Kofi Gets It Wrong

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN and Oil-for-Fraud administrator threw a hissy fit at Israel for the deaths of 4 UNIFIL observers this week.  Annan claimed that they were deliberately targeted:

"I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defense Forces of a United Nations observer post in southern Lebanon that has killed two United Nations military observers, with two more feared dead…"

A Canadian was one of those killed in the bombardment, and PM Stephen Harper was far more measured and circumspect in his analysis of the events, going so far to deliver a well-earned rebuke to Kofi.

It’s about time someone stepped on Annan – and I’m happy it was our guy.

UPDATE:  See this post over at Captain’s Quarters for Major General Lewis MacKenzie’s comments on the deaths.

UPDATE #2:  See these pictures at this Australian News Site.  This is how Hezbollah wages war – striking from residential areas and then running away before the retaliation arrives, leaving the innocents to reap the whirlwind.  Nice.  Can there be much doubt that the same tactics led to the deaths of the UN observers? 

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

A lot is going on in the world right now, not much of it good.  You can reference the title of this post here.

Israel is locked in mortal combat with the thugs of Hezbollah who in turn are supported by Syria and Iran.  The press is mostly concentrating on Israel’s retaliation rather than the actions of Hezbollah that started the conflict. Look here for one exceptional editorial from The Australian that bucks the usual media ‘blame Israel’ trend. The G8 managed a weak message, but then what can we expect when France and Russia – the obstructionists du jour – sit on the G8?

Expect to see a real war in the middle east any day now.  Not the kind of war that we have seen recently – the shock and awe destruction of Saddam’s regime followed by years of reconstruction and democracy building while the defeatists carp from the sidelines. 

A mid east war between Israel and its enemies/neighbors will be old-school, lots of death, lots of carnage and lots of opportunities for the Lebanese and Palestinians to parade their children for photo-ops.

Old-school war isn’t pretty – think of the Blitz on London, a campaign designed to break the spirit of the English in WWII.  Or, to be balanced, the firebombing of Dresden.  Not pretty, not very 21st Century – but its possible it will be coming soon to a TV near you live from the mid-east.

Israel has the uncomfortable distinction of being located within easy reach of its enemies.  No convenience of a distant war exists for the people of Israel, unlike for those of us in Canada or the US.  They will fight and they will win because of proximity – to lose is to die.  Not many European nations have had to face an option like that since World War 2.  And then some chose to surrender and live by accommodating the enemy’s occupation of its lands in return for any kind of life.  Israel does not have that option here, even if wanted it (which is very doubtful).  Iran’s maniac-in-charge has called almost non-stop for the destruction of Israel. 

Newt Gingrich has said what (to my mind at least) has needed to be said.  We are already in WWIII.  It’s hard to see a war these days, the enemies we face today do not have nations in the old sense, their combatants do not wear uniforms or have a code which is recognizable to the conflicts of history.  The new enemy is sly, depraved and indifferent even to the lives of its own citizenry.  They use children as shields and hospitals as bases of operations.  They use the ever-willing bleeding heart media to exploit the deaths they cause by using these human shields.

Bill Keller of the New York Times would be tried as traitors.  But the declaration of war is not made, and will not be made, and the treasonous will walk free.  Death and destruction is coming, and the revolution will be televised.

If Newt’s proposal that WWIII has started was true, then people like

Most of ‘the west’ is not ready for what is coming, and to many it will be a shock.  We are about to reap more of the seed the past 10 years or more has sowed.  The enemy knows our weakness and will exploit it.  Israel is the crucible now – in perhaps the last fight by proxy left in the world.

Support the Israelis, or don’t – if they should lose, then know that a whirlwind is coming for the rest of us.  If they win militarily then watch the press of the ‘civilized world’ dissect their victory until it is no longer clear that they won.

It’s time to choose a side and declare for what you stand. 

Texas Scramble

I follow US politics closely and fall strongly into the pro-Bush republican category.  However, I don’t write much about US politics because there are so many people already doing a really great job at it and I have no super insights from north of the 49th. 

But you have to read this post over at Captains Quarters.  This is so supremely giggle-worthy that you just shouldn’t miss it.  A quick summary for the ‘I’m not clicking on that’ demographic:

Tom Delay quit his Texas seat and moved to Virginia (long story – Google it of you want to know all the whys and wherefores).  Texas democrats sued to keep DeLay’s name on the November ballot thinking he would not contest it and that their candidate would romp home against a rookie Repub.  Well, the Dems won their suit and DeLay’s name will be on the ballot.  So ol’ Tom figures he might as well campaign and try and win again.  And he probably will.  Somewhere, some Dem strategist is trying to figure out how to remove his head from his own backside….


Media Update

Here is an update of news articles from the past few weeks about the Ontario terrorists. 

It’s been slow on the news front for sure, but you’ll be happy to know that the Toronto Star doesn’t let that stop it from sympathizing here for the loneliness of the Jihad inmate and Here for the little ones that were only sorta-terrorists, you know – Jihad-Lite.

More later…