God hates hippies

George Monbiot lamented that God may be working against those trying to negotiate a ‘climate deal‘:

Is the divine presence a Republican? Or is He/She/It running an inter-galactic fossil fuel conglomerate? As His name doesn’t feature on the exxonsecrets site, the Congressional funding database or any of the other sponsored denier lists, we’ll never know, but whatever the explanation may be, the Paraclete appears to be as determined as any terrestrial corporate frontman to prevent a successful conclusion to the climate talks.

How do I know? Because every time anyone gets together to try to prevent global climate breakdown, He swaths the rich, densely habited parts of the world with snow and ice, while leaving obscurer places to cook.

Of course, warmists could help their own cause by moving the conference to summer, but that would require an understanding that weather is, you know, seasonal, and not subject to the capricious will of a trace gas essential to life on Earth.

But, that simple fix aside, maybe God does have it in for hippies.  How else to explain the unexpected Gore effect in Cancun?

Man plans, God laughs.  Especially at hippies.

Round-up tomorrow.


Cancun Round-Up

Cancun is under way but you’d barely know it now that Climategate let the air out of warmist’s tires.  Here’s your one-stop shop to get up to date with hippie shenanigans in Mexico, in case you were curious.  The final week of talks will be covered in a second round-up, including all the schadenfreude you can eat when green on green recriminations begin.

Fear & warming in Las Mayan Riviera

Bill McKibben, the man who wept for Gaia at Hopenchangen is headed to the Mayan riviera with a heavy heart and a lack of understanding about Climategate, the cataclysmic event that blew away the global warming hoax.  How else can this sort of nonsense be repeated:

The scientists have done their work by now. The planet is heating up in precisely the ways they predicted, albeit more quickly. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere edged past 390 parts per million (ppm) in the months since Copenhagen, far above the 350 ppm that researchers have set as the upper boundary for a planet that works the way we’re used to.

Geoffrey Lean says that Cancun is the last chance for the world to solve climate change.  He said that over a year ago about Copenhagen, perhaps ‘last chance’ doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

Global warming threatens the survival of humanity, just in time for Cancun.

Even once respectable media outlets cannot contain their warmist fantasies when a new climate conference is opening, this is from Forbes:

…the world’s nations will spend the next two weeks debating how to mobilize money to cope with what’s coming – as temperatures climb, ice melts, seas rise and the climate that nurtured man shifts in unpredictable ways.

El Talks

The talks began with a prayer to a Mayan goddess.  No, really.

Cancun may be remembered as the conference that killed Kyoto.  The Japanese threw their own treaty under the bus because they know that it’s useless without the US and China on board.  Other nations, including Canada, are backing the Japanese move with more enthusiasm than a sumo wrestler in an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The United States was seen as the enemy, right before Japan opted to self-nuke Kyoto and deluded activists suggested that the world should ignore America and go it alone.  They forgot who was going to pay for their scam, apparently.

Poor nations are attending Cancun with an eye on the developed world’s pocketbooks.  As the global warming hoax falls apart, nations like Venezuela, Bolivia and the Maldives see the opportunity to grab cash fading, and so they lay the green blame on thick.  If nothing else, the UK looks like the drunk most likely to get rolled.

The UN wants you to live in the dark.  Or at least be forced to use mercury toxic-bomblets in your house.

Global warming makes you fat but cutting CO2 can trim your waistline.  Add this to the South Beach and Atkins Diet – lose weight by not breathing out – guaranteed results in minutes.

4000 years later and hippies still don't get that weather is natural

Concerned ‘youth’ arrived at Cancun determined to make a difference.  And by make a difference they mean dress up as penguins.

Good news, the IPCC can save a fortune by not writing the next climate report -AR5.  They’ve already decided it will be ‘worse’ – now they just have to spin the science and have Greenpeace and the WWF write some scary reports about natural events.

