Mailbag Miscellany

I get good mail from time to time, a portion of which isn’t warmist hate, and some reader tips from the comments deserve wider exposure.

So we’re going to try out occasional ‘mailbag’ posts, because you’re worth it.

First, a PSA: Theo Spark, Lord of Totty, would like you to tear your eyes away from his site just long enough to send his mother a get well card.

Reader Ellen (not that Ellen, probably) spotted a twinkie diet story and pondered:

“Will this be a lesson to all the Happy Meal banning, Soda Tax loving, Salt hating nanny staters?  Probably not.”

Maybe not, Ellen, but Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty recently learned the power of calorific backlash when he walked back his idea of investigating a KFC sandwich.

Reader Graham gets the ‘comment of the week’ (why yes, I did just make that award up, and why no, there is no prize) with a tip about Dutch carbon sequestration opponents:

“Homeowners have fiercely objected to the proposal and worry that housing prices will plummet because potential buyers will fear CO2 leaks”
Fair enough. Lethal stuff, that plant food, even in small doses.

The snark is strong Graham, thanks.

Send your tips or links by email to admin *at* dailybayonet *dot* com or leave them in a comment somewhere and we’ll see if this turns into something, or not.