Another One Bites the Dust

Liberal MP and now ex-caucus member Blair Wilson has resigned as revenue critic following the reporting of financial shenanigans in his campaign and personal life.

Wilson’s resignation was accepted by Stephane Dion, who at least didn’t have to decide anything this time.

Dion must be wondering what anvil is heading for him next, after a full week of surrender and meaningless posturing, he still can’t catch a break.  He’s even making Jack Layton look relevant, and that is no mean feat.

Look out Stephane…

Uniting the Internet?

Yesterday a blogger learned a hard lesson in the power of the Internet and the cost of being a clueless arrogant moron.

Bobby Calvan, a reporter with the Sacramento Bee is currently on assignment in Baghdad.  He posted a story on his blog about an encounter he had with a US checkpoint guard.  Bobby behaved badly, but it seems he didn’t think so and posted anyway.

In a little over a 3 hour period, 197 people posted comments on Bobby’s blog.  ALL of them united in support of the US soldier and ALL of them united in letting Bobby know just how many shades of jerk he achieved.

Sadly, Bobby then compounded his error.  Twice.  First he tried to edit the post (by deleting most of it) and then by taking down the whole blog.  Bobby doesn’t know that caching means forever on the web. 

Since the original site is down, you can read the entire post and all the comments over at Docweasel’s blog:

The entire post and comments

An exchange between Calvan and Doc…

McClatchy Watch has some more…

Ace does what Ace does best…

There’s a good chance that any future act that results in spontaneous Internet unity may be referred to as a ‘Doing a Calvan’.  There’s a legacy the boy can be proud of.  Not.

I think there is a good chance that Bobby Calvan will be headed for home in the next few days, any credibility his reporting may have had is gone – as may his career.  Never mind, if you want to know about Iraq, the incomparable Michael Yon is all you need.

UPDATE:  Friday morning, and Calvan’s blog is back up.  He has reinstated the original post, and added a new one about the reaction.  I don’t think he really gets why people are mad at him, but you’d think that a journalist might spellcheck the title of a post that he’d know would be widely read…

‘Ditch Kyoto’

Two experts have called time on the Kyoto protocol in a new article in Nature.

Gwyn Prins and Steve Rayner, both UK based experts have called Kyoto out for being the governmental posturing tool that it is.  The best sound bite:

"The Kyoto Protocol was always the wrong tool for the nature of the job."

The article is still dealing with the supposed ‘reality’ of global warming, which I still consider to be a big con.  At least however it may be one more effective nail in the coffin of the scam that Kyoto represented.  Any protocol that would reward some nations and groups for not doing something is just wrong-headed, and Kyoto was designed to leech the wealth from the US and other leading wealth creating countries and hand it over in return for ‘carbon credits’.  Right.

Hopefully the average person in the street will see Kyoto discredited and start asking other questions about the scare-mongering greens.  Perhaps articles like this will get more attention:

One of the world’s foremost meteorologists has called the theory that helped Al Gore share the Nobel Peace Prize "ridiculous" and the product of "people who don’t understand how the atmosphere works".

You don’t say!

Note: I noticed a BDS sufferer posted a comment a few posts ago.  Seven (!) mentions of President Bush in his comment on a post that didn’t even mention the man.  I guess this link would count as an inconvenient truth for him.  The rest of his stuff is such drivel and parsing that I’m not going to bother with it, you know what they say – don’t argue with an idiot, he’ll drag you down to his level and then has home field advantage.

Dysfunction – Liberal Style

What is going on with the Federal Liberals?

Where did this come form after the excruciating spin around Dion’s refusal to vote down the Throne speech.  After weeks of claiming that the reason they will not bring down the government is because Canadians are in no mood for an election… is Garth Turner suggesting that there is a ‘secret plan’ to bring about an election anyway?

Note to Stephane – your party is a mess, your leadership is absent.  While I wish for a Conservative majority government, I do not wish for a one-sided parliament with almost no opposition – such a situation is rarely a formula for good government.  Your job is as leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition – so oppose already.  And if you cannot do the job, step aside.

Note to self: damn but this implosion of the grits is fun to watch.

Railing Against the ‘Nanny State’

It must be my day to look at movies and movie stars.

