Sock Puppet Suave

Daniel Simard AKA ‘missing sock puppet #1’ has been named ‘Blawger of the Year’ by himself the bloggers at Law is Cool.

From the award announcement:
“…for his courage and fortitude in addressing some very controversial and topical issues.”

And by courage and fortitude they mean disappearing from all sock puppet bylines and articles when the heat was turned up by Freespeechers against their HRC censorship attack on Maclean’s magazine.

For his many fans, here is a picture of the Blawger of the Year (puppeteer not pictured:)

(pic source Law is Cool)

Rico suave, call your office.

Weekend Fun with Greenies

I was away this weekend, so missed an opportunity to counter-protest the inane Earth Hour.

But I DID drive over 1200 kilometres in my SUV over the weekend.  Yeah, that’s almost 750 miles of fresh carbon goodness.

Offset that, Gorebots!

Suzuki Damage Control

Canada’s green alarmist high priest has an article on his Foundation’s web site addressing ‘Selective Information Overload’. Or, in other words that anyone that calls BS about the ‘settled science’ of global warming is relying only on ‘selective information’.

This article is the first time in a very long time that the aging hippy has even deigned to acknowledge that not everyone believes in his favourite hoax.  I think it is because the tide is turning and the warming hoaxers are very afraid that their pet project is going to be discovered for what it is.  Many powerful and influential people have flown their flags with the warmers, and they are not going to like looking bad.  That’s a problem for the high-priests Gore and Suzuki in particular.  So let’s look at what this new article says about ‘selective information’ use.

Firstly, it’s funny how only those opposing Suzuki can be guilty of using ‘selective information’.  He doesn’t address the examples of greens being selective about:

1) Antarctic ice melting = global warming, even when the ice mass is actually increasing year rapidly
2) Ethanol is a solution for carbon reduction, when in fact its not and does damage global food supply
3) That famous ‘hockey stick’ graph, that in fact has been proven fatally flawed
4) Any sign of warming ceased after 1998 and in fact cooling is the current trend
5) The sun and clouds are not accurately modeled in the alarmists theorums
6) The idea that consensus among agenda driven fund-hungry media whore ‘scientists’ means anything

I’ll not link to ‘selective information’ for the points above – use Google and see that it’s true for yourself.  The information is out there, easily discovered – and that is what scares Suzuki most.  There are many more examples of green nonsense, check out the best list of things caused by global warming – and try not to laugh.

Suzuki writes:
"Scientific consensus does not mean we will always get the right answer.
But if I were to bet on an issue, I’d put my money on scientific
consensus over an observer’s hunch, a politician’s opinion, or a
business leader’s tip"

Note how he selectively glosses over the inconvenient truth that there is NO consensus, as witnessed earlier this month by the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change.   Didn’t even mention that another scientific body exists that counters his own ideas.  Selective, much?  Consensus means nothing more than the political agendas of these ‘scientists’ have trumped proper scientific investigation.

Suzuki wants to rely on fake consensus over a layman’s hunch.  Fair enough.  My hunch is that Suzuki is old news.  He burned his soft cuddly image when the totalitarian mask slipped.  People are reading more and more counter-warming news and opinion, and asking good questions that Suzuki doesn’t want to even acknowledge, let alone address.  He has become a liability for the greens (at least for now) and has practically disappeared for over a month.  It will be interesting to see if the press are quite as ready to drink his kool-aid next time he ventures his hippy head out from under the rock he’s hiding under.

Ontario’s recent provincial budget ignored global warming as an issue; politicians and press are starting to suspect that the con is on and as soon as the tide of public opinion starts to turn they will turn like rabid dogs on those that have led the hoax.  Using selective information is a two-way street, and Suzuki and company have been abusing it a lot more than the skeptics.  When that news makes into the mainstream, the greens will have a very tough time.

Britain – Still Doomed

The latest chill to sweep the UK isn’t on free speech, but wind chill.

Crime is rampant, secret cameras spy on the population, some neighborhoods are no go areas and high ranking members of the clergy recommend Sharia law.  Yet British people remain calm, quiet and unphased by these events.

Just don’t f**k with their weather forecast.

4,000 Britons found the time and outrage to call the BBC over a new graphic that displayed wind chill values.

The graphic that outraged a nation

An image that barely raised an whimper:

Wake up before it’s over, over there.

Online Islamic Extremism – TVO Tonight

For readers in Ontario, Steve Paikin has a panel discussion tonight on the topic of Islamic Extremism Online.  For readers not in TVO’s catchment area, the show should appear on their website; you should look for it here later tonight. 

Paikin has hosted interesting debates before and interviewed Ezra Levant way back in January, before a lot of the more traditional media commentators had written word one on the Human Rights Commissions.  A few weeks ago he interviewed MP Keith Martin and moderated an interesting debate about the issue of censorship featuring Jonathon Kay of the National Post.

