead an Opposition

Stephane Dion could learn a thing or two from UK Opposition leader David Cameron.

As Gordon Brown flails around trying to save his skin as the UK drowns under his tax burden, Brown tried a new agenda, their equivalent to our Throne Speech.  Unfortunately for Brown, much of his ‘new’ agenda was stolen from the Tories.

You can read Cameron’s entire response to it here.  It is a remarkable take-down of a government agenda, and shows a man that understands his constitutional duty, unlike the weak and feeble Dion.

Some quotes:
"The Prime Minister has stuffed Number 10 full of spin doctors and
pollsters. Why not just get a shorthand typist and send them to the
Tory Conference to take it down? It would save a lot of money."

"This is a great idea – that officials who hold office and wield power should be elected.   Who knows, it might catch on.  One day we might just have an elected Prime Minister."

"..this Queen’s Speech has nothing to do with the long-term needs of the
country – and everything to do with the short-term political survival
of the Prime Minister."

"This morning we read about a new plan from this great man of substance
– and it’s to appear on a new version of The Apprentice. The
Communities Secretary said this is The Apprentice meets Maria, meets
Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve got a better idea for the Prime Minister.
Why not take part in a reality show that involves the whole of the
country?  It’s called a General Election.    "

A US Free Speech Victim?

A University of Toledo employee has been fired from her job for writing an article for the Toledo Blade.

Her ‘crime’ was writing that, as far as her religion is concerned, homosexuality is a choice, not a disposition.  She was fired.   No HRC’s needed, just an intolerant lobby group claiming intolerance and getting instant results from a complicit administration.

People around the world are suffering for what they say or write.  I think the victim in this case can likely win a wrongful dismissal suit, but that does not address the chill on yet another topic for people that would like to discuss interesting and topical issues of the day.

(h/t Stop the ACLU)

Human Rights Laws: Unintended Consequence #722

Rapists, murderers and other protected minorities in the UK  are using Human Rights laws to get help relocating into areas that local authorities don’t want them.  And then re-offending.

I haven’t seen this in Canada yet, but no doubt our glorious leaders at the HRC’s will get right on it once they realize how oppressed Canada’s scumbags are.

Update: The Yorkshire Ripper is claiming that his Human Rights have been violated.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Macca’s Carbon Goofprint


Paul McCartney’s new Lexus Hybrid was flown from Japan to England for him.  For econutists that take carbon footprints seriously, that’s about the equivalent of Macca driving the vehickle 6 times around the world.

I can’t help but think that if only celebrities would stop trying to save the planet that maybe the planet wouldn’t need saving.