Things that are cool or cooling.

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Last month.

Al Gore’s reception from fellow warmists.

Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather.  To claim that we are causing meteorological events that would not have occurred without human influence is just plain wrong


Britain is set to suffer a mini ice age that could last for decades and bring with it a series of bitterly cold winters.

But don’t blame a trace gas essential to life on Earth, it’s the Sun, stupid:

The prediction, to be published in Nature magazine, is based on observations of a slight fall in the sun’s emissions of ultraviolet radiation, which may, over a long period, trigger Arctic conditions for many years.

Which is awkward for a nation that was duped into erecting thousands of giant bird shredders which don’t work in cold weather.



Things that are cool or cooling.

The site is back up. The bad host that suspended the account without notice and killed both the blog and email addresses for the long weekend is toast and I’m a happy customer of the kind and helpful folks at Bluehost. Thanks to Tom at Climate Change Dispatch for the referral.

Last month.

Al Gore’s reception from fellow warmists.

Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather.  To claim that we are causing meteorological events that would not have occurred without human influence is just plain wrong


Britain is set to suffer a mini ice age that could last for decades and bring with it a series of bitterly cold winters.

But don’t blame a trace gas essential to life on Earth, it’s the Sun, stupid:

The prediction, to be published in Nature magazine, is based on observations of a slight fall in the sun’s emissions of ultraviolet radiation, which may, over a long period, trigger Arctic conditions for many years.

Which is awkward for a nation that was duped into erecting thousands of giant bird shredders which don’t work in cold weather.


Mother Jones’ Modesty

Hippies at Mother Jones have thrown in the towel, cried Uncle, folded like a cheap suit and picked up their ball and gone home.

In a piece entitled ‘How the Climate Change Deniers Won‘, Mother Jones details how the global warming agenda failed, in a handy cut-out and keep chart that reads like a veritable cornucopia of everyone the left loves to hate.

Here’s the chart, click to enlarge:


Everyone’s in there. The Koch Brothers, Big Oil, the US Chamber of Commerce, even Blogs (!) get the blame. But while we thank them for the recognition, Mother Jones is too generous by only calling-out those on the skeptical side. Let’s face it, winning something as grand as the argument over man-made global warming was a bipartisan effort. Without generous help and commitment from within the warmist camp, this day would never have been possible.

We don’t have time to list all those who contributed, but we’ll highlight some of the stars:

Al Gore. Despite spending $300 million to convince the world that a trace gas essential to life on Earth was a ‘crisis’, Al could never quite bring himself to live in the style he demanded of others. His selfless devotion to consumption did more to persuade the average Joe that if the weather was a real crisis, Al might rein in his chakra, or his spending, or sell a house or two. Thanks, Al.

Phil Jones and the Motley CRU. Who could doubt the contribution from the giant intellects who worked to ‘hide the decline‘ and apply ‘Mike’s Nature trick‘ at the University of East Anglia? Without their selfless devotion to dodgy computer models and destroying the reputations of those who dared to compromise their funding disagree, the average Joe may have thought climate science was populated by serious men with inquiring minds.

Michael Mann and the hockey stick. Without his selfless devotion to fighting FOIA requests for his data, the average Joe may never have pondered the eternal question, ‘what’s he got to hide?

The IPCC. The UN’s climate body selflessly devoted itself to basing reports on press releases from radical NGO’s, over-exaggeration of the impacts of global warming and, of course, mistakes like Himalayagate. Without the efforts of Raj Pachauri et al, the average Joe may have taken the UN seriously and believed polar bears were melting, or something.

Weepy Bill McKibben, David Suzuki and all the activists who clambered onto the global warming bandwagon to air their grievance du jour. Without their selfless devotion to bombarding the populace with a relentless barrage of doom and gloom, the average Joe may have never gotten crisis fatigue. We salute them all.

Many heroes of the climate movement have gone unrecognized for their part in the collapse of the global warming scam, feel free to add your favorite in the comments.

The Round-up returns tomorrow, if you can stand it.


What, you thought I forgot the Weepy Bill Google juice? As if.

Anne Hathaway, take it away:


Gore gone wild

Al Gore is not a happy man.

He lost Tipper, his fifth chakra turned him into a crazed sex poodle and he spent $300 million to convince the world that a global warming Armageddon would be caused by a trace gas essential to life on Earth. For his money, all he got was falling support and a public convinced that climate scientists make stuff up.