Tonight’s debate might be worth a look simply because the issue of ‘extremism online’ might well result in some talk around censorship of the Internet.  If I guessed wrong, then I’ll update this post so that readers can decide whether or not to look at the video tomorrow.  I think it’ll be an interesting show no matter what, I have to admire TVO and Paikin for not ducking the tough topics.  In fact, Steve Paikin reminds me a bit of the UK’s Jeremy Paxman – a comparison for which he may not thank me, but its meant as a compliment.


I do enjoy blogging, but it has its frustrations.

Yesterday I got back on the blog horse after a light week and came out of the gates with what I thought was a pretty terrific post setting up the HRC hearings in Ottawa.  It even had a great line about the pieman’s potential future without the HRC cash machine:
"…this superhero lizard hunter may have to find some honest employment
once the HRC gravy train runs out of, well, gravy.  A career selling
menswear may be appropriate, I hear he’s quite fond of suits."

See, that’s funny dammit.  Well, if not actually laugh out loud funny, it’s close to witty.  Right?

But, no-one read it.

You all came and read a throw-away post about Cady O’Malley’s live-blogging for Maclean’s.

Oh well.  Onward, if not upward.  I’ll get the hang of this eventually.


Much alarmist outpouring in the media this morning over a very large amount of ice falling into the seas.

Of course, most of the headlines are in the style of this one at the BBC:
"A chunk of ice the size of the Isle of Man has started to break away
from Antarctica in what scientists say is further evidence of a warming

Ah, of course the evil that is global warming causes ice to fall into the sea, thus making sea levels rise and the Netherlands disappears overnight.  Right?  Wrong.

There is of course a lot more to this story, and I have to give a nod to CNN this morning.  In their coverage of the ice story, they added ‘to be fair we should mention that other areas of Antarctica have seen record ice formation’.  That’s a balance I have not seen on the BBC or CBC so far.  Nice work CNN.

But, for the full takedown on the greens alarmism you have to read Jennifer Marohasy here.  An excerpt:
"The full Wilkins 6,000 square mile ice shelf is just 0.39% of the
current ice sheet (just 0.1% of the extent last September). Only a
small portion of it between 1/10th-1/20th of Wilkins has separated so
far, like an icicle falling off a snow and ice covered house. And this
winter is coming on quickly. In fact the ice is returning so fast, it
is running an amazing 60% ahead (4.0 vs 2.5 million square km extent)
of last year when it set a new record.

Read it all, it’s short and to the point and most importantly includes some Wikipedia shenanigans.  Follow her links for the full meal deal, but here’s the short version:

Original Image from Earth Observatory:
Antarctic Temperature Trend 1982-2004

And the same image at Wikipedia:
Image:Antarctic temps.AVH1982-2004.jpg

Can you spot the difference?  Enviro-censorship anyone?

The Morning After

So the March 25th hearing in the Lemire case is over. 

You can read about the day’s events from Deborah Gyapong here, and from Kady O’Malley here.  The National Post has some coverage here, and Steyn a little here.  The Edmonton Journal has Don Butler’s take on the day here.

Gyapong mentions that O’Malley was live blogging from her Blackberry yesterday – so I can throw a little forgiveness her way for what I thought was a bit of a let-down live-blog.

From what I understand, there was some evasion in testimony ("I don’t recall") by the main witness, the lead investigator for the HRC.  I wonder if this were a real trial whether the investigator’s execrable record keeping would have been tolerated.  Surely if your job is to investigate and later report or testify you should have to keep records of how many times you posted to an internet site, and who you conversed with about that activity?  It’s another sign that the HRC process is a quasi-process in all the worst ways.

I’m sure that we’ll have more informed commentary on the events of yesterday, and I’ll post links as updates as I find them.  I’m interested to know if Lemire found the day’s testimony useful to his case.  As I mentioned yesterday I don’t think to much of what I’ve read about the man, but it looks very much like he’s been wronged by the government Human Rights racket and so I hope he wins his case.

Maclean’s Almost Live Blogging

Kady O’Malley of Maclean’s has been trying to live blog the HRC hearings in Ottawa today, and it’s not going well.  The live blogging that is.  Unfortunately Ms O’Malley’s output is not coherent enough to figure out what might be going on, nor does it seem she did much in the way of preparation with names, facts etc.

If O’Malley makes one more crack about how tired/bored she is I’ll be giving up watching for the infrequent updates and will wait for some commentary from Steyn or others as the day wraps up.

It was a good idea, the live blogging thing, but the execution was weak.  Pity.

Food Fight

Check out this fun project from Germany.

The page takes a while to load, it is very image intensive.  The German site took 100 food products and compared how they look when prepared versus the packaging picture.

I have 2 thoughts after looking at them all:

1) Who knew that Herring could be packaged so many different ways, and
2) If we don’t help the Germans get some good food fast, the French may have to surrender again soon

Enjoy a Herring sampler: