A White Flag Flies Over the Élysée Palace

My oh my how times stay the same.

My least favourite Euros are now in full retreat, and its not just rogue nations and uppity citizens or immigrants they are running from – its smokers, polluters and (wait for it) flea markets.  I couldn’t make this up this good.

The brave Gallic leadership has already surrendered to the antics of its rioting student community and reversed its decision on the new labour laws that would have made a tiny step toward dropping its disastrous unemployment rate.  Now it has no stomach for any sort of fight.  Qu’elle surprise!

I would happily laugh at all of this, but it does have implications for the rest of the world when your average Dijon mustard is stronger than the French leaders.  Not that Chirac cares about the rest of the world, he is now too busy trying to insulate France from it with his new Grand Projets effort to restore French pride.

You could compare and contrast the Chirac method of restoring his nations pride with Stephen Harper’s methods for Canada; but if you’re not in the mood I’ve done it for you here.

1.  Chirac announces a government funded rival to Google, Quaero

     PM Harper visits the troops in Afghanistan.

2.  Chirac funds BioHub to research starch as a method of making plastics and food additives.

     PM Harper fixes the US/Canada Softwood lumber dispute.

3.  Chirac wants rechargeable trains with NeoVal.

     PM Harper leads the world by cutting off Hamas’ ‘aid’ money.

4.  Chirac supports Unlimited Mobile TV, for cell phones.

     PM Harper drives an accountability in government initiative.

5.  Chirac gives Schneider Electric funds for designing energy efficient homes.

     PM Harper sees through the Kyoto Fraud and acts on it.

6.  Chirac wants to build hybrid diesel vehicles.

     PM Harper takes on crime in Canada.

I think that it is quite easy to look at Chirac’s 6 Grand Projets to restore French pride and see just how small they are.  His agenda is more about protectionism of his dying language and shrinking global voice than any BIG picture ideas.  PM Harper by comparison is driving Canada back onto the world stage and is attempting to undo years of Libranos corruption and socialism. 

If this is the best Chirac can offer then the French are doomed. 

Save the Planet from Environmentalists

Before I launch into my bayonet charge against environmentalists, let me set the record straight about where I stand on the environment:

1.  I DO believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a good idea, for better air quality.

2.  I DO NOT subscribe to the global warming fear mongering campaign.

3.  I firmly believe that environmentalists are at best ill-informed do-gooders and at worst duplicitous power seekers.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, what got me started is this column that appeared on the Opinion Journal site.  Do yourself a favour and scroll to the bottom to read just who Richard Lindzen is.  That’s right – only an MIT Atmospherics Professor.  Maybe he knows a thing or two? 

Remember how the loony greenahadeen went after Bjorn Lomborg when he published The Skeptical Environmentalist?  Those tree hugging SOB’s even had a complaint filed against him with the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD) – and all because Mr. Lomborg dared to question the junk science that is the backbone of the Global Warming con men.  Check out the update on Lomborg’s site to read why the Danish government overturned the dishonest DCSD ruling in favour of Lomborg.

Not enough proof that the greens will do anything to shut the voices of opposition down?  How about that Scientific American magazine made Lomborg remove his detailed critique of their assassination piece of his book?  Still not convinced? Scientific American is also threatening legal action against Patrick Moore (original co-founder of Greenpeace) for having it on his site.

Now, Patrick Moore is another brave soul that has dared to question the greenahadeen’s science and motives, and has his own share of the green blow back – see it for yourself here and here.

Global Warming is junk science and the proponents of it are dishonest snake oil salesmen.  Our planet has cycles of weather and climate change that are bigger and more resilient that they would have us all believe – in fact it is arrogance of the nth degree to figure that man could have such a devastating effect on a planetary system.  They have the world convinced that whatever the signs, its all connected to man.  Bad tropical storms? – Global Warming!  Cold Winters?  Global Warming!  Cold toast at breakfast?  Global Warming! It no longer matters to the greenahadeen that they now contradict their own models, they are on a roll and they will not stop.

The biggest success of the greens has been the monstrous Kyoto Accord.  Remember the story about 15,000 scientists protesting that Kyoto is based on junk science?  Nor do I, it was shall we say, underreported?  How about this report?  That also went pretty much unnoticed.

So why should you care about this fraud?  Well, because it has many consequences for us all.  People in nations that signed up for Kyoto will pay in cash and jobs – economies may even be crippled at the cost of the Kyoto fraud.  Meanwhile developing economies like China and India are exempt from the emissions reduction targets, which makes about as much sense as the rest of the green ‘science’.

I decided to feature the entire topic for two reasons:

1.  The money and time that the Global Warming fraudsters demand could be used to save lives for real.  Environmentalists kill, they do not save – for their moment of greatest shame read this.  Yes folks, your local friendly tree hugger has blood on his hands.

2.  Environmentalists want their cake and eat it too.  The best way to lower emissions without wrecking economies is to generate lots of clean power, but they reject out of hand the best source of this – Nuclear generation.

Please check out this excellent site for much information on nuclear power.  I asked for permission to link and use materials from INSC and was delighted to be granted the use.  Here is a map of reactors in North America (INSC informs me the map is about 5 years old so some may have been decommissioned):

(click for larger image)

We need a lot more of these, but first the greenahadeen must be shown for the crooks and liars that they are. 

I encourage you to read more, get informed and make your own mind up – but do not think that it does not matter, it does.  In a perfect world I would jail those greens for the African malarial death count alone, never mind the wasted money, time and jobs that they have already cost the world.

UPDATE:  Well call me timely, but I just found an article that Patrick Moore wrote for the WaPo – and he says it all so much better than I ever could.