No wonder manbearpig went ape in Aspen. Mild language warning.

Al Gore calls B.S. on climate change naysayers … by RealAspen

The sound quality of the recording is bad, yet listening to Al Gore fall apart is like having chocolate dripped into your ears by an angel with double-D’s and a loose moral compass.

“It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamned word climate” – Al Gore

You’re welcome, Al.


Al, Gored Again

Not content with the drubbing he dished out to Al last week, Walter Russel Mead returns to deliver the coup de grace:

Gore’s failures are not just about leadership.  The strategic vision he crafted for the global green movement has comprehensively failed.  That is no accident; the entire green policy vision was so poorly conceived, so carelessly constructed, so unbalanced and so rife with contradictions that it could only thrive among activists and enthusiasts.  Once the political power of the climate movement, aided by an indulgent and largely unquestioning press, had pushed the climate agenda into the realm of serious politics, failure was inevitable.  The only question was whether the comprehensive green meltdown would occur before or after the movement achieved its core political goal of a comprehensive and binding global agreement on greenhouse gasses.



Al, Gored

For his surgical takedown of Al Gore, Walter Russel Mead would win the order of the skewer, if there was such a thing:

Once out of office, he [Al Gore] assumed the leadership of the global green movement, steering that movement into a tsunami of defeat that, when the debris is finally cleared away, will loom as one of the greatest failures of civil society in all time.

Gore has the Midas touch in reverse; objects of great value (Nobel prizes, Oscars) turn dull and leaden at his touch.  Few celebrity cause leaders have had more or better publicity than Gore has had for his climate advocacy.  Hailed by the world press, lionized by the entertainment community and the Global Assemblage of the Great and the Good as incarnated in the Nobel Peace Prize committee, he has nevertheless seen the movement he led flounder from one inglorious defeat to the next.

There’s more, I recommend you read the whole thing.  And, for bonus sauce, this is only Part One.  Not convinced? Try this:

You can be a leading environmentalist and fail to pay all of your taxes.  You can be a leading environmentalist and be unkind to your aged mother.  You can be a leading environmentalist and squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle, park in the handicapped spots at the mall or scribble angry marginal notes in library books.

But you cannot be a leading environmentalist who hopes to lead the general public into a long and difficult struggle for sacrifice and fundamental change if your own conduct is so flagrantly inconsistent with the green gospel you profess.




An Inconvenient Truth, five years on

Five years ago, An Inconvenient Truth was released to an unsuspecting world.

Not only did it break new cinematic ground with pilfered special effects, it proved PowerPoint could sell movie tickets as long as it was narrated by a famous politician willing to say almost anything to increase the value of his investment portfolio.  Not only that, Michael Moore suddenly had Oscar competition for agit-prop documentaries.

An Inconvenient Truth made global warming a global star and elevated a relatively feeble field of science far beyond the level of incompetence of many of its biggest names. Celebrities, politicians and activists rushed to the new cool hot cause célèbre and posed for the cameras with concerned faces as they parroted dire predictions about the state of Kilimanjaro glaciers, homeless polar bears and living with a Prius.

Life was golden for the green jet set, but then came failure in Copenhagen and the game-changing revelations of Climategate.  That was the beginning of the end for global warming.  It’s since been renamed climate change, climate disruption, global weirding and Maude.  Okay, no-one’s named it Maude yet, but it could happen.

The allure of green has slipped so low that Republican nominees for President find themselves apologizing for their momentary lapses of reason when it came to the environment.  Specifically, any candidate who supported cap and trade has a problem:

Gingrich, Huntsman and Pawlenty could all have difficulty explaining their climate record to a conservative primary electorate energized by the tea party movement.  “The three candidates who are most at risk here are most at risk because they start off pretty significantly to the left of the electorate,” he said. “They already start off in a ditch. Their past dalliances with cap and trade sort of confirm what the electorate already suspects — that these guys are not really one of us.”

An Inconvenient Truth looked like a sure-fire winner for hippies, but it fell apart fast.  The leading lights of the climate cult blame skeptics for their failure to pass any meaningful legislation, but in the US, pro-warming Democrats controlled the Oval Office, the House and the Senate for two-years yet could not pass cap and trade.  Either they didn’t believe the science they claimed exposed an imminent global emergency, or they did but were too cowardly to act on it.

