Assuming an Air of Reasonableness

Or, as Steyn called it – repositioning.

The sock puppets are demanding that Maclean’s publish a ‘mutually acceptable response to the Steyn article‘ in return for the withdrawal of the complaint.

Sounds reasonable to those not looking at the minutiae of the dispute.  But, these petty censors are demanding that a private magazine title publish material to rebut an article that they didn’t like, in return for which they will call off the state inquisition dogs.

And they’re doing it in a style that they seem to think will win some support as a reasonable accommodation.  I hope Maclean’s tells them to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

And here is a reminder of what the sock puppets really mean:


Why is the CIC Raising Money?

Maybe Ezra can answer this question.

I looked at the web site for the Canadian Islamic Congress, wondering if there was a press release about today’s settlement offer by the sock puppets.  I didn’t see anything relevant to the press conference as at 14.30EST.

But, I did see this ‘action alert’ for financial support of the HRC case against Maclean’s magazine:

Hearings for the above-mentioned complaints have been scheduled before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in June 2008, while the Ontario and Federal Humans Rights Commissions are still investigating the submissions made to them.

Prominent Canadian litigation lawyer, Faisal Joseph, and the law students  and grads are working on this case pro-bono.   However, we need assistance in covering other significant costs such as expert witnesses and potential appeals to the courts.

We are
pursuing these complaints against one of the richest corporations in Canada — Rogers Inc., which is the owner of Maclean’s Magazine and
many other media outlets. We are standing up for the right of the Muslim community to be free from hate speech and media-propagated
Islamophobia, and this is expensive.  Therefore, in order to move forward and ultimately benefit not only Muslims  but all Canadians, we need your assistance.

Now, I find this odd, which is perhaps where Ezra can help.  If, as I understand it, Human Rights Commissions and/or Tribunals foot the cost of investigations and trials, why does the CIC need to raise money at all?  The action alert suggests that it is the victim, going up against ‘one of the richest corporations in Canada’ – which does not seem to be an entirely honest representation of the facts to me.

The CIC is a self declared non-profit non-government organization.   Why do they need to raise cash to support a complaint in which typically the HRC should be footing the bill at taxpayer’s expense?  Perhaps ,as they suggest, it is for ‘future appeals’ – but they’d only need to appeal if they lost, and as we all know the HRC’s have a perfect conviction record.  So, again – what is the cash for?

Obama’s Over

The great hope of 50% of the Democrat party, 99% of celebrities and all people whose favorite words are ‘hope’ and ‘change’ is done.

After his hate-whitey proclaiming pastor went on a rampage Monday, Barack Obama finally threw him under the bus yesterday.

And as soon as he had done that, look what Ace of Spades has found:
"Obama Adviser Cornell West Enthusiastically Cheered Jeremiah Wright At Yesterday’s Disastrous Press Conference"

Obama has serious problems with the people he has allowed to join his inner circle, and these issues in turn raise very good questions about the man’s judgment in general.  And the Rezko issue is still out there, hardly touched yet with all the red meat of the Wright controversy. 

Clinton will be the Democrat nominee, and she will be beaten in November by McCain, in large part because the Democrat party will be too busy tearing itself to pieces over the Obama implosion to fight a good election.

This drama almost makes up for having had no season of 24 this year.  For Dems that need to see a black President any time soon, Dennis Haysbert is excellent in Seasons 1 and 2.

Cowardly Sock Puppets

According to news in the National Post, the CIC and sock puppet three are to make a public offer to Maclean’s/Steyn over their human rights complaint against them.

Let’s be frank, the only reason an offer is forthcoming is because these losers have had their collective asses handed to them in the fight so far.  They are acting exactly as any bully does when confronted with an opponent that refuses to surrender, they resort to cowardly tactics, running to mommy or trying to avoid the consequences of their actions.

Kay says it best:
"…the Maclean’s imbroglio has been one of the biggest shots in the arm to Canadian conservatives in general. It’s turned red-meat right-winger Ezra Levant into a star blogger and a free-speech hero with brand-name recognition
in the United States, turned Steyn’s name into a household word,
created a debate within the Jewish community over its traditionally doctrinaire support for blanket hate-speech laws (Ezra for CJC president, anyone?), shone a light on the amateurish shenanigans of Canada’s human rights commissions, driven a powerful movement for reform of said commissions, and generally served to marginalize the pro-censorship lobby…"

I suspect that these would-be bullies are so surprised and crestfallen that their little scheme to rein in free speech in Canada so spectacularly backfired that they are looking for a way out while still being able to save some face.  It may also be an attempt to claim some ‘moral high ground’.  I also suspect that they are counting on the tradition western ‘forgiveness’ attitude to result in a call to Maclean’s to accept whatever offer they make tomorrow.

