Taking Out the Trash

Canada’s cleaning house today, and its about time.

First, two US deserters have had their appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada rejected and will be returned to the US to face court-martials and whatever personal hell is due to cowards.  I have no sympathy for these spineless yellow fellows, and I hope that we find and deport the other 200 deserters that are thought to be here soon.

According to the linked story, Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey the two cowards in question, face between 1 and 5 years imprisonment if they returned to the US.  Well, they’ve been in Canada for 3 years – think about it – had they stayed and taken their lumps, they’d probably be out of jail, free to live their worthless lives.

Thoughts and support go to those brave troops that went on deployment in the place of these deserters, I hope that they did not have to pay a high price for their courage and loyalty – two traits that are missing in these losers.

An aside: I have no time for the War Resisters Support Campaign (find the WRSC link yourself, I won’t send them traffic), they enable the fleeing deserters and try to legitimize them with the use of the word ‘resistor’ rather than ‘deserter’. 

Note that these cowards volunteered to serve before they decided they were too afraid to go to war.  Dressing it up pretty and pretending to object because the UN(!) didn’t sanction the invasion is pure evasion.  Does this in turn mean that the desertion-enablers at the WRSC support the Afghanistan campaign because it was sanctioned by the UN?  I bet you can guess the answer to that.

Back to the second story of Canada’s house cleaning: Karl Schreiber just lost his appeal to stay in Canada and will be deported back to Germany to face criminal charges there.  Of course, this guy has been in the news recently because the Globe and Mail has been trying to run the story of Brian Mulroney’s alleged malfeasance all over again as cover for the continuing disaster that is Stephane Dion.  For good coverage and opinion on the Mulroney/Schreiber/Liberal love-to-hate-fest, go check out Steve Janke here.

Climate Scam Criminals?

It seems to me that there are more and more stories in the news the past week or so questioning the Gorebots and Suzukies assumption that there is no longer any question about the ‘facts’ behind global warming.

Just look at two of the latest articles, from people that know the science.

The founder of the Weather Channel: "Global Warming; It is a SCAM"

Booker and North in the UK Daily Telegraph comment on "The deceit behind global warming"

Also, just for fun – here’s a story about a concert to raise support for a ‘Draft Gore’ movement being cancelled – because of poor ticket sales.  Heh.

David Suzuki was in Macleans magazine last week, once more touting the line that any debate on the facts is over, just because the Gorester won half a Nobel:

"Despite what a few dinosaurs are saying, it’s the nail in the coffin of [climate change] skeptics. Now, the challenge is to get on with it."

Hey, Dave, the argument ain’t over just because you want it to be, and your shrill chicken little act doesn’t make you right, just irritating.  When I want a washed-up BC hippy running any aspect of my life, I’ll call, but don’t wait up. 

My sincere hope will be that if ever this huge scam is exposed for what it is, and the human cost is totalled, that the leaders of the movement -for instance Suzuki and Gore – be charged with fraud on a massive scale.  Really.  Every dollar spent on this nonsense has a better use – like helping feed the world’s hungry, or battling disease, or building schools and hospitals.  Instead, the sheople of the world are following these modern day pied-pipers into a battle against an imaginary enemy.  And the prophets profit.  It’s wrong, and if they are found to have pushed this scam in the knowledge that the science was wrong, then one day they need to be held to account for it.