Liberal Censorship Strikes Again

A parody website called HezboLiberal has been taken down by its owner after legal threats from the party that cannot stand dissent. 

From the legal threat letter that the Liberals sent to the hosting ISP:

"Please be advised that the use of the Liberal Party of Canada’s logo and the link to the Liberal Party’s website, through the website hosted by your company, is a breach of Canadian Copyright and Trademarks laws. The references on that website are also slanderous and libelous.

Please ask your client to remove any reference to the Liberal Party of Canada using any sign, logo or other identification owned by the Liberal Party of Canada.

I trust you will govern yourself accordingly."

I think that they are missing the point, Canadians would wish that the Liberals could govern themselves accordingly rather than use bullying tactics to censor anything that they don’t like.  It is time that the Fiberals get used to a more transparent world in which they can no longer get away with having morons like Borys and Joe in the party and cover up the gaffes and dishonesty with impunity.

Perhaps if the Liberals stood for anything other than their own power lust then they would earn some respect.  But they don’t and so they become the targets for people like Hezboliberal that point a glaring spotlight onto their moral and policy deficits – and they don’t like it, they don’t understand it and so they act like any thug faced with a threat they don’t understand and they crush it.  Remember this similar episode of thuggery by a thin-skinned Lib lobbyist?

Welcome, Fiberals, to the new world – bloggers and critics are not going away and you need to get used to the idea. 

UPDATE:  The never to be cowed Western Standard is now hosting the site, with the wonderful idea that the Libs don’t have the guts to fight a media outlet like they might a lone blogger.  Go get ’em Ez!

UPDATE #2:  Surprise!  Kinsella, the ‘man’ who tried to sue over another bloggers comments in February, likes the idea that the site was taken down.  No doubt he won’t like the fact that its back.  Heh.

Canadian Confusion – Government vs. Appeasers

Peter McKay, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke out Sunday and made it clear that Iran has a good share of the blame for the deaths in the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.  In no uncertain terms McKay said:

"(Iran..) are certainly behind much of the difficulty that’s going on in the region by funding Hezbollah, by supporting them in terms of their activities against Israel. They have a great deal of responsibility and blood on their hands from their activities.."

McKay is doing a fine job supporting the Canadian government’s stance against the terrorists and it is interesting that this principled approach may even be winning some hearts and minds at home.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the decency scale three opposition MP’s went on a ‘fact-finding’ trip to Lebanon this past weekend, where some helpful folks showed them lots of damaged buildings and infrastructure.

The three – Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Bloc MP Maria Mourani and NDP MP Peggy Nash then went on to disgrace themselves and Canada with ignorant and dangerous comments that look and sound like appeasement.

The worst of the three is Wrzesnewskyj who said: "It’s quite obvious that terrible crimes have been committed" before going on to declare them ‘crimes against humanity’.  But his most telling comment came when he suggested that Hezbollah be de-listed as a terrorist organization in Canada. 

Peggy Nash added her piece of nonsense with "It’s just not helpful to label them a terrorist organization".  Well, it’s not helpful that Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, fired hundreds of rockets indiscriminately into Israel and used innocent Lebanese civilians as human shields, but she had nothing to say on that.

The three clueless politicians have no idea that their bleeding-heart liberal attitudes only prolong the conflict by giving the enemy comfort and the hope that they can win over soft targets like Canadians by turning the empty heads that these elected representatives possess.  They are a far larger part of the problem than they could even imagine – and that is the pity for they do this without thought for the global context but only to try and score points against Stephen Harper’s minority government and a few minority votes in their own ridings.  Their self-interest and lack of ability to recognize Hezbollah as a disgusting organization that has no regard for human life of any stripe will achieve not one small step toward ending the conflict.

It is easy to dismiss these as three minor players with no real voice at home, but while in Lebanon they represent Canada, and their comments will be seen as a chink in the armour that Hezbollah will try and work at to achieve through propaganda what it cannot through military or terror tactics.

UPDATE:  Borys Wrzesnewskyj turns out to be both a liar and a coward.  Once some heat started coming over his comments about de-listing Hezbollah he pulled the typical Fiberal trick and denied the comments.  Borys should do Canada and the world a favour and stay home in future – his lack of knowledge and spine does not serve him on a world stage, and his words diminish us all.

UPDATE #2: Borys Wrzesnewskyj has resigned his position within the Liberal caucus, details here.

Did Environmentalists Cause ‘Global Warming’?

This is a good news/bad news story at the BBC.

The article says that the 1987 Montreal Protocol to reduce the use of CFC’s that were damaging the ozone layer has been successful, and that the largest hole over the Antarctic could ‘heal itself’ in the next 60 years.

Well, that is good news.  I wasn’t a big fan of getting crispy fried by the UV rays of the sun.

BUT… then there is this statement later in the article:

"However, the chemicals brought in to replace CFCs are themselves not benign, and are thought to contribute heavily to global warming."

