Where Do You Draw the Line?

Something I heard in the Seventies all the time was, Where do you draw the line? You have to be old enough to remember when the subject of no-fault divorce was new and dangerous. That would be 1969-70. Then came “legalized abortion”: 1971. Alongside that, the topic of euthanasia. The conservatives I knew in Forks, WA kept asking, Where do you draw the line? Of course, the progressives thought them silly, and stuffy, but wouldn’t answer the fookin’ question. Continue reading Where Do You Draw the Line?

Professor Beck’s America

The Very Definition of ‘Normal’

In general, tutored by TV’s Professor Beck, we’re hearing that true conservatives should regard the New Deal etc. as unconstitutional too. It’s become fashionable to harp on the Progressive narrative from Woodrow Wilson to Lyndon Johnson as the key to what has derailed our country. The implication is that our Court abdicated its responsibility by not declaring the regulatory administrative state unconstitutional.  Neither Porcher Nor Libertarian at Postmodern Conservative

There are two reasons why I have been picking on Libertarians of late, both of which are related to topics not involving libertarianism.  Continue reading Professor Beck’s America