3 Canadians Who Should Stay Silent

Two prominent Canadian politicians and a has-been councillor have raised my ire in the past few hours.

First, the eminently clueless Jack Layton once more delights in exhibiting his one-ness with the enemies of freedom by jumping in and acting as their propaganda spokesman.  Mad Jack could hardly wait for the news to break of the deaths of 6 Canadian soldiers and their Afghan interpreter before jumping on camera to suggest Canada has no place in the fight and the troops should come home immediately.  He makes a habit of this, and each time the Layton mouth opens he brings comfort to the enemy that Canada’s heart isn’t in the fight.  Here’s a thought – Keep your mouth shut Jack and do the brave troops a real favour.

Next, Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberals has decided that he wants to play war like the US Democrat party and fix a date to come home.  Only a Frenchman would be so deluded to consider that war can be ended by any other means than victory or surrender.  Does Dion want to take the traditional French approach and throw in the towel, or is he playing political games with our soldiers lives?  Either way this poor excuse for a national party leader should be ashamed of his spineless posturing. 

Finally, one of the most fatuous and meaningless politicians Canada ever had the misfortune to be cursed with has opened her mouth again.  Carolyn Parrish, once Liberal MP and always a rabid anti-American has decided to NOT Support the Troops.  It is of no surprise that this bitter old socialist can’t stand looking at ordinary Canadians support of the military with any measure of understanding, and unfortunately it is of no surprise that she is dumb enough to utter her vacuous thoughts publicly.

Military Mom has the right idea, visit her post here and write/call Parrish’s office and let her know what YOU think.