Los Verdad Incomoda

Cancun is no Copenhagen, the weather may be Gore-effect proof but the mood is darker than a Scandi mid-afternoon in December and even the media has noticed.

The mask slipped a little when the Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research called for a halt to all economic growth for 20 years.  It makes sense that a person convinced that man can influence the weather also believes the world will just stop wanting stuff.

Ten inconvenient truths about Cancun.

Skeptics weren’t invited to Cancun, but Dr. Roy Spencer and Lord Monckton volunteered for pinata duty anyway.

Warmists saving Gaia, the movie:


Cancun in the news

Glaciers may be melting, but nothing shrinks faster than a global warming conference when climate change isn’t cool anymore.

Conferences are expensive, wasteful affairs at the best of times.  When trying to ‘save the planet’ maybe doing the things you claim harm Gaia isn’t smart:

Scientists generally agree that one of the major causes of climate change is the use of fossil fuels, yet delegates, non-governmental agencies, press and intergovernmental officials spend nearly two hours one way each trip from their hotels to the conference center, most of it stuck in traffic on sweltering diesel buses. All around, cars carrying one or two people idle while motorcycles and a few cars whiz past on the shoulder and push their way back into line, further snarling traffic.  A sign in a hotel elevator extols the environmental virtues of Cancun, while a maid-service card disables the card slot by the room door that is intended for the door key to turn electricity on and off. Another sign urges reusing towels to save water, while a Jacuzzi big enough to swim laps in sits beside every bed.

Rex Murphy hopes that Cancun will be the last climate conference ever.  He’s not alone.

George Monbiot thinks that God has abandoned warmists.  Why else dump snow and cold over much of Europe and North America at a time when the global warming community wants us afraid of heat?  It has apparently never occurred to the super-geniuses that claim they can predict climate to not hold the talks in December.


Cancun Hottie

Every round-up needs a hottie, so let us turn to Mexico’s own Salma Hayek, because she puts the can in Cancun.  Or something.

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Record cold and snow in November and Wind Power at 12% output

I have written extensively about the economical and environmental madness of wind power on a large scale. Wind power can be excellent on a small scale IF you live in the right areas.

See for example my posts (some are in Swedish):

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Vindkraften som en mycket, mycket dyr bergochdalbana med liten effekt

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Overblown: The Real Cost of Wind Power!Carbon Credits Fund Broken Turbine

So I thought it would be interesting to look at the statistics for Swedish wind power during the last 30 days. When we had record cold and snow all over the world. Just now it is – 10C outside and the snow is deep.

This is the combined statistics from the Swedish wind turbines and the big wind farms during the last 30 days.

The total combined output today is 12% of capacity.

And during the bitterest cold days the output dropped 50 % in two days (Now 29-Dec 1). And 74% in 4 days (Nov 29-Dec 3).

Imagine if this had been the main power source during this week? Thank God that we have nuclear power and water power (hydropower) covering 95% of our needs in Sweden.


They really want us back to the Stone Age to “reduce” our “carbon footprint”.

Here are just a few examples of what the statistics show during the last three winters:

The total combined output at 3%, 4%, 6% or 9% during cold periods when the output is MOST NEEDED.  And a drop in output of 84% in two days. Or a 98 % drop in three days. Or a 67% drop in one day.

Here are some more examples of drop in output during the winter 2008-2009:

50 %  in 1 DAY (18/3).

89 %  in 2 DAYS (23-25/1).

98 %  in 3 DAYS (23-26/1).

84 %  in 2 DAYS (12-14/1).

84 %  in 2 DAYS (22-24/12).

67 %  in 1 DAY (10/12).

50 %  in 1 DAY (11/12).

87 %  in 3 DAYS (27-30/11)

These figures are the norm. It shows one thing beyond any doubt,  how fundamental unreliable the wind power is. Especially when it is needed most. Which in it self is very obvious, except for our intelligent politicians and the Global warming Hysterics, because of the nature of that power.

