I’m mad at the Air Canada Aeroplan people today.

I tried to spend some points on a widget yesterday, only to find that my points mysteriously ‘expired’ 2 weeks ago.  Apparently the new rules of Aeroscam determine that you need to log one ‘activity’ every 12 months to keep your points active.  I figured I was covered since I did fly Air Canada to the UK and back only 3 months ago… but no. 

Be warned, should you use Aeroplan scam points to fly on Air Canada, it’s NOT a valid activity!  Now, is it just me that finds it odd that when you book an Air Canada flight using Aeroplan points that it doesn’t count as an activity to keep your account active?  I didn’t expect to earn points by using reward travel, but I did figure it would make a significant enough blip on on the activity meter to avoid the current situation.

I am disappointed that Air Canada thinks so little of loyal customers that it would cynically strip away the entire points balance, without notice, just to save a little money.  I figure they don’t value the 3 to 4 flights I would usually make per year – for approximately the next 25 years.  Living in Ontario now, I have choices who to fly with – Toronto Pearson and Hamilton airports offer at least 4 different carriers to international destinations, and of course Westjet is around for domestic destinations.  I can even be at Detroit airport in 3 hours should Air Canada look like being the ‘only choice’ for international.

So, I have written to the ‘tards at AC, we’ll see what joy that may bring.  If all goes well then expect a glowing review of the program on these pages, but if not… well – we’ll save that for now.

If you have any similar experiences or stories, leave a comment – let’s see how big a problem this is among aeroplan customers.

Struggling Stephane

Ineffective leader and all-round pencil neck Stephane Dion is in trouble this week following a very poor showing in the recent trio of Quebec by-elections.

As if this wasn’t enough for the chinless blunderkind, Dion then immediately decided to get tough on the international stage… with America!  Stephanie has decided not to take too much notice of Afghan leader Karzai’s appeal for Canadians to stay in Afghanistan past 2009 and has instead decided to support the Taliban instead by appealing for the ‘rights’ of the little monster Omar Khadr, currently rotting away in Gitmo.

In case you have missed the Khadr clan story, Daniel Pipes has all the news and updates that you can stomach on this favoured family of the Liberals here.

Dion is so far left that he finds it impossible to get on the right side of an issue.  While President Karzai met with Canadian journalists in Kabul to make his appeal for continued support, Dion’s foreign policy mouthpiece Ujjal Dosanjh decided instead to wonder how the meeting was arranged and even used the words "It betrays a sense of desperation".   

Well golly Ujjal, why might the Afghans be desperate just because a bunch of spineless Liberal MP’s led by a French citizen want to run away from a war and leave the country to the fury of the Taliban?   To understand that desperation would require a vision of the big picture, not something that Stephane Dion or his dwarves in chief are willing to give serious thought to.

Canada needs to focus on the mission in Afghanistan and remember that Dion and the soft left are no leaders for the times we live in.