Mad Jack & The Greenstalk

Jack Layton, the wobbly-headed Lenin look-alike** leader of the Canadian NDP had a go at the environment minister Rona Ambrose with these classic words:

"She does not understand climate change," NDP Leader Jack Layton stated bluntly in the House of Commons as he called for her resignation.

Right, but Jack does?  This from the leader of a party that thinks Kyoto is still a good idea?  Or that shows no understanding of economics in statements like this where he thinks that NDP energy policies will create jobs?

There is a certain cluelessness about the environment in the Canadian parliament, but Jack needs to look in the mirror – not across the aisle.

**Lenin or Layton? You decide:

Out with a Whimper?

French leaders (is that an oxymoron?) are in trouble, but they aren’t going without a whimper.

Dominique Marie François René Galouzeau de Villepin, France’s embattled PM is going the way of the dodo.  After calling an opposition MP a coward in the French House, he later apologized but is taking a beating in the polls.  You have to know that things are bad in France when they start calling themselves cowards – is DdP trying to scoop me? 

But wait, there’s more!  Poor old Villepin is having a little bit of trouble over the Clearstream scandal.  The fallout of this will be his inevitable firing at the hands of ‘honest’ Jacques Chirac, who has a few of his own worries right now without putting up with Villepin and his wobbly spine politics.

‘Bye Dominique, don’t let the door hit you on the way out….

His Presidential counterpart, the ever stoic Jacques Chirac is also having a bad week.  He was called out for deliberately blocking Lebanon from the annual Francophone summit (you’d think they would need as many as possible to support their dying language, but Jacques knows better).  Also, Chirac’s secret agenda for French Imperialism was revealed by a court that found him to have given at least ‘tacit approval’ for a coup of the ex-French Comoros islands.  Poor Jacques.

All of this activity, while providing much entertainment for people like me does have a dark side.  France must wait a little longer for some leaders that can fix what ails them – their current crew is busy being accused of dirty deals, illegal coups and moderately bad language.

Vive La France, non?

French vs. Yon – No Contest

Bumped and Updated June 17th – See Update #4

One of my ‘Daily Reading’ picks is Michael Yon’s Online Magazine.  For anyone that wants a more straightforward view of what life is like in battle zones, Yon provides a non-glossy look at the realities of the brave souls in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But now Yon is fighting a battle of his own against mega French publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media (HFM) for copyright infringement.  Yon’s seminal picture of the brutality of the enemy was captured in this picture (read the story too).  HFM’s new schlock mag ‘SHOCK’ used this image without permission and with a headline that perverted the truth behind the image.

Yon is suing HFM, and is considering suits against distributors.  You can read his thoughts and reasoning here.  I know Yon has my support, this is a shameful act of hijacking an image for profit and the publishers/editors of the pulp dross are the worst kind of media (which is really saying something).

I imagine that with enough exposure that retailers and distributors will withdraw from this publication and that HFM will do what the French do better than anyone – surrender.  Yon is a remarkable individual, a member of the blogistocracy as far as I am concerned and I’m sure he’ll win this fight. 

One man, one blog, one picture versus the French HFM?  No Contest.

UPDATE:  Michael Yon wins!  HFM has agreed to licence the photograph in question and to make a donation to Fisher House.  I’m pleased for Yon, and for Fisher House – now a real benefit has come of the episode and all is right with the world.  Well, sorta.

UPDATE #2:  French HFM group obfuscates and reneges on deal, Yon really mad now!  OK, excuse the headline prose style but it seemed to fit the context of the fight between Michael Yon and HFM.  I refer you to the link above for the full gory details of what the French media giant thinks is responsible and reasonable behaviour, but let’s just say you’d actually have to be French to consider that honorable.  Yon has a great list of contacts for publishers, distributors, retailers and even advertisers associated with Shock magazine here.  I encourage you to call a few of the contacts and make them uncomfortable – I will be emailing the Canuckians on the list as I know the threat of losing my retail dollar is a bit feeble in the US.  Support this remarkable blogger against the media mis-use of his photograph – it’s a bonus that the target is French, we can all enjoy helping Yon out a little bit that way.

