Mark Steyn and Free Expression

Mark Steyn and Macleans magazine are under attack by the Canadian Islamic Congress for the publication of excerpts from Steyn’s book ‘America Alone’.

This is serious, like a car wreck. The link to Steyn’s own thoughts on the matter is here.

Read the link in the first line, but get past the attacks on Richard Warman – he’s an irritation, but a distraction in the main point about the role of Human Rights Commissions undermining the basic rights of ALL Canadians. 

The matter is getting domestic and international attention from some mighty bloggers:

So far most of the concern is only from the right side of the political spectrum.  I urge the lefties to get on this train – while it might be ‘fun’ to watch your nemesis Steyn face the censors of the HRC’s you should remember these are YOUR rights being undermined too. 

So far the disappointing responses are the usual miss-the-point-and avoid-the-issue screeds like this leftard.

For my part I have written the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (yeah, I know), my local MP and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to urge all of them to get in the way of this before we all lose.  There is only so much that posting on a little visited blog can do, so if you do get here and you do read this – write the PM and your MP. 

Time for action, get to it.

UPDATE: More powerhouse blog links:

Little Green Footballs

The Corner at National Review

Have you written your MP yet?  Find your local MP here, and get to it.


Go here and sign the petition in support of Mark Steyn.  Go Now.