In five short years, global warming as a political issue went from being an easy vote winner to a toxic issue.

The only pity is that where the May 21st cultists were discredited beyond a doubt when Sunday morning appeared with pesky reliability,  warmists cling on in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will believe them.  Climategate damaged them and still does, but unlike Rapturegate, it didn’t finish them once and for all.

That day might never come, but equally, it may not need to.  Once politicians turn their back on the issue, those left crying climate wolf will be marginalized and will need to cuddle up with birthers and truthers to achieve a critical mass of crazy.

The Republican nomination process is evidence that the time is almost here.  Other politicians around the world are suffering for their green pains. Spain is punishing its government for high unemployment exacerbated by the rush to alternative energy, Australia’s ruling party is in deep trouble for its promise to introduce a carbon tax and Canada’s new majority government sees no political downside to ruling out cap and trade and reversing itself on a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

To borrow a Charlie Sheenism, we’re #winning.


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 3rd 2011

Al Gore had a big week when he jumped a shark and broke the Internet, Jim Inhofe gets hippie groupies and a hockey player wants you to eat crud.  All this explained, sort of, and a full Moon in Part Five.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Sophomore Hippie of the Week is another Brit, artist Antony Gormley who figures we should dispense with shoes to connect with mother Earth.  Or something.  See for yourself:


He suggests one reason to shed footwear is to express solidarity with those that have no shoes.  Because the world’s shoeless poor would appreciate a meaningless gesture from a leftie than actual, you know, shoes.

(Vanderleun gets the h/t)

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

If Al Gore looks down, he won’t be looking at his feet, but a shark.  Bill O’Reilly pondered why NYC resembled the tundra and Al was only too happy to oblige with an answer:

As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming.

Except that’s not exactly true, hence the shark, jumped.  To make matters worse for Al, he was linked by Drudge and the Intertubes melted his site down.  Foiled by the very Internet he invented, oh the ironing.  He’s still not getting his own section back either.

Ex-NHL hardman Georges Laraque was profiled for his green bonafides – he’s a vegan and deputy leader of Canada’s Green Party (no, really).  The reason for the profile is to promote his new Montreal vegan restaurant – Crudessence.  I’m guessing crud must be something tasty in French.  Or perhaps it’s just true what they say about vegan food.

Who will spare us these pesky geneticists?  Canada has had to put up with fruit-fly geneticist David Suzuki forever, and the UK now has gene-fiddler Paul Nurse pretending to be a climate expert.  Is funding that hard to get for genetic research, or is it just too much work?  In Oz, the new head of scientific body CSIRO called himself a science ‘numbskull’. Finally, an honest man in the warmist arena.

Bill Maher, a contender for the world’s most unpleasant person award every year, participated in a debate on global warming and turned it into a debate on religion.  Because that’s what he does.  It is odd that Maher hates religion so much when he is a fully-paid member of the neo-paganist global warming cult, but he’s a comedian (allegedly), so it’s OK.

Global warming may mean doom for Basmati’s aroma.  Add it to The List.

Warmists often need rescuing from themselves as we’ve noted before.  This week alarmist Lonnie Dupre had to be pulled from Mt. Kinley because it was too cold.  Nothing raises awareness of global warming like a fool nearly freezing to death, well played Mr. Dupre, well played indeed.

The Met. Office lied, the BBC cried.  The full story, revealed.

If the UN IPCC falls apart, one woman will stand amid the ruins to ensure no bricks are left standing.  Donna Laframboise gently straps on her combat boots to tear IPCC leader Pachauir a new one:

Given all of the above, why has he [Pachauir] not done the honourable thing and fallen on his sword? Why has he not acknowledged that his continued presence is harming the cause he claims to believe in so passionately? What is more important – restoring the IPCC’s reputation or the vanity of a 70-year-old man who’d prefer to remain in the limelight until 2014?

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.  Don’t take my word for it, ask a climate scientist.

Robert Redford gets Phelim’d:


Joe Romm blames unrest in Egypt on global warming and gets upset when people point and laugh. Can we call Romm a climate looter?

