Canada’s Own Mama-Moonbat

I first came across Andrea Hill-Lehr when she cried about being ashamed to wear a Canadian flag because of our troops being in Afghanistan.

Well, she’s at it again – suggesting that Canada is sending impressionable teens to war.  She makes no effort to think that perhaps these fine young people are making choices that they believe in for a cause that they support and a country they are proud of.  Is it not somewhat insulting for her to suggest that volunteers are only volunteers because they can’t think for themselves?  Did I mention that her own son is one of those she casts as being so impressionable that they run into the ‘seductive’ armed forces?

So now she’s writing a book.  She is sounding more and more like Canada’s own Cindy Sheehan, the loony-toon mama moonbat to the US lefty masses.  I’ll give her a little credit since she hasn’t gone as far as the frothy-mouthed Sheehan’s ‘Bushitler’ rants, but let’s see what happens once the book tour starts and it’s all about the sales.

I can’t do better than the ever vigilant Military Mom, so go there now and read all about it.  While you’re there have a look and see just what support for the troops really looks and feels like.

Mr Gore Goes to Washington

Al Gore, global warming warrior worrier and supreme-being for the Greenahadeen went to DC yesterday to testify in front of a congressional committee investigating the global warming topic.

Far from his usual Hollywood sycophant crowd, Gore was facing a panel led by skeptic-in-chief James Inhofe, author of the very well documented report "Hot and Cold Media Spin Cycle".

The highlight of the hearing, for me anyway, was when Gore refused to take Inhofe’s ‘Personal Energy Ethics Pledge" which would have limited him to personally using no more energy than the average American household.  Now, I do know that this was a little political posturing and a neat little trap to gain some headlines, but its funny nonetheless because Gore’s schtick is that people must change the way they live for the greater benefit of the planet. 

Except Al, of course.  Gore uses ‘carbon offsets‘ to ‘balance’ his ‘carbon footprint’, which means he pays some cash to either plant a tree somewhere nice or to a person or organization that won’t use energy like he does. 

Now, if you happen to think that offsetting is a great idea, here’s a win-win proposition for you:

Let’s say you want to lose some weight, but you really, really want a deep dish pizza with all the toppings $20 can buy.  Just send me a 10% offset fee (that’s only $2!) and on the night you munch happily on your pie I won’t eat a pizza with all the toppings.  Now your pizza footprint is neutral and you can ease your lard ass into bed knowing that the cheese and pepperoni balance is intact and that the world will admire your insight and general munificence.

If this still makes sense to you, I also have a nice Nevada beach front property for sale, ocean views from every window, just drop me an email and I’ll tell you where to send the cash.

Anyway, I digress.  Gore vs. Inhofe is a battle that will continue for a while yet, but it’s nice that there is someone in the US government that is still asking the scientific questions and not falling for the hysterical Inconvenient Truth media circus.

Must-See TV

The Channel 4 (UK) TV programme ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ is now on Google TV here.

I recommend it if you still have questions about the science behind the scare.  Expect to see the zealots respond with the usual fundamentalist debunking of the scientists and views presented in the show.  I was happy to see Richard Lindzen and Patrick Moore on screen – after the pounding the greens have inflicted on these two gentlemen I am sure they relished the opportunity to answer in a mass media show.  (I’m having trouble inserting links today – but visit the ‘Greenahadeen’ category in the right sidebar for more Bayonetting on this topic).

Thanks to the producers of this show, and Channel 4 for airing it – perhaps more people will question the science and see that we are all being pulled into a very slick, very organized and very dangerous wealth redistribution scam. 

The greens have enjoyed the attention gained through Al Gore’s movie without any real populist rebuttal – and now that the rebuttal is finally here I hope that their feet are held to the fire.

Also, since you’re here and you have read this far, please go and visit the London Fog for coverage of a local pro-Kyoto circle jerk and some excellent posts on greens and climate change.   

Not Approved for China

You cannot read the Daily Bayonet if you live in China.

According to The Great Firewall of China, access to the many delights and incredible wisdom available here is too much for the Chinese populace to take.  Maybe its because I like 24 and poor old Jack had to spend 2 years in a Chinese jail?  Maybe its not. 

I have regularly unloaded on the French, yet much to my amusement I get quite a lot of traffic from France, so I know that Jacques Chirac can take a hit and not worry about it.  China is clearly different.  So are the Greens.

Pity the Chinese people who live under such severe censorship, and then remember the enviro-commies that want to shut down voices of dissent here in the West.  Censorship is ugly – any person or group that questions the right of people to speak or read opposing arguments are approaching totalitarian measures.  Think it can’t happen here?  Then you didn’t read this post. Or this one.  Or this one.  See a trend yet?

Who knew I was as toxic to Chi-coms as I am to greens?  I must be doing something right.

Climate Scam Updates

Here are a few recent stories about the climate change zealots that caught my eye, most of them speak for themselves without much comment from me, enjoy:

The UK’s Daily Mail on the climate change myth is here.  Note how resistance to the doom-mongers is increasing now that citizens are starting to realize the real personal economic effects of the scam.

Here Mark Steyn, uber-columnist, reveals how Al Gore is making a small fortune from his own carbon-offset marketing company.  Go figure – Saint Al is profiting from his global crusade.  I wonder how many more of the leading greenahadeen have similar little side-jobs going?

Finally, just in case you still thought that the diesel-driving climate-shill David Suzuki had any credibility left, here is a fun story about a poll from his own website that was quietly removed when is showed over 80% of respondents just don’t care about his doomsday scenario. 

Maybe, just maybe, the climate loons are losing some ground as people awaken to the fact that many of their extreme claims are either bogus, exaggerated or taken out of context.  I hope that their over-reaching overconfidence that we would all sleepwalk into their socialist wealth distribution scam is shaken up by these stories.  It wouldn’t hurt to be cleaner, but not at the cost these zealots would have us all pay.