Crisis, What Crisis?

France’s Prime Minister Dominique Marie François René Galouzeau de Villepin delivered a speech yesterday in which he rejected the notion of a ‘war on terror’.

Are we to be surprised that the French reject the notion of war?  They really don’t like war, preferring the surrender and/or appeasement option much more strongly. 

France’s real problem in the current global conflict is that the enemy does not have a country, flag or PO Box to which they can offer the white flag.  It would not suit the blue-blooded M. de Villepin to wander around the Torah Bora ‘hood popping his head into various caves to inquire if Osama was at home and could he possibly be so good as to accept this little drape blanc?

Of course it is no surprise that Villepin delivered the speech the day after President Bush made one of his own in which he strongly defended the ‘war on terror’ (see CW for details).  Look to most utterances of France and the subtle tinge of anti-Americanism is not hard to find.  Unfortunately for France, to be anti-everything is a certain course for disaster in uncertain times.  It would suit them better to be proactive, even if that meant actually choosing sides before the outcome is known; however they cannot for France is doomed already and whatever posturing the politicians manifest cannot save them from the demographic time bomb already ticking at the heart of their nation. 

Consider the unrest in 2005 in mostly ethnic minority areas of Paris – mostly North African immigrant communities, but likely the rioters were the offspring of the first generation immigrants.  They burned almost 9,000 vehicles and injured 126 officials in a 3 week spree of lawlessness in the capital city.  The issues leading to the unrest?  Discrimination and immigration.

Also consider the more recent riots by mostly French youths – because the government wished to enact new laws making it easier for employers to hire and fire people.  The rioters won.

This is the French disease Du Jour.  They have a large, growing and integrated Muslim community and their own young generation prefers to cling to the socialist state apron strings rather than be productive or accountable.  France is doomed and is poorly served by its spineless political class.

No wonder therefore that Villepin and Chirico cast desperate stones at the US.  It distracts their populace from considering the many pressing domestic issues and feeds the national illusion that France is a major player in world affairs.  However, France with its endless political machinations is punching out of its weight class and their global power and influence exists only as long as the rest of the world allows this deception. 

It would be good for the world in general if that time were shorter rather than interminable.