Cyclone Yasi is making life in Queensland a challenge, and of course it’s proof of global warming. The really bad news for Australia isn’t the damage to property caused by weather, but the economic fallout caused by the government.

Teachers in Canada single-handedly saved the planet when they punished a six-year old child for having a plastic sandwich bag.  At least they didn’t blow the poor moppet into a million pieces.

Hippies hate jeans.  Wait, what?

What’s the point of crying over spilled milk when you can regulate it? The EPA moo-ves in on cow juice.  Even as her agency takes over the US economy, Lisa Jackson ducks awkward questions.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Electric vehicles are in the news, but not for good reasons.  Many Americans were affected by recent storms and were left sitting in their vehicles… but what might have happened if they had been driving EV’s?

Last year was one of the warmest years ever, unless by ever you mean the last 180 or so years.  Alaska was warmer 3000 years ago.

Warmist models predicted oceans would warm, leading to all sorts of coral and sealife Armageddon.  But the seas are cooling – which is inconvenient.

Green jobs are great, unless you want jobs that don’t need subsidies and won’t disappear when the government runs away from green tech.

Global warming does not cause extreme weather, the Westerlies, however, have a lot to do with it.

Myth busted – global warming has no effect on the spread of malaria, but green activists do.

Ten raptor birds were killed on Wolfe Island, Ontario by wind turbines.  These are rare birds, not ducks – yet activists who pursued Alberta oilsands firms for dead ducks are strangely silent on the news.

A California green energy project -the Solyndra Solar panel plant is going under, despite receiving $535 million from government.  Just 8 months ago President Obama spoke at the Solyndra plant to tout it as the way forward:

“The promise of clean energy isn’t just an article of faith,” Obama said, “It’s not just some abstract possibility for science fiction movies or a distant future or 10 years down the road or 20 years, it’s happening right now. The future is here.

The future is broke.  Not a distant 10 or twenty years down the road, but now.  Thanks, Mr President.

Some words to strike fear into the hearts of hippies everywhere – global warming is political poison.  When the pols see the poll numbers on global warming and green energy, they’ll drop green like a hot rock.

Oh noes, evil Canadian oil is good for the US economy.  Wait, what?

Google disappoints with results for 'freshly oiled girl'

Showdown in DC – the GOP wants to rein in the EPA, but Obama’s got a veto and he’s not afraid to use it.  Until he is afraid to use it – which will be the exact moment he realizes it’s a divisive issue and reverts to ‘voting present’ mode.

The Australian government raided the green piggy bank to ease energy price increases as green energy project costs begin to affect costs.  In Wyoming, green energy hit the deck – literally.

Everything drives climate – except a trace gas essential to life on Earth.  Oceans, clouds and cosmic rays to blame, plant food off the hook.

Green energy fail:

With relatively rare and brief exceptions, you can live your life as you wish, go where you want, and conduct business during any hour of any season, thanks to modern technology.  “Green energy” changes all that.  Like Louise Gray’s poor readers in England, you’ll be forced to watch the weather reports to find out how much electricity you’ll have over the weekend.  Like Charles Lane’s electric car owners, you’ll check those weather reports before you dare to unplug the Volt and inch out of your driveway.  Your freedom will be reduced, and it will happen because the government has stripped the bounty of modern technology from you.

Green hard drives are not so great for saving power, yet cost more.  Hmmm.

A geo-engineering idea won’t work.  Mad scientists everywhere hardest hit.

Warmists love tipping points, those hard to pin down but inevitable moments when we’re all gonna die for sure unless this or that study gets funded.  Requiem for the Arctic tipping point, it’s done like dinner.

Oh noes, Al Gore blamed for the EPA’s woes:

“The consensus behind the climate change bill collapsed and then further deteriorated with the personal and political collapse of Vice President [Al] Gore,” [Sen.] Kirk said in a brief interview last week.

When the wind doesn’t blow, your ability to read at night does.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Britain is becoming a nation of skeptics sceptics as polls show a big decrease in people who believe in man made global warming.

Ontario’s Premier gets a roasting for his wind energy policy.  Some hearings in the province may have consequences for turbine projects everywhere.

A tough economy makes going green an expensive option, one that many governments are beginning to pass on:

Even green groups are feeling a post-Climategate pinch.