So once more we have another big ‘whoopsie’ brought to us by the greenahadeen. 

I don’t think it is on the scale as their mass genocide of Africans that died of malaria when they were denied the use of DDT by the greens, but it is an inconvenient truth nonetheless, don’t you think?  Even though some of the despicable greens have rolled over and admitted their DDT campaign was wrong, some morons are still not getting it.  How many more people have to die before ‘Captain Paul Watson’ will admit he is wrong on his sordid little web page?

My point is a simple one: how often do the greenahadeen have to be wrong before we stop listening to them?  They use junk science to frighten the world and then 20 years later we find that their ‘cure’ caused either more damage or deaths than the original problem. 

For an amusing take on the misguided greens, watch Penn and Teller.

Reactions to the Foiled Plot

As more details are released about the foiled plot to take down airliners en route from the UK to US destinations, so are more reactions to the plot and its aftermath getting attention.

There is no better summary of the news on the plot and the takedown than this at Hot Air.

Here are The Good, The Bad and The Ugly reactions from this mornings reading…

The Good

The National Post gets it:

"The lesson here is simple. Extremism cannot be tolerated in any form by members of the Muslim community in Canada, by Canadian authorities or by anyone else…. Canadian citizens who publicly demonstrate their support for Hezbollah should be seen for what they are: Islamic extremists and terrorist sympathizers. In other words, the enemy."

It’s good to see a word like ‘enemy’ used is the national press – for once they are telling it like it is.

Hold your breath, but even the Toronto Star has a decent editorial on the plot news.  Maybe it takes a fresh reminder for the Star folks to remember which side they are on.

The Bad

PC PC’s in the UK are concerned about potential attacks again.  This time against muslims.  One of the tools used by muslim leaders to deflect attention away from their murdering thugs is to play the ‘but the police are mean to the rest of us too’ card.

Fahad Ansari of the  Islamic Human Rights Commission in the UK said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program:
"For four years we’ve been seeing more and more innocent people being harassed and demonised"
Maybe, but we’ve also seen innocent people die at the hands of muslim fanatics – and there were no lynch mobs roving the streets looking for random muslims after that atrocity – so why should there be any concern for the community now?  Answer – because they say so and they have an agenda.

The Ugly

Sandra Bernhardt, ‘comedienne‘, is simply not funny when she said this about her flight plans:

"When I go to the airport and they try to take my MAC Plushglass away from me, it’s going to be World War III!"

Now we know what it takes to make a moonbat fight for something – lip gloss.  Pitiful.

Jane Hamshers blog features a post from a guest blogger who decided that the entire plot to murder thousands of innocents was a decoy to attract attention away from Lieberman’s loss.  She is not the only kook with this theory, read the comments to the post – but only if you can stomach the filth these ‘progressive’ morons spout.  If that’s not enough, there are more mental health issues on display here.

I have to take another shower now, that last bit of research almost made me ill.

Plotters Foiled! Kill Them All

A huge terror attack has been foiled by UK security forces.  It looks like the plan was to blow up several airliners en route from the UK to America. 

Good coverage in the news can be found here and here.  Good blog coverage is here and here.

The early news reports seem to be saying that the 21 arrested are British nationals.  Traitors and cowards is more like it.  I think it is time for the UK to change the law and that the arrested thugs and whoever else they was attached to this planned atrocity be shot, hung or worse.  They want to be martyrs – fine, let ’em die – but let’s make it horrible for them.

Note –  yes I am good and mad about this, I am an expat Brit and I have family in London.  It’s time to change or put aside the rules for jihadist thugs and to give them the one outcome that guarantees they will not re-offend.

Letting the Mask Slip

Within a week two events have happened that make me wonder about people and what is really on their minds.

First Mel Gibson was arrested for a DUI offense.  Bad enough for Mel, but then he just went off on an anti-semitic rant to the arresting cops – a very nasty rant.  He is in full apology/damage control mode, but how a person with his profile can this behind him is hard to imagine, and so far I don’t see many people standing in his corner trying to defend him. 

Next, left-wing blogger Jane Hamsher posted a photo-shopped image of Democrat Joe Lieberman in blackface (the offensive image was saved in this post over at Michelle Malkin’s site). Hamsher withdrew the image and issued a sorta-apology at the request of Ned Lamont, the candidate she was trying to support with the image.  I say sorta-apology beacuse she mostly blames political opponents for using the ammunition she provided them with. 

The candidate Ned Lamont is trying to distance himself from Hamsher – but they are tightly tied together and I think his campaign is likely badly damaged by her mindless stunt – maybe not fatally, but damaged nonetheless.  Oddly, it seems that there are plenty of people willing to continue to stand with Hamsher/Lamont despite this incident.

Two incidents from two public figures, both letting the mask slip so we get a little glimpse of the ugliness beneath.  Whether or not each of the two individuals are indeed anti-semitic and/or racist is for themselves to know – but by letting the mask of decency slip they have at least given us cause to question them.