It looks like the MO of beaten bullies is to withdraw or try to change the game half-way through – recall that Syed Soharwardy withdrew his complaint against Ezra after the heat was turned up.

I say no surrender, no let up on the counter-offensive attack that these clueless and intolerant bullies brought on themselves.  It’s over when WE say so now, not the wannabe censors.  This needs to be over when they are truly and irrevocably beaten and broken and beyond raising the ugly specter of censorship in Canada again.  An example needs to be made of these guys – so that no other group of intolerant and wrong-headed thin-skinned losers can ever revisit this abomination of a proceeding.

The CIC and Sock Puppets chose this hill to fight on, now they get to bleed on it.

If I were Macleans I would have a recording of tomorrow’s offer, and have it screened closely by aggressive lawyers.  If there is any hint of admission that their complaint was designed to be a nuisance or was filed in bad faith then I fully expect Maclean’s to sue these sock puppets and friends out of existence.

UPDATE: Steyn sees the danger of a sock-puppet repositioning here. 

Ezra ‘Flypaper’ Levant

Holy cow, another week, another lawsuit against Ezra.  Poor Ez has become moonbat flypaper, he attracts all the lefty loons in the worst way.

This time some lawyer called Vigna is suing Ezra ‘Flypaper’ Levant for calling attention to an attack of the vapours that occurred during a HRC hearing.  All the details at Ezra’s blog here.

Send money, or food.  Or money and food.  Support Ezra and the Blogging Canuck 5.


PBS premiered a new series last night. 

Carrier follows the crew of the USS Nimitz in a ten hour, HD documentary about life on board one of the most impressive weapons you’ll ever see.  In HD.  Did I mention it’s in HD? 

I’ve watched the first hour, it was well done and no sign of any PBS political agenda, yet.  One of the crew even admitted, on camera, to being – gasp – a republican! 

I recommend Carrier, it’s got a lot of military hardware pr0n for you to enjoy, and it’s in HD.

A Nimitz class aircraft carrier carrying a full complement of aircraft.

Anthropogenic Starvation vs Anthropogenic Global Warming

One of these scares is real, and will have terrible consequences.

Look at some recent news headlines:   
Tremonti Attacks Gore
Feeling a Little Green?
Time to take GM crops seriously?
(Note: In the UK there has been a green-led movement about ‘GM’ or genetically modified foods.  The debate is non-existent in Canada or the US, where the crops have been used for years.  Of course, the same fools that rail against GM foods also are global warming hoaxers).
Starving the People They Set Out to Help

People are not, generally, foolish.  When faced with real problems, most of us seek real solutions.  In 1984 Ethiopians were starving and dying, on national television.  Bob Geldof famously organized a charity record – ‘Feed the World’ and later arranged Live Aid.  Both were tremendously popular and successful because the real problem was easily seen, and people wanted to help.  And they did, their money saved lives.

Tragically, almost 25 years after the Ethiopia crisis we are about to have a repeat of horrible images of starving African kids on our televisions.  Worse, there is is no good reason for these kids to die.  A lot of the reasons that their futures will be erased are man-made.

The global hoax that claims SUV’s (among other things) are killing the planet is responsible for the crime of turning food into fuel.  Also unfortunately, these same global warming hoaxers have hijacked the same fund raising schemes that had helped a generation ago with stunts like Live Earth.  Al Gore and other leaders of the hoax, like Canada’s David Suzuki, have been ramming their neo-religion down people’s throats and have been making us all feel guilty for living.

Well, now anyone that has embraced AGW as a reality can start feeling really guilty about those about to die for their cause.  It’s not just Al Gore and David Suzuki that are responsible for this – it’s the unthinking average joe that swallowed the line being spun out about the planet in peril nonsense.  Politicians only change policy toward something like the global warming fraud when a majority of voters give it significance, which is what it has been given by a lot of ordinary people. 