UPDATE #3:  I have written to Chapters/Indigo – the main book store outlet in Canada, so far no response.  Since this is the same outfit that I wrote about here I am not surprised.  If I do get a reply I will post in a further update.

UPDATE #4:  Holy traffic increase!  Seems like people are following a ‘From the Blogosphere’ link on Michael Yon’s site in droves.  Welcome new people – please take time to write to your retailers and distributors to support him against HFM.  And to the Milbloggers visiting – thank you for what you do.

Meetings with Muslims

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with the mayor of Toronto, police leaders and others met with a representative group from the Toronto muslim community to discuss the arrests of the 17 radicalized nutjobs.

It didn’t take long for America to be blamed (I know!) – this time the Islamic Society of North America and the Islamic Circle of North America were the organizations blamed for infiltrating Canadian mosques and radicalizing the youths.  If you want to look at the web sites for those outfits, google them – I won’t link to their filth.

While I don’t have a problem with meetings like this, I do wonder if this is a ploy to foster sympathy for the muslim community.  Perhaps instead of asking the PM to stop the radicalization of their youth the imams and other community leaders should ask themselves if they are ready to offer a version of Islam that doesn’t view every other religion as inferior and worthy of death.  That would be a good start to closing the void between muslims and the rest of the world.

The Captain has a good piece on muslim leaders taking responsibility.

Rusted Sky has shown interest in my musings.  Thanks J.

Toronto Star – The Jihad Propagandists Paper of Record

It is clear that the Canadian Jihadis have learned their lessons in exploiting conditions well.  Item #1 on the list of things to do while incarcerated as an imprisoned terrorist is to claim abuse in the joint.   Remember the Koran in the toilet at Gitmo story that Newsweek ran and later retracted – classic terrorist manipulation of a left-leaning media only too willing to believe anything of a person in uniform.

The Toronto Star, the leading light of everything wrong with Canada’s media laps it up, pandering to the Jihad agenda.  Of course the point of the claims is to divert attention from the potential atrocity these thugs were planning before they were taken down.  If the Star has its way they won’t have to work too hard.  Pitiful.

The Smoking Gun has the Al Qaeda training manual for imprisoned jihad ‘brothers’.  See what I mean – it really is rule #1!

Canadian Jihadis

**Bumped and Update #8 AddedJune 12th**

I’ve opened a new category ‘ Canadian Jihad’ and will make separate posts as I follow the media and justice system treatment of the 17 domestic terrorists.  It should be easier for readers to find new posts instead of scrolling for updates.

There seems to be some similarities with the 17 jihadi losers arrested in Ontario and the monsters that bombed London in July ’05 in that these are home-grown terrorists – the enemy within.

I am happy that the police were able to monitor this group and take them down before any atrocity was committed, even to the point that they sold them fake fertilizer.  On the face of it this looks like good solid use of intelligence on the part of the authorities, including monitoring of internet activity.  Bravo!

Now we will see how the arrests and the aftermath play out.  Already some Imam is claiming that the jihadis are ‘peaceful’ sorts with no violent agenda – the spin begins.  You will see the Islamists use stories like this vandalism to try and take the focus off the uncomfortable realities of the situation.  The TO17 are home-spun jihadis, Canadian citizens that attended a mosque where ‘tolerance’ was preached – and yet somehow they were ‘radicalized’ enough to target Ottawa and Toronto for terror attacks.

There is a bail hearing set for Tuesday 6th – an indication that nations should not use the rule of law to fight terror – these jihadi morons need to be locked up for good with no chance of ever getting out.  I won’t suggest we shoot them, let’s postpone their martyrdom indefinitely – much crueler punishment!

The radical islamists are at war with the rest of us – Canada needs to understand that and we need a better way to deal with the TO17 than bail hearings, trials and soft jails.  Let’s open up a supermax prison in Iqaliut with minimal heating and send the hotheads up there to cool down.

