Skeptic Conference Sold Out

I wrote about the upcoming International Conference on Climate Change here.

Celestial Junk reports it is sold out, and has some good thoughts about how to deal with the global warming fraudsters once the hoax collapses.  I recommend you read it all.

A quick guide to the some recent posts on the climate fraud on this blog:

Mercury Isn’t a Problem.  Yes It Is.


The Cost of Going Green

Climate Scam Criminals

No Idea at New Idea

New Idea, the trash-rag magazine that outed Prince Harry’s mission to the world, is in panic mode today.

The original articles have been tossed into the memory hole: the "Prince Harry War Lord" storyline is replaced with a Harry Bio page.  All of the negative and critical comments have also been deleted.  For added laughs, the clueless morons didn’t change the page link name, so the Bio still carries the ‘War Lord" title. 

The despicable slime that is the editor at New Idea claims not to have known about the embargo.  Robyn Foyster is a person with a career that includes time at the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Express in London.  Does she expect the world to believe that she thought her backwater gossip rag out-scooped the entire global media on the Harry story?  I’m personally offended that she thinks we’re all that stupid.  Indeed, why today have the articles disappeared and the comments been deleted?  Guilty conscience?

The cached page is here.  Bloggerheads UK has a lot more on the story here.

New Idea printed the story as an ‘Exclusive’ – so they knew it hadn’t been printed elsewhere – and if they had any credibility they would have asked themselves why.  But I strongly suspect they knew why but didn’t bother to look too hard.  Now the bill for those decisions has arrived.

I predict that Foyster will be looking for a new job in March.  I hope she has a tough time, she has no business being in a position of responsibility.

UPDATE:  As of Saturday March 1 11.30EDT, Pacific Magazine’s web site is still down.  After 3 days I’m guessing they are in no hurry to fix it, knowing that a pent-up roar of protest is just waiting to land at the door.

Will We Get a Sock Puppet Blog?

There is no blog from the Osgoodes.  Yet.

But I did take advantage of open comments over at Law is Cool to ask about it.  A very prompt response said:

We are not privy to such information, and have not heard anything
recently. We would suggest contacting the complainants themselves

So I asked if they would have someone email me, and they agreed to pass along my request.  Very nice of them, I do appreciate it.

Hopefully an answer will hit my inbox as to the status of their blog, and their shrinkage problem.

As a reminder for the Osgoodes, Jay Currie has offered free help to set up a blog and I’ll make the offer right here and now that should you decide NOT to open a blog that you can have some post space to explain the reasons here at The Daily Bayonet. 

Aussie Magazine Outs Harry Mission

An Australian popcorn womens magazine has broken the press embargo on information that Prince Harry has been serving in Afghanistan with his regiment.

It’s all over the major networks right now – so I imagine that Harry will be extracted in a hurry.  His capture or death would be a major PR coup for the Taliban, and it simply cannot be allowed to happen. 

The offending magazine is New Idea, and they are being totally flamed in their comments section for the irresponsible reporting that not only endangers a high profile UK royal, but also those who are serving with him. 

New Idea have the nerve to call it the story an ‘exclusive’.  The only exclusive thing about it is that they were the only classless publication to let the news out.

The Editor in Chief is Robyn Foyster; she’s been in the job since 2005.  How much longer do you think that’ll last?

The publisher is Pacific Magazines, the CEO is Nick Chan – their basic contact information is:

Pacific Magazines
35 – 51 Mitchell Street
McMahons Point NSW 2060
(02) 9464 3300

Sydney time is EDT +11 hours, so it’s Friday morning there right now.

If any of my Aussie readers care to tell us which companies and brands advertise in New Idea I’d be happy to list them here so that they might not miss out on any blowback from this.

UPDATE:  The Pacific Magazines web site is down (as at 2/28/2008 15:30).  If it recovers I’ll be posting email addresses of contacts there. 

Gorebot Coming to Canada

Disciples wanted, apply within:


The Academy
Award winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" has
educated millions of people about the impact of climate


Al Gore will
be personally training 200 Canadians from April April 4
to 6, 2008 in Montreal to
present the live version of the slide show that is featured in the

Saint Al of the Church of the Falling Sky is looking for 200 Gorelets to spread to the message to the masses.  All you need is time to make 3 or more presentations and an ability to suspend reality.

Don’t forget your shovels.

Stop In the Name of the Sharia!

Unbelievable.  From what remains of the UK:

"Bobbies will be taught sharia law and the Koran in ‘secret’ plan to counter terror at local level"

"… lessons in Islamic faith and culture will become part of the formal
training of constables working in towns and cities across the country."

Two ways to look at this.  Either the cops will get the jump on the rest of the population for the day that Rowan Williams gets his way.  Or the people running the country are stark raving mad and have been consumed by political correctness gone wild.

You choose.

Mercury Isn’t A Problem. Yes It Is.

So which is it?

Global warming activists and scaredy-cats have bullied Canada into legislating away incandescent light bulbs.  in 2012 we will all be purchasing Compact Fluorescents.  And CFL’s contain mercury.  Each lamp only has a little, but with every household being forced to use them, it will mean many millions of these heading to the landfill.

Soothsayer Suzuki is OK with that; it’s so small it’s no problem, its cool.

Or is it?  This story suggests that released mercury from burning corpses is a problem; and so are other toxins released when you cremate a body.

Oh and the Sierra Club doesn’t like mercury.

And Greenpeace still treats mercury as a dangerous toxin.

Settled science?.  If the idiot greens can’t agree amongst themselves about mercury, why would the rest of us confer credibility on anything else they say?

How to Present Evidence 101

***Update: Jason Cherniak has dumped all the posts related to his drive-by smear and issued an apology and retraction.  I’ve changed all the resulting broken links in the post below and pointed them at Cherniak’s retraction.***

It appears that a certain Stephane Dion supporter has gotten into some hot water for trying to smear a Conservative Party staffer for comments allegedly posted on Facebook.

Jason Cherniak has not enjoyed much luck in the past couple of weeks, first there was the non-story about a porn-star posing for Conservative pics; that turned out to be a stock photo used by the CPC and a porn site.  Still no real explanation from Cherniak on how he noticed that particular image.

Now Cherniak has tried to smear someone and used for supporting evidence a (very small) ‘screen shot’ of the Facebook page.  Except that it has been altered, and he’s been called on it.  Cherniak has now listed the alterations with some ‘explanation’, but the credibility of the image is already lost.  He never did provide a link to the image, which is itself poor form.

If you want to use an image to good effect, you screen cap it, link it and post it.  You don’t alter it and you shouldn’t have to explain it.  If you end up defending the image, you just lost the fight you thought you had won in the first salvo.

I don’t know Jason Cherniak other than what can be discovered on his site.  But he’s a lawyer, so I rest my case.

And, if I might just brag a little (I’m going to anyway) – I found and posted the image below to throw an embarrassing question at the Osgoode complainants in the Maclean’s case -namely, why did they sue a national magazine and not their own school’s paper?  That post got me a Steyn Online link and an Instapundit link.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See Jason, watch and learn chum.

Giving the Cold Shoulder to Global Warming

If you think it’s been a cold winter, you’re right.  In fact it’s been a cold 12 months – and there is science to back that up:

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

and for some source data:

Four Sources say "globally cooler" in the past 12 months

All this is most likely due to our sun slowing into a cool spell, but don’t let David Suzuki know, he might arrive at my door with some goons to cart me off to the slammer.

Settled science?  I think not.