Imagine running a hospital, or a process industry like steal or pulp, and you loose 67% of your power during one day? With figures like that you have to shut down parts of a country, whole industries, city’s etc.

And with a drop of 84% in two days, or 98% in three days, you have to effectively shut down the whole country.

Back to the Stone Age in two days.

And how long do you think the people and the modern societies would survive WITHOUT electricity? And what kind of life that would be?

And then you could look at the huge economic cost for wind power. The huge state and local subsidies on all levels – which make it a very profitable business for the owner and very, very expensive for the consumers. The extra power that has to be built to compensate for wind powers notorious unreliability (the standard is around 20-25 % of its capacity). The need to upgrade the grid. Not to mention its sharp swings up and downs when delivering power. 

You can also mention the short lifespan and huge replacement and service cost for these turbines. And the noise they produce to their neighbors delight. The huge number of birds being killed just to mention a few other “benefits”.

“Funny enough”, a lot of these birds are usually on the national protected species act.

But that doesn’t seem to bother the Global Warming Hysterics a bit. Which otherwise would not hesitate to stop huge industrial/ power projects which are beneficial for the country and the people, just because there is one pair of protected species there.

What a brilliant future the Global Warming Hysterics have in store for humankind. And remember they have publicly said and written that they would like to halve, or even cut in two thirds, the world population. Well, wind power is on way of getting about it.

These people are so caring are they not? And they REALLY love humankind.


Record Cold in November! But of course, this is just another example of the Global Warming in action.

Here are just a few examples around the world of the record cold and snow in November and beginning of December; that humans are responsibly fore according to the Global Warming Hysteria and “science”.

And last year it was the same story – “Global Warming” Record Cold and Snow. This “settled science” that is called Global Warming (Hysteria) works in mysterious ways I have to say.

For last year see for example my posts:

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Coldest November in 130 years


”Både i Buskerud, Telemark og Aust-Agder vart det sett kulderekordar natt til fredag. Aldri før har det vore så kaldt i november i dei tre fylka.”

Coldest November night since 1985


“Temperature of -17.3C recorded in Llysdinam, Wales’s chilliest November night on record and UK’s coldest in 25 years

Ireland is hit with record cold blast


The coldest November weather experienced in recorded history will continue this week with temperatures falling below  below minus 10 degrees Celsius, 14 degrees Fahrenheit at night.”

Record-breaking cold at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport this morning


“Almost all of the Austin area had freezing temperatures overnight into this morning and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport set a new record this morning when it reached 22 degrees there, according to Clay Anderson, a meteorologist with National Weather Service.

The old record for cold temperatures at ABIA on Nov. 27th was 28 degrees in 1975, Anderson said.”

Freeze warning issued for Phoenix area for early Tuesday


“Phoenix-area temperatures could drop as low as the mid-20s early Tuesday morning, possibly breaking the record low temperature of 30 degrees set in 1911.”

The average temperature for Phoenix at this time of year is about 70 degrees with a low of 46 degrees, said Valerie Meyers, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.”

Coldest November night on record in parts of UK


“Temperatures plummeted to the coldest on record for November in parts of the UK overnight.

Northern Ireland hit a new low of -9.5C (15F) at Lough Fea, Co Tyrone, and in Wales, a record minimum of -18C (0F) was reached at Llysdinam, in Powys.”

Graphs of snow cover winter 1967-2010 Northern Hemisphere

Again Record Cold


“Once again, a new record-low temperature for this winter was recorded Friday evening in Lapland. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the thermometer dipped to -34 degrees Celsius at Kevojärvi in the area of Utsjoki in the far north. “

Sweden braces for record freeze


“Stockholm is forecast to experience its coldest seasonal temperatures for over 100 years this week as winter weather takes hold of the country, according to the Swedish Meteorological Institute (SMHI).”

“Stockholm registered -11 degrees Celsius at the weekend, the coldest November temperature since 1965 and the mercury is set to plunge further on Wednesday and Thursday, dropping as low as -15.

“It is far below average temperatures, which usually oscillate around zero at this time of the year,” said Alexandra Ohlsson, a meteorologist with SMHI.”

Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way


“Forecasters say this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years

So far, the results have been lower temperatures: for example, in Central Russia, they are a couple of degrees below the norm.

“Although the forecast for the next month is only 70 percent accurate, I find the cold winter scenario quite likely,” Vadim Zavodchenkov, a leading specialist at the Fobos weather center, told RT. “We will be able to judge with more certainty come November. As for last summer’s heat, the statistical models that meteorologists use to draw up long-term forecasts aren’t able to predict an anomaly like that.”

Graphs of snow cover winter 1967-2010 North America

So eiskalt wird der Winter!


 “Nachdem vor wenigen Tagen russische und polnische Wetterexperten vor einem extremen Kälteeinbruch gewarnt haben, legen deutsche Meteorologen jetzt nach: Ja, es wird noch kälter als im letzten Bibberwinter!“

Meteorologen melden Rekordkälte


“Deutschland friert in der kalten Polarluft. Es ist zwar noch Herbst, aber es fühlt sich an wie Winter. Da verwundert es nicht, dass Meteorologen von Meteomedia schon Kälterekorde verzeichnen. Ein erster wurde am Samstag aufgestellt: in Schleswig in Schleswig-Holstein wurde eine Tiefsttemperatur von -8,6 Grad gemessen. Der Tagesrekord für die tiefste gemessene Temperatur für den 27.11. ist somit eingestellt. Weitere Tagesrekorde für den 28.11. wurden an folgenden Stationen aufgestellt:“:

Ski Season Begins Early In Europe


“A number of big ski resorts will open for the winter 2010-11 this weekend, many of them weeks and even months earlier than planned.

Graphs of snow cover winter 1967-2010 Eurasia

Cold weather in Hanoi, buffaloes freeze to death in Sapa


“VietNamNet Bridge – Damaging cold temperatures has hit Sapa town, a famous tourist destination in northern Vietnam earlier than usual, killing many cattle.

The weather in Sapa is usually colder than other regions in Vietnam but this year cold weather came early and unexpectedly.”

Heavy snow closes NE China airport again


“A major airport in northeast China’s Liaoning Province was closed Monday for the second time in two days as runways were covered by a thick layer of snow, authorities said.”

Snow-besieged herdsmen safe in N China


“The snow was 40 days earlier than its usual arrival time and was the heaviest in 30 years. At least 700 heads of livestock are believed to have died in the storm.”

Blizzard warning for Spokane, snow across Wash.


“People in most of Eastern Washington were told Monday to prepare for a rare blizzard as the first severe storm of the winter blasted through the state, though weather officials said it was too early to tell if the rough weather would affect Thanksgiving holiday travel later in the week.

Mike Fries at the weather service office in Spokane said it was the first blizzard warning the office had issued since it opened in the mid-1990s.”

Skiers pack Sierra slopes after heavy snowfall


“Skiers and snowboarders are packing the slopes in the Sierra Nevada to take advantage of what resort operators are calling the best early-season skiing conditions in decades.”

Winter leaves skiers high and dry

Harsh Weather conditions close Highland resorts as drifting snow blocks access


“The harsh winter weather forced ski centres to close their slopes after they became stormbound yesterday.”

Heavy snow raises fresh fears for farmers


“HEAVY snowfall across many parts of the UK has left farmers fearing another big freeze after last year’s weather cost millions in damage to farm buildings.

The UK’s earliest widespread snowfall since 1993, the weekend showers have seen roads closed across Scotland and the north of England, with some 15cms of snow falling in the Durham area.”

“The news will bring back memories of last winter when heavy snow across the UK saw a rise in stock losses, widespread building damage, milk collections unable to get on to dairy farms and livestock stranded as farmers struggled to cope.”

Record-Breaking Cold Sweeps Through California


“Californians can expect a warmer but mostly wet weekend after a Thanksgiving cold snap broke or tied cold-temperature records — some more than a century old.