Captain Ed has some US perspective on this story and the international effort to thwart the attacks.

I’m going to monitor the story from a couple of specific angles:

  • the effectiveness of the Canadian justice system when dealing with terrorists, and
  • the media coverage as the Islam spin-machine starts into overdrive.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE #1: Wow, that didn’t take long.  The Canadian Islamic Congress has issued a press release that focusses on trying to blame the Canadian government for not spending any money on muslims.  Oh, did you know that the CIC is the same outfit that hosted deranged UK MP George Galloway at its 2005 fund raiser?  No agenda at the CIC?  Sure.

UPDATE #2: Two of the accused are already in jail for weapons smuggling – serving a 2-year stretch.  They were busted by Canadian border guards.  Good news that they were caught, bad news that they only got 2 years – although here’s hoping that a couple of life sentences get tacked on to that time.

UPDATE #3: The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has a press release expressing relief at the arrests before any violence was carried out.  That’s nice, until you read down beyond the headline and see more blame Canada/UK/USA nonsense:

"Commenting on the news of the alleged terror cell, El-Farouk Khaki, Secretary General of the MCC said, the disclosure of this terror cell is a sad reflection of the fact that five years of the so called War on Terrorism has failed in all its objectives and has brought terror to our very doorsteps. "Canadians need to wake up and realise the recipe offered by George Bush and Tony Blair, and now being adopted by Stephen Harper, has only led to an increase of terrorism fuelled by the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan." he added."

Get that?  Yup, it’s our fault for trying to stop them.  Note the language used ‘the so-called War on Terrorism’  and ‘fuelled by the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan’.   They are hitting all the usual buttons to get the media and Canadians averting their gaze inward instead of at organizations like the MCC and CIC.  Not this time, this was close to home and there’s going to be some awkward questions asked of these apologists and enablers.

UPDATE #4:  The ‘Broad Strata’ of the suspects.  Again, this has been well covered, but this inane description of the 17 arrested Jihadis is designed to take attention away from the obvious fact that these thugs are all connected in an uncomfortable manner.  It doesn’t matter that some are tall, others short – some employed, some not – some from Trinidad and some from Egypt.  Those differences could be used to weakly reflect a ‘broad strata’ of society, if there wasn’t one over-riding similarity – these would-be murderers are all radicalized muslims.  Why is that hard for the press to say?? 

UPDATE #4a: Pardon my missing this, but the ever blunt Christie Blatchford gets it, and says it, in this article.

UPDATE #5:  The Toronto press corpse (I know) is pandering hard.  First we have the Toronto Star with this picture and headline from the Saturday paper (h/t LGF).  Today The Globe and Mail has two items: ‘The Friendly Zealot’ , a puff piece on accused terrorist Qayyum Jamal; and ‘Islam and the West’ which invites readers questions to two a discussion with muslim ‘leaders’ Hussein Hamdani and Aly Hindy, self declared ‘friend’ of the Khadr Family.  Any idea what direction that ‘discussion’ might take?

UPDATE #5a:  The Toronto Star is in love with itself and scooping the coverage of the arrests.  In the same piece they attack Christie Blatchford’s straightforward article (see UPDATE #4a) and other right of centre viewpoints.  The Star is a long term left rag, note the language here:

"The Star also took a few steps back, both on Sunday with a column by Thomas Walkom imploring people to view events with a critical eye, and again yesterday with a report by Linda Diebel on how the police played up the arrests for maximum spectacle."

15 terror suspects arrested (plus 2 in jail already) in Ontario after trying to buy 3 tons of fertilizer for bomb-making and the police ‘played it up’?  The Star needs to get its priorities straight and concentrate on just what mayhem 3 tons of bomb could do to their beloved multi-culti mini Gotham.