Global Warming hoaxers pretended that there was no downside to supporting calls for more and more fake solutions to a fake problem.  But there is, and soon we will see the real victims. 

Actions have consequences, and unfortunately for the world’s poorer regions, the actions of the green movement already has a high body count.

I was going to call this post ‘Opportunity Cost’, because if we only stood back for a moment to consider the unseen costs of following the global warming hoaxers, we’d all be horrified.  Consider all the scientists that have jumped on the well-funded bandwagon of climate science.  What could they have been working on instead?  What miracles of science might have been missed entirely or delayed for years by the rush to analyze junk science?  How about all the cash diverted into the carbon offset ponzi schemes?  How many poor people could have been housed, fed and given a hand up with that cash instead of enriching endless NGO’s and snake-oil salesmen?

I may have another post soon on this, but it is a large topic to tackle and almost impossible to quantify.  If you think about it, you can insert your favourite real science topic or issue and claim that it was damaged or compromised by the global warming hoax.  The warmers do it all the time, why not us on the deniers side?

I you are reading this it’s likely that you are either decided that global warming is a hoax, or you seriously suspect it might not be everything the warmers claim it to be.  If so, go to these excellent sites and educate yourself.  Then tell your friends, your family and get the word out that there actually IS a debate on the science and that there are REAL consequences to the fraud.  You can help to see off the hoaxers and the world can get back to solving real problems, like feeding the planet.

Now that would be a global movement I could get behind.

Global Warming Hoax – Your Weekly Round-Up

There’s a strong likelihood that tomorrow will be a bad day for blogging, so I am getting the weekly round-up out a day early.  Lucky readers.

There is a veritable deluge of links today – the job of finding good news articles that cast doubt upon the Global Gore scam is becoming easier, but also now requires some filtering – there are too many.  This is good news for those of us that prefer to see valuable resources spent on actual problems than fake ones that enrich snake-oil salesmen.

So, without further ado, here is this week’s top picks:

Australia’s new Prime Minister gets help from pretty people (see pic) that have no business influencing government policy, and some genius recommends revoking citizenships and only re-issuing them to people who could prove their green credentials.  I’m not making this up.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and actors Cate Blanchett (centre) and Hugh Jackman (right) during the Creative Australia session of the 2020 summit in Canberra.
(Source: Brisbane Times)

Disney wants to make ‘environmental’ films.  Great, more propaganda for the infantile, and children.  The first project is set to feature "a yearlong journey of three mothers — a polar bear, elephant and humpback whale with their offspring".  I can hardly wait.

For anyone that thought Al Gore was honest – here’s a story busting his use of special effects from the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ in his own slide show film.  Really.  Still think he’s credible? 

A few links on the food supply crisis that is accelerating all too rapidly.  Remember that it was Saint Al that cast the deciding vote in favour of increasing ethanol use back in the 90’s:
     Food vs. Fuel, Cato Institute
     Rice prices spiral higher, rationing in the USA
     How will we feed the world?
     Ethanol’s failed promise, Washington Post

Green on Green fighting, some enviro’s push back against the zealots:
     When ‘Green’ is shorthand for environmental idiocy, Bjorn Lomborg
     Green and Smart, New York Post
     Why I left Greenpeace, Patrick Moore
     Climate Models ‘worthless’, via

     Glenn Beck, Really Inconvenient Truths
     Destroying the Sun, a takedown of a Gore puff-piece in the UK’s tabloid
     The Ice Man Age Cometh
     Scam on the Run?  The IPCC retracts

Here is some alarmism over the alarmism.  Now it’s getting complicated.

Finally, Spaniards marched to protest in favour of global warming efforts.  How long before these deluded Spanish are replaced on the streets by people protesting the price of food?  Like their European friends did last fall?

More next week.

Obama to Suggest Immediate Withdrawal From Chicago?

Nine dead in over thirty violent, gang-related incidents in Chicago last weekend.  The police are sending a ‘surge’ of SWAT members to try and calm the situation.

I’m waiting for Harry Reid to declare Chicago ‘lost’ and for the man who would be king presidential hopeful Obama to pull out all cops and first responders ‘at the earliest opportunity’ in this senseless war on the streets of America’s ‘second city’.  Perhaps he could engage in talks with gang leaders and negotiate peace.

It makes at least as much sense as his Iraq and foreign policy.