Some jurisdictions are pressing ahead no matter the cost – New York Governor Cuomo spared environmental departments from cuts, and California had no trouble spending $3 million for EV power-up points.  There’s a reason both states are out of money.

Edinburgh, Scotland was celebrating the prospect of a very green public transit system back in 2008.  The green dream has turned to nightmare after 75% of the budget is spent but only 28% of the work is done.

The Chevy Volt may use rare earth magnets, but it’s no chick magnet.

sorry hippies, this is not truth in advertising

The European carbon market is frozen, indefinitely.  Don’t tell Han Solo.

Newt should know better than to support ethanol subsidies just weeks after Al Gore admitted his own support was a straight political play.  Inhofe is consistent and even has hippies holding their noses to join his campaign to end ethanol support.

In the UK, the environment agency determinedly prepares for the wrong weather.

The Guardian calls CO2 pollution – which either means they trust the EPA or they are morons.  Or both.  You decide.

Green energy for the UK means money, pollution and eco-misery for China:

The reality is that, as Britain flaunts its environmental credentials by speckling its coastlines and unspoiled moors and mountains with thousands of wind turbines, it is contributing to a vast man-made lake of poison in northern China. This is the deadly and sinister side of the massively profitable rare-earths industry that the ‘green’ companies profiting from the demand for wind turbines would prefer you knew nothing about.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Global warming may mean the end of the world as hippies we know it, unless a rogue computer program beats a harmless trace gas as the catalyst to send us all to Judgment Day.  This week’s hottie appeared in the most recent version of the Terminator – a series of movies in which the Connor family are hunted with the same gritty determination Barbara Boxer seeks deniers.  So welcome Ms. Moon Bloodgood, a first-time and many-voweled hottie.


Thanks for reading.

E15 Gas: A green disaster for your car

The EPA has mandated that E15 gasoline will become the norm for most drivers in the US.  The agency decided the 15% ethanol, 85% gasoline mix is safe for use in cars dated 2001 and newer:

The agency said that 15 percent ethanol blended with gasoline is safe for cars and light-duty trucks manufactured between 2001 and 2006, expanding an October decision that the higher blend is safe for cars built since 2007.The maximum gasoline blend has been 10 percent ethanol.

Whether or not the blend is really a good option for your vehicle is uncertain – the EPA’s scientific credibility is at best shaky after it declared plant food a ‘dangerous pollutant‘.

The existing 10% ethanol-blend gas has problems, but the good folk at Popular Mechanics are concerned about what happens when a few drops of water get into the fuel tank when E15 is used:

How does water get into the fuel tank? It’s possible that water dripped into the tank at the gas station or ­refueling depot, or a stray raindrop or snowflake made its way into your tank or jerrycan, but most water infiltration is from condensation. As the temperature in a tank changes, air has to be vented in and out or the tank will bulge or split. Incoming air carries moisture. When the H2O in the gas gets above a critical percentage—its saturation point—all of the water and alcohol drops out and settles into the bottom of the tank. This is what chemists call phase separation; the various components of the fuel are no longer a homogeneous mixture.

Water in your fuel is bad and more ethanol in fuel can make this a real problem, especially for drivers in regions that experience large temperature variations – but that’s not the only issue with E15.  Heat is a problem too.  Ethanol burns hotter than regular gas and that’s bad news for your expensive catalytic converter:

General Motors biofuel implementation manager C. Coleman Jones said that the increased ethanol levels caused problems in at least half of the engines tested. E15 made engines run hot, compromised catalytic converters and even damaged cylinder walls. Jones added that E15 could leave motorists stranded on the roadside.

The new EPA-approved gas blend is bad for cars of a certain age, but that is just the beginning of a list of problems with ethanol:

It’s the politics, stupid

Al Gore admitted his tie-breaking vote to save the subsidy-dependent ethanol industry was a politically motivated decision because he wanted to please the corn belt ahead of running for President.  Gore now calls ethanol ‘a mistake‘.  John McCain called the fuel ‘a joke‘, yet the US government resists pulling the subsidies, which is why the E15 decision is political, not environmental.  There is and was a glut of ethanol production when the economic downturn depressed demand for all fuels, so there are fewer gallons of gas being sold in which to blend the ethanol into.  The government solution: prop up the ethanol industry by mandating an increase in the ethanol blend:

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recommends that a higher percentage of ethanol be blended into gasoline to support the nation’s struggling biofuel industry. The United States currently allows gasoline to contain a maximum of 10.2 percent ethanol, most of which is produced from corn.  “My hope is that we get a blend rate that’s higher than 10 percent,” Vilsack said, according to Reuters. “That’s going to create more opportunities for the ethanol industry.”

Ethanol increases food prices

Food prices are increasing this winter, a percentage of which is caused by the developed world burning food for fuel.  A few years ago there were riots in Mexico and Italy over grain prices – this year may see more unrest as poorer nations discover they cannot afford to feed themselves.  Some of what you’re seeing from Jordan and Egypt in the news is related to food prices.  The price effect on food caused by ethanol is one of the greatest reasons why the idea should be consigned to the garbage can of bad green ideas, because we’re burning food for no net benefit to Gaia.

Ethanol is bad for the environment

Don’t take my word for it, ask perennial hippie David Suzuki:

Ethanol made from corn only contains marginally more energy than what is needed to produce it. In fact, we use about a litre’s worth of fossil fuels to grow, harvest, process, and transport a litre of corn-based ethanol. Many people argue that making corn-based ethanol is more of an agricultural subsidy for farmers than it is a sound environmental policy.

Ethanol-laced gas is bad for cars, bad for the environment, bad for poor people, but good for agenda-politics.  No wonder the EPA was keen to act.


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan 27th 2011

The Round-Up has a whole new look to Part One, GE’s boss will help Americans get back to work although the commute to China may deter some, and Apple has exciting innovations in iPolluting and iPoisoning.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

The soon-to-be-prestigious HOTW spot goes to the public figure or celebrity who demonstrates the most willingness to beclown themselves on the topic of global warming or its related effects.  Inaugural HOTW winner is UK radio host Chris Evans for these wise words:

The Earth has warmed and cooled, but the thing is, what they said is that it’s cooling at such an exponential rate now that that’s never happened before, and you know, some people don’t believe that maybe we’re contributing to this. But listen, science apart, right, if you light a fire, your living room warms up, doesn’t it? It’s not rocket science!

Evans is so concerned about the planet that he only owns six white Ferrari’s.  And a couple of black ones.

not a rocket scientist, apparently

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Al Gore has been demoted from his very own Round-Up section and must now get used to the new reality of slumming it with the (often literally) great unwashed.  The Goreacle can appeal this decision, but the evidence against him is strong – see his continued confusion between weather and climate and his sudden concern for the world’s poor.  Someone tell Gore those are the same poor people who pay too much for food thanks in large part to Al’s politically motivated support for ethanol.

David Suzuki suffers from demotion too, but he’s an experienced hippie well used to the close press of patchouli-scented bodies so he’ll be fine.  He only gets a mention because his Foundation is calling for some chemicals to be banned from more products that just drinking bottles.  Never mind that even the panic-prone World Health Organization thinks that Canada’s ban on BPA is premature, Suzuki’s got a narrative to feed.  In ten years we’ll probably find that the science behind the BPA scare is no better than the MMR vaccine fraud, but that doesn’t mean people are paying attention.

Joe Romm is good at angry rhetoric, but science – notsomuch.  More graph waggery and a peek at how Al Gore fudged the inconvenient truth that CO2 lags temperature.

Britain only has one Green MP, but that might be one too many.  Caroline Lucas wants to put the nation on a war footing to tackle global warming – because remember all the fun of economic ruin, rationing and the blitz?  Poverty can be fun and Gaia will thank you for it.  Delingpole dismantles Lucas’s war machine with a few well placed truth mines.

If Arctic ice is recovering, that must be good for the polar bears.  So why aren’t hippies partying at the good news?

Global warming muppet Jim Hansen doubles down on desperate and claims we’re at a tipping point and the seas will rise ‘metres’ this century.  Wait, didn’t we already hear this in 1989? Here’s some recommended reading for Hansen.