UPDATE #6: Al-Reuters has a new story which claims that one of the arrested, Steven Chand wanted to behead Stephen Harper.  Disturbing enough information, but then the Al-Reuters spin machine gets rolling and includes such gems as:

"Chand’s lawyer, Gary Batasar, said his client faced several serious charges and was concerned that intense media interest in the details of the case in Canada and the United States could jeopardize Chand’s chances of a fair trial…./ …It appears to me that whether you’re in Ottawa or Toronto or Crawford, Texas, or Washington D.C., what is wanting to be instilled in the public is fear, and that’s why everybody’s here today, and that’s unfortunate," he said."

So, the main concern we should have are not that this lunatic wannabe terrorist wanted to remove our PM’s noggin, but that he might not get a fair trial?  Cry me a river.  As for the second part of the lawyer’s quote – is he serious about the people showing up to see and cover the first court appearance trying to ‘instil fear’?  Isn’t that what his depraved client had in mind?  The difference is simple, the lawyer is spinning a story to make the perp the victim yet his client is facing only words and photographs as weapons – not the 3 tonne bomb the radicalized moron and his merry men were planning.  Expect nothing better from this news agency.

UPDATE #7:  The ‘Islam and the West’ discussion is up on the Globe and Mail site.  Try not to gag as you read the responses from Aly Hindy.  I noted that in one response he complains that the arrests were so publicly carried out – yet can you imagine his reaction if the police and/or CSIS had made secretive arrests and did not disclose the names of the suspects?  The authorities are in a no-win situation with ‘community leaders’ like Hindy – another good reason why Canada should have a better vehicle than the courts to deal with terrorists.  Maybe if the US empties Guantanamo the Canadians could lease it; effective date when hell freezes over.  Grrr.

UPDATE #7a:  Not really an update, but work commitments will interrupt my coverage for a couple of days – I’ll jump back on the horse soon.  Of course, I am making the large assumption that any one might actually be reading this.

Liberal Squishes the Web

Joe Volpe, liberal leadership candidate and raider of teen piggy-banks has had his people close down a spoof web site that mocked his recent acceptance of a series of $5400 campaign donations, including two from 12 year old offspring of a drug industry executive.

There are many aspects of this story that are wrong, but here’s what bothers me most:

1.  Elections Canada should investigate the two donations from 12 year-olds, plus one from the older sibling in the same amount.  It is illegal to donate on behalf of another person in Canada – are we supposed to believe that these kids support Volpe that much?  It defies belief, and if there is even a small chance that there was illegal activity then it should be investigated.  So far, nothing official from our election watchdogs.

2.  How is it possible that Volpe’s campaign people can close down a web site?  I post uncharitable thoughts about Liberals on this site – will The Daily Bayonet also be shut down?  Where is the outrage that censorship of this kind can happen – I can only hope that this new angle becomes the next breath of life in the story.  If nothing else it should serve as a warning that Volpe is not fit to lead a pub crawl, let alone a national party.  Some of the Canadian press corps are currently fighting Stephen Harper’s controlled Q&A decision – but they still get to ask questions…. are they not concerned with Volpe’s cavalier attitude to dissent?

Be happy for now that these goons are in opposition – and let it serve as a reminder of the Fiberal sense of entitlement and disregard of any normal decency standards.  The Liberals were, are and continue to be corrupt – they do not deserve power and I hope that they are kept in the cold of opposition until they learn that accountability is not optional and that integrity is a requirement, not a suggestion.

Stephen Taylor is leading the charge….

UPDATE: Volpe will return the 5 donations from under-18’s, but of course this does not amount to any admission of any kind.  Elections Canada really does need to look into this to see if any organized attempt was made by any participants in this to finesse the campaign financing rules.

UPDATE #2:  Our US friends at Captains Quarters has picked up on this also… go here to see what Captain Ed has to say and BONUS! find the link to a pdf version of the site Volpe killed.  You have to love the web!

Greenpeace SNAFU

If you had any doubts about the true agenda of Greenpeace’s obstructionist and ill-informed opposition to nuclear power:

“In the twenty years since the Chernobyl tragedy, the world’s worst nuclear accident, there have been nearly [FILL IN ALARMIST AND ARMAGEDDONIST FACTOID HERE].”