This story caught my eye, Ewan McGregor is speaking out about the ludicrous ‘nanny’ state of affairs in the UK.  My last trip ‘home’ was in the Spring, and I can tell you first hand that McGregor is 100% correct in his assessment.  There are CCTV cameras everywhere – it feels like 1984 and Big Brother.  In a word – uncomfortable.  (Follow the link for the article that accompanies this graphic).

Yet, and this is important, the people of England do not feel safer for having all this surveillance around them.  In April 2007 a group of people I respect were discussing their real fear of something called ‘hoodies’.  I assumed this was a gang similar to the Jamaican ‘yardies’ that can be brutal and dangerous.  I was wrong – the ‘hoodies’ are kids.  Yep, kids.  Teenagers who have taken to wearing hooded tops (hence ‘hoodies’) and that hang around in groups around town centres, malls etc.  The reason they wear the hoods is simple… to avoid being identified by the CCTV cameras.

Britons have allowed their government to install these passive ‘anti-crime’ measures in numbers that boggle the mind.  The cost is less personal privacy and fewer actual police on the streets.  The kids, the ‘hoodies’, are becoming brazen in the face of the media-driven fear campaign and it appears that no-one can figure out a workable solution.

Sadly, this pervasive nanny state of mind has your average Brit muttering impotently that ‘someone should do something’ about the problem.  And that is the problem.  The nanny state is a lie, and in today’s Britain it is being shown up as such with rising crime rates, reductions in available health-care and other public services beloved of big government.

Ewan McGregor suggests he may leave the UK because of the ‘insane’ nanny state.  I left more than a decade ago, and although it was work and a woman that gave me the opportunity -I am glad that I am out.

UPDATE: Just as I thought I had used up the best examples of how bad the nanny state has gotten to be, today’s Evening Standard has this story.  Mandatory exercise at work?  Smoking permits?  Permits! How much more of this nonsense will British people take before some common sense takes hold?

UPDATE #2: Welcome to readers of – I can guess how you got here…  but, since you are here – what did you think of The Island

Throne Speech

Last night the government delivered its hotly anticipated throne speech to parliament.  The big question, will the Liberals under Stephane Dion support it and avoid an election that they likely cannot win, or will they defeat it and take their chances?

The swift, brutal kick in the head for Dion is the wording on the environment policy:

"At the end of 2005, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions were 33% above the Kyoto commitment. It is now widely understood that, because of inaction on greenhouse gases over the last decade, Canada’s emissions cannot be brought to the level required under the Kyoto protocol within the compliance period, which begins on Jan. 1, 2008, just 77 days from now."

By taking the alternative approach to tackling the environment ‘issue’, Harper directly challenges Stephane Dion to disavow all his previous grandstanding about the Kyoto treaty (even calling his dog ‘Kyoto’).  It will require some really creative spin to avoid looking like a weak leader and all around loser if he supports this wording, or fails to defeat the government on it (tacit support). There is no way that Dion can vote down the speech and expect to either win an election or keep his job.

If he sends most of his MP’s away from parliament so that those present can vote against the speech without bringing down the government, well he chickened out of an election – and not because Canadians don’t want another election, but because the Liberals would lose. 

Also, individual MP’s (those sent away to avoid defeating the government) may face very tough questions from constituents who feel that they had no representation at the setting of the political agenda for the session. 

If Dion votes FOR the speech(he won’t), then he has sold out his Kyoto principles to keep his job.  That won’t play well with Liberal voters, or undecideds.

This morning I imagine that PM Harper is rather enjoying the thought of the meltdown and arguing over at the Liberal caucus.  If the PM wins this round, expect Dion to keep giving up more and more ground in order to keep his job.  Stephane Dion refused to give up his French citizenship – that may be useful to him once the full retreat starts.

Green Death Machine

What is it with the greens and Africa?  How many dead kids are enough for the lunatic environmentalists?

Read this article from National Geographic. Note this line:

“The ban on DDT,” says Gwadz of the National Institutes of Health, “may have killed 20 million children.”

It was lunatic greens that took Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ book and turned it into a successful rallying cry for the outright ban on DDT use, the results of which are noted in the quote above.  The killer ban was finally overturned by the World Health Organization in 2006.