Alarmist journalist Mark Hertsgaard is very pleased with himself for inventing a new term for skeptics ‘climate cranks’.  This is a win for Mark because calling people you disagree with a new name is waaaay more effective than making your case with facts.  Oh, wait – he doesn’t have any of those, so he’s going to Washington to confront cranks, or something:

I will go to Washington the week of January 31 to confront the climate cranks—in Congress, in the media and in the corporate sector—and try to stop them from further sabotaging our response to the climate crisis. My partners in this effort will include the group Kids vs Global Warming, whose iMatter march aims to put a million kids in the streets on Mother’s Day to demand that our leaders address climate change as if our children’s future matters

Note to hippies – your mom may not thank you for dragging them out to a rally on Mother’s Day instead of receiving a nice bunch of flowers and a visit.  Just sayin’.

California dreaming screaming: the Golden State is falling apart but hippies are using a butterfly to stop new power projects.

James Cameron’s wiki page ponders whether or not it’s time to take extreme measures to fix over-population the same week that the man himself took a private plane to New Zealand for a party.  No, really.

smurfs gone wild

Rolling Stone names 12 politicians and executives they say are blocking progress on global warming.  Interestingly they blame Sarah Palin but not the Democrat controlled Congress, Senate and President who held all the power  they needed for two years to effect policies to fix climate, but didn’t.  Odd that.

Soylent Green unleashes righteous fury on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

Hollywood looks a little silly these days for celebrating Al Gore’s documentary fantasy An Inconvenient Truth, so you’d think they’d learn and not repeat the error with another climate-related hit job movie.  OK, I kid, I kid.

A desmogger realizes that biking to work can’t save the planet, but hopes setting an example may make a difference.  So take a carbon-spewing train across the continent or fly to Europe guilt-free, because Richard did and he’s leading by example.

Donna Laframboise is probably featured on dartboards throughout IPCC HQ.  This week she dismantles the hall of mirrors that disguises the true purpose of the IPCC, and for good measure digs up the internal grumblings of members regarding organization leader Raj Pachauri.

Early settlers in America caused the little ice-age.  Who knew the Puritans were that cold?

Greens heart Genghis.  Who knew that erasing 40 million people would be so good for the planet?  Maybe that gory 10:10 movie was just a rehearsal.

Inconvenient predictions are a favorite on this blog (see the left sidebar) – but George Monbiot is probably wishing he’d not claimed we’d be out of animal feed by 2012.  Awkward.

Radio star Simon has Oz’s Alarmist of the Year.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

In the State of the Union speech, President Obama called for the days of innovation like America enjoyed when Thomas Edison was making everything better.  Which makes banning Edison’s light bulb sort of awkward, no?  Save the incandescent.

Greens love to blame population for all the planet’s ills.  The problem is a manufactured one, naturally:

No, there are not (and will never be) too many people for the planet to feed. As the report’s lead author, Dr Tim Fox, pointed out, its verdict is not based on speculative guesses about the development of new agricultural processes as yet unknown: “We can meet the challenge of feeding a planet of 9 billion people through the application of existing technologies”

Renewables are great, until the subsidies run out.  France learns the hard way.

2010 was the hottest year, or joint-hottest year, or the coldest year.  Take your pick, believing in global warming means never having to be wrong about anything.

Uh oh, pesky cosmic rays do more to affect temperature than a trace gas essential to life on Earth.  This will become a global emergency just as soon as government figures out a way to tax cosmic rays.

a comic Ray, not a cosmic ray

Compact fluorescent lamps are great, except for the mercury poisoning, poor light and increased carbon emissions.  Wait, what?

We’re saved – European winters will be freezing for 20 to 40 years.  Good job, hippies.

John McCain calls ethanol a joke, suggests subsidies should be scrapped to save money.

A silicon valley insider tells investors to run when they hear ‘green jobs’ or ‘carbon taxes’.

GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt was hand-picked by the administration to lead the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, because nothing says you’re serious about American jobs like hiring the man who fired 18,000 workers in 2008/9 and moved ‘green jobs’ factories to China.

The Himalayan glaciers will be gone by 2035.  No, that’s wrong, we meant 2350.  No, wait, Himalayan Glaciers are advancing.  Climate scientists and credibility, not necessarily in the same room at the same time.

Oh noes, electric cars have hidden costs:

…there’s no such thing as an environmentally-friendly car. Even gas and electric vehicles require electricity generated through un-clean methods, and simply shift the pollution to someplace far away. Cars also require extensive Earth-killing tar and asphalt, which harms the ground and contributes to climate change by trapping heat. The manufacturing process for cars is resource-intensive, and electric batteries are require particularly toxic materials.