The mercury in Los Angeles dropped to 42, tying a 1946 record. Stockton saw a record low temperature of 27 degrees Thursday morning, while Sacramento tied a record low of 30.

The National Weather Service reports that San Francisco’s low of 42 degrees on Thursday tied a record set back in 1892. Across the bay in Oakland, 36-degree daytime temperatures shattered the old record of 42.

Bakersfield and Fresno both saw a record-lowest high temperature of 49.”

Berlin faces record cold start to December


Berlin is set for the coldest start to December on record, the German Weather Service (DWD) said Wednesday, as freezing temperatures and snow continued to cause transport chaos across the country.”

“Saalfrank said the previous record for the lowest temperature in Berlin on December 1 was -10.8 degrees in 1931.

“We have a good chance of beating that,” he said. “We’re expecting temperatures overnight in Berlin to be as low as -12 or -13 degrees. In Brandenburg you can add another two degrees below that.”

French Grid Forecasts Record Power Demand Amid Cold Weather


“Electricite de France SA’s power grid expects record demand today and tomorrow amid a cold snap that has increased the country’s reliance on imports.

Demand for electricity may reach 93,900 megawatts this evening and 94,200 megawatts tomorrow, Reseau de Transport d’Electricite, EDF’s wholly owned grid operator, said in a statement. France’s record for power demand is 93,100 megawatts set on Feb. 11, when temperatures were also colder than normal.”

Broken of 117-year Record Rain And Cold in Jaipur


“11 Degrees lower than normal temperatures: daytime temperatures in the capital on Wednesday was 16.7, the normal temperature is 11 degrees. Usually, the last days of November, mercury stays around 28 degrees.”

Record cold plunges B.C. into deep freeze


“A blast of Arctic air is barrelling down on the West Coast of B.C., challenging low temperature records that have stood for 25 years.

 The low is expected to dip to -10 C in the Vancouver area and -4 C in Victoria — the “warm” spot for the province.”


Warmist wishes

Cancun has kicked off the next round of climate talks, appropriately enough near the ancestral home of the Mayans, the other mystical seers so beloved of doomsday cults.

It’s traditional at the beginning of climate conferences to scare the living bejesus out of delegates, but greens are gun shy of videos after the 10:10 splattergate fiasco, so instead the conference was presaged by predictions of what sacrifices (heh) lay ahead of us.  The global green movement wants developed nations to ration everything to stop economic growth for 20 years.

Friends and skeptics, take a look at the Korean peninsula at night:

warmists do not believe in a bright future

The greens see the north as ideal and the south as evil.

Now you know what sort of people we’re dealing with, and why they must be stopped.


Cancún Propaganda Piñata: Part 1

The UK’s Met Office is full of bad news for the planet, just in time for the Mexican meeting on melting.

Global warming is accelerating and slowing down.  At the same time.

The Met finds that warming is happening faster than ever because they found a new way to fiddle the numbers:

The Met Office report includes a new study which shows that sea surface temperatures were higher than initially thought because of a change in the way the temperatures were measured after 2000. The new analysis significantly increases the warming scientists think was seen globally over the past decade.

The same report explains away a slower warming trend:

…the gradual rise in temperatures over the last 30 years is slowing slightly. Global warming since the 1970s has been 0.16C (0.3F) but the rise in the last decade was just 0.05C (0.09F), according to the Met Office.

What fortunate turn of events may be saving us from apocalyptic milder weather?  Coal power, that’s what:

One of the major factors is pollution over Asia, where the huge growth in coal-fired power stations mean aerosols like sulphur are being pumped into the air. This reflects sunlight, cooling the land surface temperature.

Wait, what?  The evil CO2-spewing coal that causes global warming also saves us from global warming?

Is there nothing coal can’t do?

Cancun begins on Monday, a new tag is in the left sidebar and I’ll be bringing the best of the nonsense as often as possible.