The greens knee-jerk reaction to a book, combined with the bulldozing of public opinion (glossing over the facts that couldn’t be proven) led to the deaths of too many innocent people.  But Greenpeace tried to get past all that with this glib quote in a 2005 article in the NYT:

“At Greenpeace, Rick Hind noted reasons to be wary of DDT, but added: ‘If there’s nothing else and it’s going to save lives, we’re all for it. Nobody’s dogmatic about it.'”

After almost 30 years opposing DDT, suddenly Greenpeace isn’t ‘dogmatic’ about its use?  Shameful.  But, wait, there’s more.  Some greens aren’t quite satisfied with the death toll yet, and are using a dodgy new study to try and discredit DDT.  It is apparently just too much to ask that these deluded do-gooders can stop trying to justify their disgraceful past at the cost of more innocent lives.

The greens were caught out by the consequences of their activism on the DDT issue.  How then can we treat their chicken little alarmism on global warming with any seriousness?  The similarities are chilling:

For Rachel Carson, substitute Al Gore.  For DDT substitute carbon emissions/CO2.  Mix with generous portions of junk science and some brownshirt treatment of your critics and suddenly a juggernaut is rolling.

The result?  The same as before – lots of dead Africans.  By pushing the fear-mongering agenda to ‘green technology’ like Ethanol, the price of grain has risen.  Dramatically.  The US food aid program’s budget this year will buy a 10-year low quantity of grain.  People will die of hunger so that greens can claim to be saving the planet.

The green legacy – the gift that keeps on killing.


Format War

If, like me, you have been considering the purchase of an HD DVD player then you have probably been aware of the format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.  Here is a good article discussing the current state of the war.

For my part, there is no way I’m buying any hardware until a winner is determined.  The biggest losers in format wars are the consumers that end up on the wrong side.  I think many more people have figured this out – and the reason that sales of all new high def DVD players is low is because there are lots of consumers like me waiting for the penny to drop with the manufacturers.

I don’t care which wins, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, in any situation it will not be a Sony I purchase – after the last piece of crap they peddled to me I am sworn off Sony for life. 

Hurry up and end this pointless format war – I want to see DVD goodness on my HD screen ASAP.

Gore Wins Nobel Prize

Al Gore has achieved the next step on the road to sainthood and has been awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace, along with the IPCC. 

I’m not entirely certain what war ended because of the various combatant’s concern over the carbon footprint of their conflict, but presumably some fighting somewhere ended as a result of Al’s slideshow.  Otherwise, isn’t the Peace prize becoming more like the Nobel prize for being in the news a lot?  I think the committee that decides these winners lost the plot back when they awarded it to Jimmy Carter, and this decision does nothing to dissuade me from that opinion.

As for Al, well – he was pretty well insufferable in his pomposity before, but now, with this gong around his neck, there’ll be no living with him.

Finally, a question… will Al use this momentum to seek the Presidency once more?   We’ll see… he might think he’s too big for the role now.


Gore’s Film “Exaggerated and Alarmist”

Al Gore’s propaganda flick An Inconvenient Truth (AIT) contains many untruths.  Many educated and qualified people have been saying that since the film’s release.

Now a British High Court Judge has agreed that Gore exaggerated the truth and was alarmist in his presentation of the ‘facts’.  Go figure.

The outcome is that the film won’t be shown in UK classrooms without some warning about its content being shown first – and accompanying material must also declare the AIT’s partisan and one-sided viewpoint.  Less propaganda, more balanced education.  A win.

No doubt Gorebots and greenahadeen will go nuts that the Inconvenient Truth about An Inconvenient Truth has surfaced and will get worldwide media attention – but when you declare that the sky is falling, well, it better be falling.  People generally get upset when they think they’ve been scared for no good reason.  They’ll get really upset when (eventually) they realize that they will pay more in taxes, more for goods and services and that a bunch more Africans are dead – all because Gorebots and Suzukifreaks claim to know the ‘science’ behind a natural cycle in global temperature and persuade governments to take useless and unnecessary action.

Score one for the good guys today, but, if Gore should win a Nobel, this story will be lost in the sickly green miasma of the acolytes worshipping their Chicken Little in chief.