The WWF said that Greenland is melting.  Yeah, that’s not happening either.  At least warmists were right when they blamed Pakistan’s flooding on global warming.  Or not. Defending these clowns must be like beating your head against a wall – nice when it stops.  Next thing you know we’ll discover that polar bears can swim hundreds of miles without dying.  Oh, wait, nevermind. Pesky adaptable animals, don’t they realize hippies are raising money from the ‘drowning’ bears myth?  Some species have no respect.

The global weather is fine, it’s temperature measuring stations that seem to be in danger.

Whitewash is peeling in the UK as it occurs to some folks that maybe the Climategate inquiries didn’t ask many questions.

Global warming is caused by nature.  Add it to The List – it’s the only thing that actually belongs on it.

In Obama’s America, Newt’s endanger government departments.

In Australia, the greens blamed the flooding in Queensland on global warming.  So imagine their dismay when green programs are slashed to free up money to help the flood recovery.  If you listen closely, you can hear Simon laughing.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Journal wonders why Britons aren’t buying the global warming hoax:

With warming of the climate system pronounced as ‘unequivocal’ throughout the scientific community it is in stark contrast that only 26 per cent of UK nationals currently acknowledge climate change to be primarily attributable to human activities.

The author is studying for a career in carbon management, which will be about as much use as a philosophy degree by the time she graduates.  You’re welcome.

Tourists are getting their boogie on to the sounds of calving glaciers in Disko Bay, Greenland.  Tourists wishing to see Antarctica before it melts should book early to avoid disappointment – the International Maritime Organization wants to limit shipping in the region due to the number of vessels that sink or get into trouble.  Not to be cruel, but isn’t a boat full of global warming hippies hitting an iceberg exactly what Darwinism is for?

Some jobs are green, but not Steve Jobs – Apple is busted for iPoisoning Chinese workers and iPolluting.  Say, isn’t that Al Gore fella on the Apple board?

The National Post asks if volcanoes were the cause of mass extinctions.  Residents of  ancient Pompeii were unavailable for comment.

Tough talk from Orange County – put up or shut up on global warming:

Many in the new Congress were elected on promises to re-evaluate global warming claims used to justify Draconian regulations. A “team of nongovernment and non-U.N. experts must be established with access to all the raw data, records, adjustments, fudges … and computer codes currently being black-boxed by government scientists,” says Robert Ferguson, president of the nonprofit Science and Public Policy Institute for “sound public policy based on sound science.” We agree.

Exxon pokes hippies in the eye, tells the world that CO2 emissions will increase 25% by 2030.  Greens sobbed into their bio-beers, but trees, crop yields and plantlife threw a party.

BBC insider Peter Sissons revealed the depths of warmist bias at the broadcaster:

It’s the lack of simple curiosity about one of the great issues of our time that I find so puzzling about the BBC. When the topic first came to ­prominence, the first thing I did was trawl the internet to find out as much as possible about it.  Anyone who does this with a mind not closed by religious fervour will find a mass of material by respectable scientists who question the orthodoxy… Yet the cream of the BBC’s inquisitors during my time there never laid a glove on those who repeated the ­mantra that ‘the science is settled’.
Meanwhile, Al Gore, the former U.S. Vice-President and climate change campaigner, entertained the BBC’s editorial elite in his suite at the Dorchester and was given a free run to make his case to an admiring internal audience at Television Centre.

Ding dong, the European carbon market is dead.  It was killed by criminal activity, but by crooks from the outside.  Which is genuinely a surprise.

Canada’s government refused to consider unilateral cap and trade, which probably made David Suzuki mad.  Bonus.

Swimmers in Redditch, England can enjoy their splashing around secure in the knowledge that the water has been warmed by the incinerators of the crematorium next door.

Andrew revkin calls climate the ‘c-word’ after the President forgot to mention in in the SOTU speech.

The UK mandated use of biofuels mixed with regular gas and diesel.  Unfortunately only 31% of the biofuels are actually green enough to pass the governments standards.  Oops.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week saw the blog surge with hits from people all seeking the same thing – Emmy Rossum hotness.  I’m unable to explain why her popularity is burgeoning, but I do know not to mess with the will of the people.  You demand more Emmy, so you get it.  It’s only her second time as the global hottie, but we can agree she’s warming to the task.


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