One Year Bloggiversary!

It’s a whole year since The Daily Bayonet (TBD) first emerged as an idea in my imagination.  The site went live a few days into 2006, so as we approach 2007 let’s see how things went for the Bayonet.

According to Typepad:

2,404 visitors experienced the profound wisdom at TBD

85 gem-like posts graced TBD’s pages, which seems to me like I might be a slacker

11 comments were generated by the TBD’s readers, which seems to me like you readers may be slackers

And who are you?  Yes, you the reader(s).  Well Sitemeter tells me the following about TBD’s readership:

93% access from English speaking domains, 3% are French (heh)

63% use a version of Internet Explorer while Firefox is 17% and Opera 5%.  Whatever the rest of you use, I can only guess.

87% of visitors are from North America, 7% from Europe.

49% of you are American, 38% Canadian.  More visitors live east of the Mississippi, which makes sense since TBD isn’t a left coast style blog.

1 visitor pops in from time to time from Morocco, another from China.

A lot of you get here from Captain’s Quarters, a lot from Google searches and a few from other members of the 101st FK’s.

11 readers subscribe to the feed I so generously  provided (took me a while to figure it out, be grateful!)

So, there is a snapshot of my little corner of the web has been up to this year.  To those that read regularly (I’m assuming there are one or two of you), I hope you like it so far.  If you’re a casual visitor, well I’m OK with some casual encounters of the blog kind.

I hope to increase output in 2007, and if the Conservative minority government goes to the polls as expected then topics to blog about will be many and varied.  I am looking forward to it.

Finally, here is my favourite post from my own archives.  Enjoy, and Happy 2007 to you and yours.

UN Change?

On January 1st 2007 the United Nations gets a new leader.  Ban Ki Moon of South Korea takes over as Secretary General from Kofi Annan.

I didn’t know much about Ban Ki Moon, so I looked up a few sources.  You can see what I found at these links.

One thing is almost certain, he cannot be as bad as Kofi.  Moon’s disapproval of Iran’s recent holocaust denial and threats to eliminate Israel  were encouraging, let’s hope this is an early sign of a new voice at the UN.

I hope that Ban Ki Moon has the resolve and integrity to reform the corrupt UN and establish some sense of purpose to the organization; leaving it UNchanged is not an option.  May we all wish to be moonstruck rather than suffering another moon-bat

What is Stephane Dion?

French, or Canadian? 

Well let’s look at the evidence: Dion is a Quebec based Liberal that was part of Chretien’s adscam cabinet and was so spectacular as Environment Minister that Canada’s emissions went up 34.6% under his watch, despite the Liberal government having signed the awful Kyoto accord.

So far the evidence points to just another Liberal Canadian.  But wait, now he wants to ‘revisit’ Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.  With these words he begins to sound much like the cheese-eating surrender monkeys of his alternate passport.  NATO counterparts have already called for him to ‘get real’ about the fight in Afghanistan, as has the sitting Defence Minister.

Dion uses all the tricks to try and hide the fact that he simply doesn’t have the stomach for a fight:

Trick #1 – Make the real issue as grey as possible so you can undermine the mission with nuance: 

”… the situation in Afghanistan is more complex than presented by the Harper government, which views it as a battle with the Taliban.You have the Taliban, you have warlords, it is a complex situation…”

Trick #2: Include the Liberal-pandering anti-US jibe to rally the faithful:

"It is really sad what happened because Mr. harper last spring played the macho the one who will be able to carry us out of Afghanistan. He copied the speeches of Mr. Bush, I think President Bush should request copyright from these speeches.”

Trick #3: Say you don’t intend to run away, even when you really do intend to run away:

"Between a complete withdrawal and the mission the way it is designed, I want to think that there is something that makes sense…"

Trick #4:  Pretend that if Canadian troops are kept in Afghanistan under a Dion government that they will make a contribution:

”That is to see all soldiers remain in a certain perimeter and become less and less involved with the population”

Dion is dangerous, no matter his nationality.  He embodies the worst of Canadian Liberalism combined with a desperate requirement for a spine implant that is all too often the case with the French. 

I don’t know how Canada will react at the polls when the inevitable general election is called next year, but I would hope that Dion’s record will be the issue and that he and his corrupt and self-serving party is handed a severe defeat.  This would be quite a fitting verdict to give a man that has already decided that defeat in Afghanistan is OK with him.